101+ Things You Can Do In Quarantine While Being Stuck At Home to Become Your Best Self


Do you wonder what things you can do in quarantine? What if I tell you, dear reader, that there are more things than you can even imagine that you can do while you are stuck at home, and they will help you get out of this crisis as your best self. There were times when we would fantasize about staying at home, knowing that everyone else is doing the same.

But we didn’t think it would be in these kind of circumstances.

The human world is facing crisis right now, pandemic. Fear is spreading faster than the virus, and it takes over people’s minds.

We are being isolated at home, while heroes in hospitals are fighting with every last strength to save lives.

We, who are stuck at home, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Yeah, we can manage it for a week. Wait for time to pass. For things to go back to normal. But what if it takes longer?

And are we really that blind? Why wait for things to go back? Were things really normal before? Why don’t we all move forward?

Maybe this pandemic is shoving the truth in our eyes, forcing us to see that our system was sick long before this virus.

Maybe the real healing and work we need to do is with ourselves, each of us, individually.

Why wait? Why waste this time? We can use this time for our benefit.

In fact, this time with yourself in quarantine can be the best thing that ever happened to you. There will be no better time in your life to upgrade to the best version of yourself.

Instead of waiting for time to pass, embrace this time you are given. Use it fully. And there are so many ways you can use this time at home to upgrade to the best version of yourself.

Here is a COMPLETE GUIDE of everything you can do.

101+ Things You Can Do In Quarantine to Become Your Best Self:


1. Get to Know Yourself.

This is it. This is the time to evolve, to grow, to discover who you really are.

There is no better time to discover more about yourself than now.

Use the time you are stuck at home to be with yourself, to check under the hood.

You see, all that we do in our usual daily life is escaping from ourselves. We get up, we immediately start our morning routine, we go to work, we stay busy. The moment we are not busy, the moment we get back home, we look for a movie to watch, we scroll social media, we play games.

We do everything in our power to escape being there just with ourselves.

Getting to know yourself means taking 30 minutes to be there with yourself. Not watching, not reading, not working.

Just you, observing what’s happening within you.

You connecting with the reality of who you are.

What are the emotions you carry with you, what thoughts loop in your mind, what outdated beliefs hold you back in life, what unhealthy habits you need to get rid of, what healthy habits you would like to implement?

All of these questions can help you to get to know yourself. The answers will give you clear direction to transform into the best version of yourself.

So use this time you have right now, not to mindlessly distract yourself, but to get to know yourself. It’s a powerful opportunity for self discovery and growth.

2. Heal from Past Emotional Wounds.

We all carry some stuck energy within our nervous system. We all have wounds from the past we need to heal.

What we all lack is good emotional hygiene. We lack diving into these stuck energy pockets and releasing this energy from our nervous system.

You can use this period to clean your heart from all the unnecessary burden you stuff within your emotional self.

How to do this?

You are stuck at home, right? You are either with yourself or with someone? If you are with someone even better?

After some time you will notice that you are getting triggered more than usual, especially if you are stuck with family, that’s a goldmine for triggers.

Use the triggers to dig out emotional wounds.


Whenever you feel triggered count to 5 and ask yourself why is this thing so upsetting to me?

Whatever answer you come up with, ask yourself so what if that’s the case, what’s wrong about that?

And for the answer you will get ask why is that so upsetting to me, and to that answer ask what’s wrong about that?

Keep digging 4 or 5 times, and you should hit some emotional wound. You will know because the answer will make you more emotional.

When you find this emotional wound you should address it as you are addressing a child.

If you need more help about healing past emotional wounds you can schedule a free consultation call with one of our Emotional Expert Coaches.

3. Achieve Emotional Mastery.

In order to become master of your emotions you need to learn their language. You need to understand what emotions really are.

The language of our emotions is the most important language. Is how your soul communicates with you.

It tells you the right direction in your life, every time. Whatever you feel, there is an important message that the emotion is telling you.

But you do not understand.

You do not speak the emotional language.

That’s why you must learn the emotional language. After you learn what each emotion is trying to tell you actually, you can expand your awareness and use the emotions you feel as messengers that always point you toward the right direction.

We created a whole program about this, one of our greatest programs yet, that teaches everything you need to know about each emotion, how to overcome and master them to serve your greatest purpose.

Emotional Mastery Product Program

Join our Emotional Mastery program now and get yourself an earlybird access.

4. Release Stuck Energy Pockets from Your Nervous System.

Have you heard about levels of consciousness?

How the same situation for two people can look completely different?

For example, being stuck at home can make someone feel like a victim while another person in the same situation can be empowered.

This is because one person is at self victimhood level of consciousness while the other is at self empowerment level of consciousness.

One person perceives all details that reinforce their perception that they are a victim while the other person perceives things that reveal to them the opportunity the situation presents.

Both people in the same situation, different realities.

In order to reach higher levels of consciousness you need to release stuck energy from your nervous system.

We usually have energy pockets from lower vibration emotions like fear, shame, guilt, apathy, anger. All these emotions are unpleasant for us to feel so we resist them.

As we resist, and possibly suppress them, we do not let the energy they carry move away from our being. We push it within, and we block it, it gets stuck within our nervous system.

When we have too much stuck energy from these lower levels of emotions it can keep our level of consciousness low.

You need to release this energy from your nervous system and your consciousness will naturally elevate to higher levels.

If you want to learn more about how to exactly do this join Emotional Mastery Program.

5. Do Shadow Work.

You have probably heard about shadow work, but what is shadow work really?

Without complicating things, shadow work is meeting all the aspects of yourself that you have disowned and uniting them into the whole that you are.

We all have parts of us that we have disowned as we grew up. When we were loud and were yelled at we disowned that part.

When we were curious and did something our parents didn’t want us to do, we disowned that part.

There are many parts that we have disowned, and as we disowned these parts we imprisoned part of ourselves in each of them.

In order to become the best version of yourself, and that is the real you, the you that is whole, you need to face these shadows within and unite them into your whole.

