10 Signs You Are A NPC, A (Non Player Character) In Real Life


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde

A NPC, or ‘Non Player Character’ is a character that is not controlled by a player. It’s someone who exists but is not really alive.

Are you a NPC? Are you a computer generated character driven by the code of the simulation, or are you a conscious player in your life?

Most people in the world are so called NPCs. They are characters existing but they have no conscious control over their lives.

And this is not science fiction, it’s a psychological observation. Everyone is real, of course, but most people do not have a conscious control of their life.

Even you might be a NPC. Here are 10 signs that a ‘Non Player Character’ will show. See if you can identify yourself with any of them.

10 Signs You Are A NPC In Real Life:


1. Every single day seems the same.

You wake up, you check your phone, then you wash yourself, eat, go to work. After couple of hours of soul sucking you get back home, turn on the TV, eat something, maybe you sit on your computer and watch videos. And this is what most of your days are like.

2. Most of your conversations are about the weather, gossip or complaining.

There is always a biased response when you meet someone, ‘hey, what’s up?’, or ‘how are you doing?’. The same reply ‘not much.’ or ‘great, how about you?’. Conversations range from what the weather is like to who did something, politics and complaining.

3. You hate your job.

Every time the weekend comes you feel excited. You cannot wait for Friday. You wait the whole week for Friday. And the weekend comes, but it moves so quickly before you even realize it was here. Then, you dread Monday. You can’t stand another week at your job.

4. You cannot go out and have fun by yourself.

Going out means you need to find couple of people that are willing to go out with you. Going out by yourself is not even comprehendible to you, and not yet having fun. The sole thought of going out by yourself is weird to you, it is uncomfortable and even scary.

5. You take the same path every day.

No matter if it’s commuting to work or going to the grocery store, you take the same path. It’s always the same path, the same commute, the same mindless walk. You can’t even remember when you started taking that path every single day.

6. More than 90% of your thoughts the same thoughts you think every day.

The moment you wake up you start thinking the same old thoughts you thought of the day before, and the day before, and the day before. I need to do this, I want to do this, I hate her, I like this, I love him, How dare they, I am bored, I am hungry. The same loop.

7. You don’t know your purpose.

You see people on videos and social media chasing goals, grinding, following their purpose and you feel inspired. However, you have no clue what your purpose is. You don’t know why you are here. You feel as if you are missing out on something.

8. You are reactive to others.

Most of your actions are out of reaction to something. You get angry, or sad, or excited, or happy, and your actions are based on these emotions. You get triggered and you act, there is no space between the stimuli and your action.

9. All of the choices you make are mainstream.

Most of the movies you love are mainstream, most of the songs you like are mainstream, the books you read, the beliefs you have, your opinions, it’s all mainstream. Your preferences and personality traits fit in the group of people you identify yourself as.

10. You feel powerless to have a free will.

Most if not all of your choices are not even yours. You think they are, but they are really desires of the past, manipulation by your ego, emotional reactions, generated by the flow of your environment, other’s advices. You haven’t had a choice that is completely by you.

If you find yourself in more than 3 of these signs than you live your life as a NPC. You exist but you do not feel alive. You are a consumer, you do not create anything. If you want to take the controller back in your hands than contact us here and we will help you!

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