How to Find Your Fire ?


When I speak of how to find your fire, I mean of your energy, The Will That Makes You Do The Thing You Were Born To Do.

A lot of us come to this point, when we lose our will to do anything, when the things we do, feel like they are suffocating us. We feel like we do everything just over and over again and nothing has a point, nothing really matters for us anymore.

This happens when we sub consciously realize that we don’t do the things we really like to do. We know deep in our hearts that we can do and achieve so much more than of what we do now. But, because we lack the will to take action and change the course of our life, we let our fire slowly distinguish.

Feeling boredLike every important thing in life, this too is a paradox. You lose your fire, the will to take action, because you lose your fire. So, how do we escape this circle of demise?

The answer is simple, the same way we entered it…… only not exactly the same….. I was just trying to write cool. In fact, it is not the same way we entered at all, it is quite the opposite. First, we need to answer, How did we entered this circle of demise in the first place?

We go through our lives experimenting with different staff, trying new things, but we forget that Time Slowly Passes and with time, we slowly grow old too. Every human has a survival instinct written in its DNA code and its only job is to make sure you are safe.

Survival instinctIt doesn’t care What Are Your Desires And Passions, it only cares that you will survive. So, when some danger is detected it is triggered and it creates the feeling of fear to make you create your decisions based on fear. This will result in you creating more cautious decisions that will make you safer and your future more certain, because your survival instinct LOVES a certain future.

When we realize that we are getting old for experimenting and that in order to be safe in the future we must start a career, and start it soon, so we’ll have the money to create a family and support it, we get scared. We stop feeling and we start thinking. We start asking ourselves, what are our safest options, and we choose doing something that a lot of us don’t like doing. This is how we get stuck in The Circle Of Demise….. yeah, I know, it sounds like a lame magician show.

Escape your comfort zone with loveSo, what is the opposite of making a decision based on fear? Making a decision that will make us afraid. Yeah, we need to make a decision based on love, based on what we really love to do, and that decision will make us afraid because The Future Won’t Be Certain anymore for us. We will escape our comfort zone and that is the key in finding your fire. The comfort zone is your circle of demise and everything that you love and that lights That Fire In Your Soul, is outside of it.

So, How do you find your fire? Forget what your mind says and start listening to your heart. Do something that scares you, be afraid and keep on trusting your instincts, escape your comfort zone and just, start doing what you’ve always loved to do. You were born to do that so in the bigger picture, you are doing the right thing.

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<Just follow and trust your heart, it always knows what is best for you>