The best version of you is the kid you once were merged with you right now. Read more here about shadow work, what it is, how you can do it and become a whole version of you.

6. Start to Meditate.

If you haven’t started to meditate by now this is the perfect time to start.

Find a relaxing place in your home that is away from distractions and create your space for meditating.

Use this space once per day for 5 to 10 minutes at first, to just sit and let your mind free.

The best type of meditation for start is mindfulness meditation. You can count your breaths, or you can observe your thoughts without judgment.

The point of meditation is not to control your thoughts but to not let your thoughts control you.

The more you practice this the more natural it will become for you, and you will make it a daily habit.

Remember, meditation is not something you dread to do as some kind of work, it’s a room for yourself to recharge and become present in the now.

Start with 10 minutes and then you can increase it if you feel the need to but a 10 minute meditation is completely enough for you.

It’s not just healthy but it also improves creativity and your mood. You can read how to start here. You can also use meditation apps like Calm.

7. Start Practicing The Wim Hof Breathing Method.

If you haven’t heard about Wim Hof yet than you should stop everything you are doing and go on YouTube and search for him.

He is a superhuman who climbed the tallest mountains in his shorts, mastered the cold, invented a breathing method that increases the immune system and fought of disease with his mind.

You can see the research here, and you can read the document here. Wim Hof basically has an app that you can download for free and start using his method to increase your immunity.

In times like these, taking care of your immunity is a must. Try his method, it will not just improve your immunity, but. it will sharpen your mind.

8. Forgive Yourself and Others.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to let go of any guilt that you carry with yourself.

This is a perfect time for this. Take a piece of paper and write all the things you regret, all the things you blame yourself for and others.

When you have the list in front of you, look at the things you blame yourself for and ask yourself if you can once and for all forgive yourself, or others.

We are all just human, doing our best with what we know. Forgiveness is more about you letting go of toxic attachments to past events.

9. Discover Your Purpose.

You have a purpose.

Something special that only you can do.

Something why you are here for.

Your mission, in midst of infinity and eternity, on this planet.

The purpose you have cannot be completely defined.

It’s not something fixed, it evolves with you and the world, but it has the same essence in it.

It’s more of a sense, something you and only you can feel being drawn to.

What is something that you love creating?

What is something that you fill yourself up with energy while you are doing it even though it might seem hard for others?

You need to answer these questions and you will get a sense of your possible direction toward your purpose.

Your passions and interests are glimpses of it, they give you a sense of where your purpose might be.

If you want to discover your purpose you can go and answer these 15 questions that will reveal to you the direction toward your purpose.

10. Redesign Your Personality.

The personality you have adopted is the role you have chosen to play. But you are not your personality, you are the actor.

Some of us forget this and keep playing outdated roles all our life, identifying ourselves with the role instead of who we really are.

Maybe this is the time to redefine the role you want to play. Great way to do this is to describe the movie character you most identify with, his obstacles and perks, and see how you have been creating similar things in your life. That’s how you will become aware of your role. To change it simply identify yourself with different character.


11. Free Your Energy Flow.

The flow of your energy sometimes gets blocked by different energy blockages like unresolved emotions.

When your energy flow is disrupted for long it creates problems. These usually have physical consequences.

In order to free the flow of your energy you can work at the energy level by releasing unresolved emotions.

You can also try certain activities. There are many activities that free the energy flow, but the best one is massage. But choose what works for you.

Massage, yoga, exercise and dance can help you move your energy. Different techniques can help you smoothen the flow of your energy.

And there are certain things you can do to increase the energy you have every single day. Your energy is your currency.

Nikola Tesla actually wrote a 3 step guide on how we can increase the human energy if you are interested.

12. Get Rid of 3 Bad Habits.

If you have been struggling to get rid of smoking, now is possibly the best time in your life to do it, get rid of smoking.

This is just one example of a bad habit. We all have bad habits. They do not need to be as famous as smoking cigarettes or fast food binging.

Bad habit is any habit that takes more out of your life than it gives. This can be your health, your energy, your peace, your happiness.

When a habit takes more than it gives, that’s a bad habit you should consider getting rid of.

To find the 3 baddest habits in your life, take a piece of paper and write down all the habits you have, what they cost you and what they give you.

The cost is your energy, health, time, money, opportunity, happiness, peace. Audit what each habit costs, how much is the return of investment.

If the return of investment is bigger than the cost, even if it’s not immediate, consider that habit as positive habit.

If the return of investment on the long term is lower than the cost and immediate reward of that habit, that’s a bad habit.

You want to get rid of those. So find out the top 3 habits that cost you the most and get rid of them.

How to get rid of a habit? You can either use your willpower to stop doing it and let the urges fade away with time.

Or you can find the underlying emotion the habit is giving you and reattach it to another healthier habit.

For example, if having that one cigarette with your coffee in the morning gives you some feelings of relaxation and relief from stress, change it.

Try to watch a funny video while you have your morning coffee, or eat handful of nuts and dark chocolate.

Reattach the reward of the bad habit with a more positive habit that gives a bigger return of investment.

In order to install new habits in your life follow this simple step by step guide we have created.

13. Create a Gameplan to Reach Your Biggest Goals.

This is the best time to sit down, discover your dream goals, and create a step by step tactical gameplan on how to reach them once we get out.

We have created a complete step by step guide that takes you by the hand, it tells exactly what you need to do to reach your dream goals in 12 months.

14. Change Into Healthier Diet.

One of the best ways to be a friend of your body is to feed it healthy. I know, there are countless of diets out there, all claiming to be the healthiest.

So, how to choose a diet? How to eat in a healthy way? The truth is that each diet has flaws and pros. Every diet is good and not that good for someone.

What you need to know is the basics of what is eating healthy. And there are few things you should know, not a whole book about nutrition.

To put it simply, eat more organic vegetables and fruits, eat two times more vegetables than fruits. If you can find locally grown even better.

Avoid sodas, processed sugar, processed food, fast food. Use this time to improve your cooking skills and cook yourself.

