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Hello my loved ones,

My name is Dejan Davchevski and I am from a dejan davcevski hyattsmall country called Macedonia which is in Europe and has approximately 3 million citizens. My life starts in the beginning of the 90’s when a beautiful, smart boy was born ( of course it’s me 😀 ). My family was happy and everything went as it should. We were happy, rich, I could have had everything that a young boy could have possibly wanted at that time. But, as the pessimistic Murphy’s law says: “Everything goes wrong all at once.”, this is what happened: My mother got sick and died, My sister almost died, We lost all our money, My aunt got divorced and a lot of other small shit that shaped my life since then  ( excuse my french ). I was just 7 years old and starting with school. My family was tough, they didn’t let the bad staff destroy what we were left with, so they acted like it wasn’t such a big deal. I used to the fact that shit happens and acted also like it is not a big deal.

Through my elementary school it wasn’t much of a problem but what stays locked in your head and heart, sooner or later it will come out. In high school I felt the consequences of my suppressed emotions. An anger started to build up in me. I wasn’t that happy, loving kid I used to be. I was some angry beast that was secretly building in my character. There were times when I just spontaneously was starting to break staff, the smallest thing could have made me blow up. I was hurting everyone around me and I felt even worse. The thing with anger is that you become some monster that you don’t even know. I didn’t wanted to go to a psychiatrist because I wanted to deal with this myself. It was a mistake to think that I didn’t need help.

After some time in the last years of high school I made the best decision in my life. I started running. I don’t know if I was running from my problems, or from the monster that was in me, the important thing was that I ran till all of the anger was converted into sweat and was out of my body. That wasn’t permanent. I didn’t solve my problems but in a way I ran away from them. I run 5 days a week. I still do. The thing that running helped me with wasn’t the delay of anger. It was the little lessons I learned every mile I ran through. My subconscious was teaching me something, a way of living. The right way, the one where you don’t hide or run away from your problems. A way of living where you use everything in your advantage. I’ve ran a marathon, 2 half marathons, I climbed the highest mountain in this region. I shaped my body like a Greek god. I used the bad memories to push myself over my limits and succeeded in everything that I wanted. I wrote a book. I graduated. I continued my education. The one that I am most proud of is that I saved a life.

It was a couple of years ago when I went on a work and travel program in the USA. I was working as a life guard in a town near Boston, called Hingham. One day a family came into my area. The moment I saw them I somehow knew that they would be a problem. It was something in the eyes of the mother, I don’t know. When they started preparing to leave, the mother turned just a second when the kid jumped in the pool. The kid was young, maybe 1 year old and he just started drowning. When I saw him, he was already under water. My adrenaline deployed me from my chair like a rocket and I grabbed the kid from under the water. When I put him on safe grounds the mother saw what was happening. She was crying and thanking me. I was glad I was there. There is something when you save a life, I think you are more saved than him. The feeling you get, the feeling of a hero changes you. All I wanted to do since then is help other people. Help them in achieving happiness. Help them succeeding in life and fulfilling their dreams.

Just wanting to help someone is not enough if you don’t know how. As bad as I wanted to help other people, first I needed to learn how. Then my life coaching idea came to me. While I was studying in my country in the university of International Marketing Management, I enrolled an online school of Life Coaching. I finished my university and my online course. The will of helping other people drove me to success. I started helping people around me, my family, my friends, friends of my friends. With every person I helped I felt how the monster that was in me was fading along with my anger. I was becoming the real Dejan again, the one that laughs, plays and is happy. Through my online course I learned so much. Many techniques, many ways of approaching and helping someone, many ways of listening what others really try to say through their poorly chosen words. Many people don’t even know that they need help from a life coach, but deep inside of them they feel it. You need to make them realize what they feel before it’s too late and the feelings overcome them.

I thought to myself how can I help even more people. Then an idea of a webpage came into my head. What is a better way on contacting more people than the internet. A lot of information will be available on www.LifeCoachCode.com but the most important thing I want to share with you is the way of living I have learned. The code of life I discovered that brings happiness and success. And that’s just the beginning.

This code will make you aware of something you intuitively know deep within you, that you are not small. Oh no, you are great, much greater than you can even imagine. That your story is just beginning. This code will Awaken you to your Superhuman nature. It will Decode your programming and reprogram you into Superhuman. It will Evolve you further and you will become a Superhuman. It’s your purpose, your birthright, you were meant for something greater and I must show this to you, I must show you the way and help you Evolve Into Superhuman.

This website is a platform for transformation. I want to keep it this way. You can read our daily content and update your code to be more Superhuman every single day. We have many Collections and Resources that can help you become a better version of yourself.

We are organising many events each year that you can join. In there you can meet with coaches, network with likeminded individuals, and unlock hidden reservoirs of potential from within that you didn’t know existed. Check all our upcoming events here.

You can Join The Superhuman University, subscribe to our team of coaches and get access to countless programs that will help you transform into The Best Version of Yourself. You will also get a free recording from all our past events and a FREE VIP PASS for all of our upcoming events. You can shop for our Ebooks, Tools and Programs at our Superhuman Store with huge discounts and gear up for your Superhuman journey. Go 100 steps ahead of what you thought was possible for you.

At the end of the day, do whatever you choose to do if it resonates with you and your soul, but please keep this in mind: all the information in the world will not help you if you do not take action.

That’s what I realized, that it’s not about the information, it’s about taking right action. That’s why I help my clients execute. That’s why you need someone to push you, give you momentum and keep you accountable. That’s why you need a coach. And on Life Coach Code you can Find a Coach that’s the right fit for you through our intelligent sorting mechanism that matches you with the right coach based on your needs.

Whatever question you have you can freely contact me at [email protected]. Whatever help you need I can try and help you, even if you just want to talk with someone and open yourself, I am here for you.

If you are interested in our teachings and becoming a Superhuman Coach Yourself, you can Contact Me on my Email – [email protected] and I’ll lead you to them. We just want to choose the right people so we can grow our Superhuman Community all around the world. This is exactly what you need because we look at every angle of life. From couples problems to working out schedules and building muscles.

So that is quick recap on my life till now and now you know who Dejan is but most importantly how I ended up helping other people. Always remember this:

” Happiness is a point of view “