Try going 70% vegan and see how you feel. I am not telling you to go vegan, just experiment, see how you feel, use this time to find what works best.

Do not eat late at night and make sure that you eat big breakfast, medium lunch and smaller dinner.

For snacks you can have nuts and dried fruits. Or you can eat raw vegetables and fruits.

Yes it doesn’t sound fun, but it’s healthy. Make it a challenge and see if you can manage it to follow through.

But do not keep yourself too strict. You can have a day when you can eat what fills your heart with pleasure.

Another advice is to include superfoods in your diet. Superfoods are highly nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health.

Salmon, blueberries, sweet potatoes, kale, nuts, avocados, chlorela, spirulina, goji berries, chia, quinoa, sea weed.

You can include immunity boosting mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Agaricus.

Eat dark chocolate, use coconut oil instead of regular oil, add oregano to cooked foods and drink tea instead of coffee.

You can drink green tea, you can add lemon, honey and ginger inside to make it a powerful health booster.

Coffee has some health benefits and you should not remove it completely. but reduce it to one cup per day.

Avoid dairy products at all costs, avoid putting too much sauces to your foods and if you can make your own sauces.

Following all of these tips will naturally create a healthy diet for you and your eating habits will keep your immune system strong.

To eat healthy foods means including whole grains, healthy fats and protein, limit saturated fats and avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.

If you want to massively strengthen your immune system during quarantine we have created a full guide you can read here.

15. Clean Your Room.

It might seem like a simple thing to do but it brings many benefits. First, out of all the benefits, it’s mentally healthy to clean your. room.

You will get greater mental clarity when you clean your room. And now is probably the best time to clean it more throughly than ever.

Go to your room, take everything out and go through all the stuff you keep there. See the things you no longer need, things you keep for no reason.

Throw away all that you do not need. Clean all the sides you haven’t touched for years maybe.

You can find old memories there you have forgotten, things that will bring a warm smile to your face.

You can think of new ways to reorganize your room, to make it like a new room you would love to hang out in.

It will bring you novelty. Or if nothing else, it’s always nice to know you will be going to sleep in a clean room.

16. Exercise and Stretch.

We were made to be in movement. Did you know that people used to walk for 50 miles per day, back when living in caves was trendy?

Yes, we evolved through movement. Our human health demands from us to be in movement daily.

We need movement in order for us to be vital and healthy. But most of us spend each day in front of our desk, right now probably TV or computer.

That’s why we have invented some thing called workout. In the past our day to day was more active. We didn’t need an extra category in our lifestyle.

But because modern life is more sedentary, to compensate for our lack of activity we need a time to exercise and workout.

Most of us see these things as tools for building the perfect body so we can post pictures on social media.

But having a good exercise is more than a tool to build a fit body. It’s a tool to give you the movement your body needs to stay healthy.

Right now while we are all at home waiting for this pandemic to pass, exercise is more needed than ever. We need to stay in movement.

It’s really easy right now to neglect our need for movement and let the comfort of our home overtake our primary requirements for health.

That’s why set a time in your day, no more than 20 minutes, when you will keep your body active.

You do not need to create the perfect body with these exercises, the important thing is to just keep your body moving and sweat.

Exercise is not just healthy for your body, but also for your mind, spirit and heart.

It doesn’t just improve circulation and reduces risk of diseases. Exercise helps with mental health and improved mood during the day.

Right now exercise is probably the best thing you can integrate in your day to day life. Aim to exercise at least 150 hours per week.

Stretch after exercising. This is a great way to move your body and train your flexibility and core muscles. You can try exercises that are mix of both.

17. Do Acts of Kindness.

There is something you can do for someone else at any moment. There is someone who needs your skills.

There is someone who needs your help maybe. And why would you help them? Because that’s what we are here to do, to serve others.

There is nothing that will give you such happiness and warm heartedness at the same time as seeing thankfulness in the eyes of someone you’ve helped.

Making someone’s day a tiny little bit better. That will make your day a lot more better even than theirs.

You cannot be helpless and helpful at the same time. This time during this crisis we all feel helpless at certain moments.

That’s when we need to extend our hand. You can reach out to a friend, ask them if they need something, if they need help with something.

Just you being kind enough to call them and tell them that you actually care can make a big difference in their day.

There is a saying that if you want to make the world a better place you should start with yourself and then the people close to you.

Know that you have 5 things in your kindness artillery at any moment. You can use them whenever you want to make someone’s day much happier.

You can read about what are these 5 things you can give others at any time right here.

If you want to make the world a better place with 2 more acts despite the act of kindness read it here and create a better world.

18. Take Care of Your Body.

Eating healthy and exercising are not the only ways to take care of your body. Hygiene is also on the list.

Do not let the quarantine time and the fact that you do not see people let you slack off from having a good physical hygiene. Wash and groom.

19. Create Morning Routine.

The most powerful thing you can do in the morning is to create your own mindset.

Why in the morning? It’s the best period of the day for creating and shaping mindsets.

Think of your mindset as a hot glass in the morning. You can easily shape it in any way you want.

But as the day goes by, the glass material cools off and you cannot mould it any more.

That’s why you need to take control of your mindset as soon as you wake up, because it’s easier to make it one that serves you.

There are 3 things you can do each morning to give yourself the best mindset possible.

And most people are not aware of this secret, that they can actually control their mindset.

There is a 7 step routine we strongly advise for people to practice because, well, it’s the best in our opinion.

We tried countless routines and this one is the best from all of them that we tested and it works.

It goes like this, Breathe, Shake Off Emotions, Exercise, Drink Water, Chant, Meditate, Establish An Intention.

You can read all about how to create the perfect morning routine in this powerful guide we have created and much, MUCH, M U C H, mUcH, more.

20. Take Cold Showers.

This might sound counter intuitive but there is real science behind it. Cold showers are healthy for you.

There are countless of benefits, the main that include: Reduced stress levels, Higher level of alertness, More robust immune response, and Weight loss.

This is just the physical aspect of the benefits you get from cold showers and there are countless other benefits.

For the mental aspect you get greater mental clarity, self empowerment mindset, calmer mind, and wakefulness.

For the spiritual aspect you get stronger willpower, you build character, you push past your fear and build resilience, you overcome your self.

For the emotional aspect you get greater energy, decreased levels of anxiety, improved mood and happiness, and positivity.

21. Do Yoga.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to exercise at all you can try yoga. All you need is just a mat and you can start practicing.

Yoga is not just about the physical benefits and flexibility. In its real aim yoga is practice to unite your body and mind as one.

There are many moves you can learn to do at home, different difficulty levels. But the real benefits comes from knowing how to mix the moves.

Each move is like a special color that cannot mix with all other colors. You need to know the exact match for each of the moves.

That’s how you can use different benefits of Yoga. When some moves are put together you get bigger awareness. Some give you more relaxation.

You can easily find the best yoga routines for beginners on the internet. Our advice is to have 3 days of exercise with 2 days of yoga in a week.


22. Start Journaling.

From writing down your emotions to writing the goals you want to achieve in the day, journaling can be powerful tool for self improvement.

The act of writing down your thoughts and emotions is productive itself. It gives you an outlet where you can be authentic.

When you have a journal you can open it at any time and express your honest self without judgment.

Being able to write down your unedited thoughts is self suiting because you have a friend in a way that listens to you without judgment.

It’s a powerful emotional fitness where you connect with the realest version of you.

It’s a simple technique that gives you awareness about feelings you didn’t know you feel.

Write how you feel about yourself, about the day, write what are your expectations, what are your goals, what matters most.

If you want to have a better structure in your journaling you can separate it in 3 sections. The first one can be an honest expression of your feelings.

The second can be about your daily goals. And the third one can be about important things you should keep in mind.

This period in quarantine can be a great time to start journaling your thoughts and emotions, write how you feel daily.

You can look back at this journal when all this is over and use the powerful wisdom you have documented during your hard times. Or even laugh.

23. Sing Your Favorite Songs.

The best way to feel happy is to sing your favorite songs out loud without caring what other might think.

Go on youtube and play your favorite song, let the song move you and start singing like nobody cares. You will feel energized after it.

24. Play an Instrument.

If you do not know how to play any instrument now is the best time to learn new skills.

Maybe there is an instrument you always wanted to learn to play it. Now is the time. Express your real self through making music.

Playing an instrument can be a form of emotional therapy. It’s how you express your emotions unedited by the limitation of words.

There are many instruments you can learn to play now online, you just need the right instrument. But guess what?

You can order it from your home and it will arrive in few days, and you are ready to start learning how to play it.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and tutorials for learning almost any instrument so just search the free tutorial for your instrument and play.

25. Dance to Your Favorite Music.

There is not much to explain about this suggestion. Put your favorite songs in one place, play them and start dancing. You will feel happiness.

26. Paint.

This is another form of creative expression. You don’t have to be talented to paint. That’s not what painting is about. It’s more about expressing yourself.

It’s about putting it into a canvas all the things you cannot say with words, the emotions and ideas you cannot explain.

For this, all you need is some colors, brushes, pencils, a paper. Start painting and let your expression flow freely. You will be amazed by yourself.

27. Write a Novel.

Of course, you don’t have to write a best seller. But you might have a novel in your head that you always wanted to put into hard copy.

Or you just have some ideas of a narrative that you want to write, even if it’s just in your computer and not public.

There is no better time to do it than now. You have free time, you are locked with yourself in your home, so start writing that novel, put it into paper.

Just letting that narrative outside of your system is going to do wonders. And who knows, you might write a bestseller, nobody knew before they did.

28. Decorate Your Room.

If you want to be really creative with your home, than think about how you can decorate your room just by yourself.

Find some interesting DIY ideas on the internet and implement them. From painting comics to your walls, to building furniture with your hands.

Whatever you are inspired to do you can find many step by step tutorials on the internet on how to do it the right way.

Or just let your creativity flow freely. Go in there, start moving things and see where your creativity leads you. Lively it up.

29. Do Thought Experiments.

While we are at home with our thoughts it’s an interesting and fun thing to play with them a little bit. How? Thought experiments.

What are thought experiments? Thought experiments are important tools of the imagination used to stimulate answers from complex situations.

These tools of the intelligence raise questions and test complex ideas in circumstances that cannot be tested in reality because of the complexity.

However, the answers that are excavated out of these almost impossible scenarios are immensely significant for real life reasoning.

For example, you can ask yourself what actions you would be inspired to take if you had all the money in the world.

The answer will bring you closer to the real purpose of your life. Here are some thought experiments to ponder about.

30. Invent Your Boardgame.

You don’t need to just look for games. You can create your own. You don’t need to be a master in something, or know certain skills.

All you need is basic knowledge of game theory and an idea collected from all the best parts of the board games you played.

Just sit down, take a piece of paper and start developing the structure of your board game.

Ask questions like for how many players? How will they move? What will be the victory? Will they battle or race with each other?

If you want to make your board game more complex you can decide if there will be some collectables or points the players will need to gather.

Will there be a shop? Will the players level up? Will there be events? Will there be math? How big will be the map? How can you build the board?

Answer all these questions and then ask yourself something really important, how can I make it even more fun?

After you have the basic idea of your board game all you need is to start building it. And you can be creative, use old board games, cardboards.

Remember, the board game is for you and family to have fun, so do not overcomplicate it. The purpose is to have fun making it and playing it.

31. Imagine Your Dream Life.

If you don’t know what to do, what stops you from imagining your dream life. Take piece of paper and write down all the details.

Where will you live? How will you look? Who are the people around you? What is your job? Your income? What hobbies do you practice?

When you answer all these questions try to go into more detail if you can. Try to feel how you would feel.

Write everything down and have this idea of your ideal life in your mind. Remind yourself od this.

Try to see what are the steps you can take to reach it. The best way to do this is to backtrack it from your dream life to your life now.

See what actions you can take to get there and execute. If you need help with this we have created Step by Step guide to reach your Dream Life.

32. Improve Your Style.

Is there something you always wanted to change in your style? How you dress, what you wear, how you act and how you keep your body language?

If there is, now is the best time to practice that new style while you are at home and gain confidence to bring it to the streets once you get out.

33. Have an Invention Book.

What is an Invention Book? Well, the name says it all. Have a journal where you write down all the silly and maybe brilliant inventions you think of.

Maybe some of them will inspire you to take action and make them real. Maybe you have the invention that will improve all of humanity.

34. Improve Your Cooking.

If you go through social media it seems like this is the first thing everyone is doing right now, they are becoming cooking masters.

Well, it’s not a bad thing to improve these skills. How you can do it? Like with anything you want to improve, get out of your comfort zone.

Try to cook something you haven’t cooked before. Try to cook something fun that you always wanted to cook.

You can watch YouTube videos of all the meals you can think of, all tutorials are there for free.

35. Study New Language.

What is the language you always wanted to learn how to speak? Now is the best time to take some course online and learn it.

There are many ways you can learn to speak a new language in few weeks. There are techniques in how you can learn new language fast.

But if you want to go to an advanced level of some language than you should probably find an online teacher to learn it.

36. Learn New Skills.

Basically all we said, or most of what we said is in a way learning a new skill. But here we mean learn new skills every day.

You can find many online places like Skillshare where you can easily learn any possible skill you can think of, from programming to drawing.

37. Enroll In Online Courses.

There are many online courses like learning how to do social media marketing or create an ecommerce shop that can help you financially.

Most online courses are really cheap, some are even for free. But all of them teach you how to build something that generates you extra income.

There are some creative online courses that you can attend just because you were always interested in the subject.

There are some that can teach you character skills and improve your personality and how you socialize with others.

But whatever you learn is not just adding up to your skillset it’s also giving you an opportunity for you to teach the same.

It’s also giving you an opportunity to build something that can generate you extra income while you are at home.

Whatever you choose, you can always find the right program for you. If you cannot choose what can bring you money, choose what you are passionate.

38. Unleash Your Charisma.

Many people think that charisma is something you are born with. Yes, it is. But we are all born with it.

It’s just that some of us do not block it as we develop. This is your natural expression of your energy that’s authentic to you.

But most of us, as we grow up, we are told what to do, what not to do, what is inappropriate, in some cases we even get punished for being ourselves.

And we develop different blockages to this natural flow of energy of who we really are and we suppress our charisma.

In order to unleash your charisma you can do the following technique. Talk without stopping for 2 minutes. Just talk, about anything.

This will help you unleash the flow of your expression without being edited by the conscious mind. After the exercise you will feel more open.

You will feel as if you can more easily express. There are many exercises that we can teach you, this one gives you a proof that you have charisma.

39. Get an Online Coach or Mentor.

Now is the best time to get an online mentor or coach for whatever part of your life you want to improve.

The craziest idea you can have is to figure things out by yourself, yes you can, but you will waste so much time and opportunity.

Instead hire an online mentor or a coach who are already some steps ahead of the normal person and let them guide you.

Ask them about what you struggle with and they will give you the necessary knowledge and steps to move up your life.

They will not flood you with knowledge, they will give you the specific knowledge and steps that exactly you need to take, in your situation.

That’s the greatest benefit of having an online coach or an online mentor, they create a map to where you want to go that is customized just for you.

So if you want to get an online coach that will help you improve your happiness, mood, state of being, to have more positive energy, join here.

40. Go on YouTube Curiosity Journey.

Have you heard about it? YouTube curiosity journey is when you type about something you are curious about and then dive into the recommended.

As you go from one video to another you will discover so many channels and things you didn’t know about that are connected to your curiosity.


41. Master a Skill You Already Know.

There are probably some skills you have practiced, skills you have learned but you would like to perfect and reach a master level.

You always wanted to get back and finish mastering them but there was just not enough time for you, or there were distractions.

Well, now you have no excuses. If you have free time, you are stuck at home and you still want to master these skills you already started, it’s time buddy.

Make a list of the skills you already started and want to master, choose the one that you are most passionate about, and reach mastery.

You can recap everything you’ve learned, remind yourself, practice the older lessons, and then you can move to more advanced lessons.

You can probably find advanced course about any skill you have started online. Try with Skillshare or search on YouTube.

42. Do Home Repair.

No matter what gender you are, you should know the basics of home repair. It’s something anyone who rents or owns a home should learn.

Take a piece of paper and go through your home. Make list of all the things that need repair. When you have the list repair the things you know how to.

43. Become an Expert with Nutrition.

If you cook for yourself you should learn a little more about nutrition, what is nutrition and weight management.

There are many beautiful videos on YouTube that teach you in depth of everything you want to know.

Nutrition basically is the science of giving your body that exact food that actually feeds your body for maximum health.

Here at Life Coach Code we have created a Detailed In Depth Guide we call The Free University of Weight Management. It’s completely free to use.

It’s all you need to know about Nutrition, How to Calculate your Nutrition, How to Exercise and How to Follow Through to reach the wanted weight.

44. Complete what You Started Learning Before.

Just like with the skills, there is probably something you were interested about and you started learning, but you stopped for some reason.

Maybe you didn’t have time, other things were more important at that time or you had distractions, but you didn’t follow through with learning that.

Maybe it was some science, maybe it was about politics, or mysteries, or maybe even history and civilizations. Now is time to get back at it.

45. Spend Quality Time with Family.

The fact is that you are stuck at home with someone. Be it your partner, family, yourself, your roommates, whoever it is. Spend time with them.

If it’s your family than now is the best time to strengthen the relationships you have with them. This is a powerful opportunity for all of you.

Yeah, you will be triggered, things from the past you’ve been pushing down will come up. That’s a goldmine for healing the relationship with them.

And since you are all at home together, make it fun. Spend quality time. Get to know each other, who you have become over the years.

Most of you have changed and you need to get to know them again. Play trivia games, boardgames, videogames, ask questions about each other.

Get away from social media and actually spend quality time with your family. This is once in a lifetime opportunity.

Think about it. They are getting old. There will be no time like this ever for you to be all together like before. Use this time with them to the fullest.

46. Facetime Your Friends.

It’s completely normal to feel lonely during these times while we are all stuck at home. But social media and the internet have benefits.

You can at any time, that’s appropriate of course, call your best friend, or old friend, facetime them and feel like you are out for a drink.

You can even organize a facetime party where you get beverage and food, all of them get beverages and food, and you facetime each other.

You can discuss topics or just laugh about silly things while you are drinking and eating the food you have prepared.

You can even play games online together. You can make an all nighter where you and your friends spend all night together virtually.

We are all stuck at home, yeah. But that doesn’t mean that the friendships are done. Real Friendship is stronger than any crisis.

47. Tell Your Loved Ones That You Love Them.

If anything, this whole situation should open your eyes that tomorrow is not promised. So open your heart. Tell what you always wanted to tell.

We live as if there will be a perfect moment to share our feelings. It doesn’t exist. It’s not about the moment, it’s our excuse to not share our feelings.

If you died right now, who would you regret the most not telling you love them? For who would you give anything to just have a chance and open up?

Do not leave unsaid things on your plate to regret. We will all come to the end some day. But today you have the chance to share what you feel.

You have no idea how powerful one honest sentence can be. It can penetrate through anything, one honest sentence from your heart.

It takes away so much darkness out of our lives. One honest conversation purifies all of us from the unnecessary pains we give ourselves.

48. Teach Your Siblings or Your Kids Something.

If you have kids spend this time with them with high quality. Teach them something about life you have learned, some lesson that will serve them.

If you don’t have kids, you might have siblings. There is something you know that they don’t. Offer them to teach them this.

49. Help Others with Some Task.

They say that you cannot feel helpless if you are helpful. It’s easy to fall into the victimhood mentality these days.

But the quickest shortcut is to offer your helping hand to someone. Reach out to people, ask if you can help with something. You will make their day.

50. Walk Through Old Photos.

If you are from the previous century you probably have some old albums somewhere. Find them.

Open them. Walk through the photos. And remind yourself of some old but sweet memories that you have completely forgotten.

For the newer generations that have grown up with technology upgrades, you probably have some files and folders of old photos.

Do the same. Open these files, and watch the photos. They will bring up so many sweet memories, things we have forgotten as we grew old.

51. Go On Virtual Dates or Dinner.

If you have a romantic partner or you are trying to date during this period it’s probably harder than ever.

But there is something you can do to spice tings up. Schedule an online date. Cook something, both of you, take some wine and video call.

Or you can watch a movie together while being on a video call, something both of you haven’t seen.

There are so many things you can do with your partner or a date that can be done virtually. It’s not ideal, yeah, but it’s better than nothing.

You can both play an online game and have fun doing so. You can learn new skill together. You can watch photos. You can even go on a shopping spree.

One interesting thing you can do is find 20 fun questions to ask each other, each of you, and get to know each other little better.

You can practice something together by video calling each other and setting a time for that thing.

It sucks being distanced from someone, especially if you love each other, but you don’t need to be away when the internet allows you to get closer.

So go online. Find a date. Organize a date by video calling each other. If. you have a partner organize a fun date night by video calling each other.

52. Play Multiplayer Games.

You can always go online and find games you can play with other people. No matter if you have a PC, a console or just phone, you can find games.

If you feel isolated and lonely go online, find multiplayer games and have fun. You can even meet new people while playing.

53. Call Someone You Love and Talk About Happy Moments.

There is someone, a friend or family or whoever it is that you haven’t heard for a while. Someone you spent amazing and fun moments with.

This is a really great time to call them and remind each other of all the crazy things you have done together.

And if it’s someone you haven’t heard for a while it will bring additional happiness to both of you.

54. Have Self Care Day.

Take one day just for yourself. You probably cannot go to the spa, or a sauna, but you can always take care of yourself.

You can clean yourself, groom yourself, take a day off, eat some comforting food, have a glass of wine, listen to beautiful music, watch something.

55. Be Honest with Your Family.

If you are stuck with your family it can be difficult. But there is a golden opportunity in that. You can actually get to know each other.

If you are like most families, you have been hiding your real selves from each other. You don’t really know each other.

Be the one who does things differently now. Stand up and be honest. Tell your biggest wants, your struggles, your weaknesses, your fears.

56. Reorganize a Room.

You don’t have to buy new furniture to bring some fun change to your room. Just moving things around can bring back excitement.

Rearrange where your bed stays, your TV, find a new place for your books, your PC, go through your clothes and see what you do not need anymore.

57. Clean Your Whole Home.

When did you have the time to clean your whole home? Now you have the time to go through every particle of your home and clean it.

It might take you more than one day, most likely it will, but it will give you something to productive to do while at home. It’s the right time for that.

58. Make Room for Relaxation.

You watch through social media posts that try to inspire you to take action, you read articles like this one that gives you things to do while at home.

But this whole situation is not a contest of who is most productive. Sometimes just slowing down can be exactly what you need.

59. Go Through Old Things You Keep And Declutter.

We all keep some items for no reason. We have clothes we don’t wear anymore, toys our kids stopped playing with.

Make a list of all the things you have and don’t use, everything, old tech, devices, find what you can give away to charity and what you should throw.

60. Take Care of Flowers or Grow Things.

There are many guides online that can teach you how to grow your own food at home, even if all you have is a balcony.

If you have a backyard it’s even better. Find some plants you can plant, take care of and grow. It will give you a sense of connection with Nature.

It can be flowers, or it can be food like tomatoes or even natural and organic tea that you can consume.

Whatever it is, once you start growing things you will start appreciating Nature and the food you eat a lot more.

61. Try Using All The Devices You Usually Don’t.

If you look around, you will find at least few devices at home that you do not usually use. This is usually in your kitchen.

We all have devices that we bought and just used once or twice. Now it’s a really good time to bring them out again, just for the excitement of it.

62. Change Lights that Do Not Work.

If you go and repair your home as we said, you will most likely spend your time in fixing furniture and doors that make annoying noises.

But one thing you can also do is find all the lights that stopped working in your home and replace them with ones that do.

You can even replace lights you already have with brand new ones or try new colors for different rooms. You can change the whole feel of a room.

63. Try Minimalism.

This is probably more extreme than the others, but if you wanted to try living in a minimalistic way now it’s a better time than any other.

What this means is to just leave the necessary things and throw away everything else. For example, two plates, two forks, two glasses, chairs.

Challenge yourself to try it. Many people say there is a huge benefit when you start living like this because you open room to your space.

But the biggest benefit is that you do not waste extra energy to clean things you do not use. You have only what you use daily. Nothing extra.

64. Build Something with Your Hands.

There are many things you can build just with your hands. Yeah, you will also need to find some material but the main tool you can use is the hands.

You can find DIY tutorials online or you can think of something you always wanted to build, a shelf, a bed, other furniture, something for the garden.

You can use tools of course, but the main tool needs to be your hands. There is feeling of achievement when you build something just with your hands.

65. Paint Your Walls.

If you want to bring back excitement to your home or apartment, repaint the walls. Changing the color of the walls will bring back novelty.

You can get the color that you want, the necessary brushes and tools. Just changing the color will feel like you have changed the environment.

66. Design Your Clothes.

If you feel more creative some day you can design your own clothes. Take old clothes you don’t wear anymore and use them as material.

You can find many tips and how to videos online that will give you creative ideas and inspire you to make your own clothes.

You can draw on old shirts, make pants into shorts, make bags and even hats. Be a designer for one day and see how it feels.

67. Organize Your Email Account.

The person’s inbox can be the messiest place. As we do our work, create accounts, subscribe and get spammed by other people, our inbox fills.

And if we do not regular maintenance it can become piles of unnecessary and unimportant emails that hide the really important emails. Clean it now.

68. Set Priorities.

There is not much to do at home, well there are more than 100 things to do, but mostly you sit with your thoughts.

This is the perfect time to create priorities of things in your life so when you get out of quarantine you can actually know where to invest your energy.

Audit everything, from who are the closest people to you to what is the most important work that you need to do that gives most of the results.

Focus on business, relationships, health and self improvement. Decide what are the most important pieces in each of them to spend most energy there.

69. Create Daily Tasks.

The days in quarantine can become really boring if you do not tackle them with the right daily mission plan.

Create daily tasks that you need to do, missions that you need to complete to bring traction into your every day.

Make tasks every night. Maybe you need to clean something tomorrow, throw the trash, wash clothes, or try something new from here.


70. Audit Your Flaws and Start Improving.

Take a piece of paper and write all of your strengths on one side and all of your weaknesses on the other side.

When you have all your strengths and all your weaknesses in written and in front of you see what are the top 3 strengths and top 3 weaknesses.

It’s good to know your strengths but it’s much better to be aware of your biggest weaknesses so you can improve your weakest links or traits.

From being too impatient to not being a good listener, whatever your greatest weaknesses, take the top 3 and make plan how to improve each.

71. Push Past Resistance.

We all have our limits. We all have a comfort zone. For some people it’s smaller and for some is bigger than the others. Try to stretch it now.

When we approach these limits, when we get close to the borders of our comfort zone we start experiencing resistance. Well, do one more rep.

No matter what it is, building muscle or strengthening character, when you embrace the resistance and push past it, it’s when you actually grow.

72. Finish Projects You Have Started.

There are probably more than few projects you have started, maybe you you have some almost finished, but you didn’t have time to finish them.

Instead of something something new now, maybe this is the best time for you to finish one or two projects you already started before.

73. Clean Your Computer.

From unnecessary programs that you no longer use, to files that you no longer need, most of our computers are messy.

The feeling of cleaning your computer is amazing, and as you feel more organized and amazing, you speed it up.

Uninstall programs, clean from viruses, delete files, close apps in background and organize the icons on your desktop.

74. Set Up Daily Schedule.

Just like with the tasks and missions that give more structure and something to do in your day, creating whole schedule is important.

Decide when you wake up, what you do, when you eat, when you work, when you read, play, learn or study.

The schedule should be something you are comfortable with, not something that will introduce more complexity in your life, but simplify it.

75. Update Your CV.

If you have a CV now is the best time to go through it and see how you can update it. Maybe you did some things that you forgot to write inside.

There might be some new things you want to add about yourself, new skills you have acquired, or maybe you just want to change the style of it.

76. Increase Results with Doing Less.

You have probably heard the rule that goes something like the 20% of the work gives the 80% of the results.

Well audit what you do and find that 20% that gives 80% of your results and invest most of your energy there. See if you can delegate some tasks.

77. Audit Your Passions.

Take a piece of paper and write down 20 passions and curiosities that you have. What you want to watch, what you want to study, learn, do?

When you have 20 things on your list see. how you can include all of those things in your life. Surround yourself with your passions when you get out.

78. Train Your Elevator Pitch.

Whether if you have some business idea, or you need to show your personal worth, having an elevator pitch rehearsed is an advantage.

As you have realized by now, hopefully, we cannot plan or predict everything in our lives, but being prepared is something you can do.

Who knows who you might meet outside on the street when we get out of quarantine, or in the elevator of your building.

Maybe you will get just 30 seconds of opportunity to get that dream job, to pitch that business idea, to show your worth or even make a new friend.

79. Do Outreach and Collect Leads.

The skill of generating leads and doing outreach is something every business needs, especially now. Learn this and find a business to help.

As you know by now, having a job is not the safest choice. Learning skills you can monetize is crisisproof because it’s a tool you can adapt anywhere.

80. Start an Online Business.

As we said, learning skills that are in high demand can save you from the economic crisis that will follow the pandemic.

But this time, right now, is the perfect time to start your online business on the side. People are home, they spend time online.

Use this opportunity to coach online, to learn an online skill and give a service, to build a big social following, or to build your own website. There are many videos that you can find online that will teach you the basics of building your own website.

The easiest way is to start with affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products on your website and earning commission. If you are interested here is a good guide on how to start with affiliate marketing.

We actually give FREE mentoring to people on how to build their own online business during the pandemic. Write at [email protected].

81. Master WordPress and Create Websites.

You can learn how to build websites without any knowledge of programming through WordPress.

You can create websites for clients you find online and earn extra money while you are quarantined at home. Message [email protected].

82. Network.

As we said, almost every single person who is quarantined right now spends most of their attention on social media.

Now is the best time to meet new people online, to network and find potential partners that can boost your business or help with something.

When you network it’s important to first offer your value, to show a helping hand before you ask something from them.

83. Become an Online Mentor, Coach or Service Provider.

Now is the best time to become an online mentor, coach or service provider. And there is something every person can do.

You don’t have to be a master, just find something you are 2 steps ahead of the average person, create an offer for people you can help and outreach.

84. Sell Something.

There are some skills that every person needs to learn, that any business needs. There are few really important ones.

But for the growth of your business there is no skill as important as sales. So learn sales and practice. Find some item you don’t need and try to sell it.

You can invest instead of selling. There are many great guides on how to start investing if you are a beginner, how to invest $5,000 or lower.

85. Collaborate On Projects.

As your friends if they need help with some project they are currently working on and extend your helping hand, virtually of course.

Or just write on your status that if someone needs an extra help with some project, you have free time to help. It’s more rewarding than you think.

86. Volunteer for Some Cause You Stand For.

Find some cause online that you stand for, it can be something that helps with the current situation or other world problems.

See what you are passionate with, what you actually care about to help and make a positive change in the world, seek out that cause and join.

Find groups on facebook, talk with leading experts around that cause, think of how you can help, maybe you can find even a solution.

If anything, you can at least find a donation you are passionate about and care for, environment, this pandemic, hunger, animals, and share it online.

87. Organize Your Finances.

When you go through your regular day to day life it’s hard to sit down and make a detailed analysis of your finances and see where you spend most.

When you know the detailed plan of your finances, see where extra money go and try to reduce the unnecessary expenses.

This is the best time to reduce how much you spend and actually try to save. If you reduce unnecessary expenses you can save those funds.

88. Build Social Media Following.

As we said, everyone is at home and everyone is either watching movies or scrolling through social media.

This means there is more attention on social media right now, and this you can use in your advantage to build following of yourself or your brand.

89. Play Video Games.

It’s great to spend this time you are at home for self improvement, for building your side hustle, for productivity and health.

But do not forget that you are a human too and you need fun. So play some video games, on your phone or a console. Have some fun playing.

90. Watch Movies.

You can do two things right now. You can make a list of all the movies you didn’t have time to watch and watch them.

Or, you can make a list of all your favorite movies and watch each movie every single day. Whatever you choose, you will have fun watching movies.


91. Start New TV Shows.

Maybe there is a TV show that you always wanted to start watching, maybe it has already more than one season. Well, now is the time to start.

Dive into a new TV show you wanted to start watching, or find similar TV shows to the ones that you loved watching.

92. Play Social Games with Family or Virtually.

You can play, as we said, boardgames and video games with family and friends. But you can also play social games.

These games are really fun as they involve funny questions, or acting silly. Find some social games you can play, and try them with friends or family.

93. Try Exciting Challenges.

There are many challenges that you can find online, some are fun, some are for self improvement, but all can benefit you in a way.

Eat healthy for 30 days, one act of kindness per day, don’t speak for a whole day, read a book per week. Whatever you choose, it’s about the discipline.

94. Complete Puzzles.

You might have puzzles at home. If not, you can get puzzles online and you can spend quality time with family or your partner completing it.

Putting puzzles together is relaxing and it can stimulate your mind for creativity. It’s really fun activity to do with loved ones.

95. Play with Toys.

This can sound strange if you are an adult, but who cares. You are home stuck in quarantine. You might have your old toys or your children’s toys.

Remind yourself of being a kid one day. Take the toys and play with them with your kids, or family. Be silly, it’s healing.

96. Watch Stand Up Comedies.

If you don’t have a habit of watching stand up comedies you should consider giving them a chance now.

There are many talented comedians that can bring you positivity and laughter during this crisis and make your day light and happy.

97. Structure Race Tracks at Home.

When you were a kid, if you did what I did, you probably created some race tracks for yourself, climb the bed, jump the table, circle the chair.

It can be really fun if you do it in a safe way and if your whole family participates. Make different stages and tracks and race with each other.

98. Invent Language.

This is another silly thing you can do but it’s fun. Think of some words that have no meaning and try to make your own language.

Write a dictionary of each word you invent and describe what it means. You can teach others this language while you have lots of fun and laugh.

99. Read Books.

This is something that you have to do while you are in quarantine. no matter if these are self help books, or novels, read.

Read things that you are curious about, things that lift your mindset to positivity. We will share with you the best books we think you can read.

100. Be Silly on Videos.

Download apps that give you permission to be silly and film videos by yourself or with the people who you are in quarantine with.

You can have so much laughs and fun while filming the videos and you will also make other people laugh if you publish them on your social media.

101. Start Vlogging.

Take your phone, you don’t need a professional camera, and start filming yourself every single day for 3 to 5 minutes.

You can vlog about your day, you can discuss certain topic, you can describe different objects in your home, or just share your feelings and opinions.

102. Check The Encyclopedia of Mental Biases.

Did you know that the human mind has over 200 mental biases. What are mental biases? Well these are programs that save mental energy.

However, these mental programs skew your reality. Discovering each of them can show you how falsely we often perceive reality from what it is.



I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!