How To Create A Better World With 3 Simple Acts Per Day


If you ask yourself how to create a better world you most likely think of something big, like eradicate world hunger and stop all wars. You might think you need superpowers.

But creating a better world does not need to be this overwhelming. It does not need to involve having superpowers. It can be really simple, as simple as a smile.

You might be skeptical, how can a smile change the world, how can it make it better, you might wonder. But if you really think about it, it’s the only thing it does.

Not just a smile, but simple acts of goodness and honesty, acts of humanity. What will make your day happier is a stranger showing you humanity exists.

What the world needs more than anything is something we can all give, something that is free, and this thing is kindness. I invite you to make it a habit.

When you go to your work or when you walk down the street and you look at people’s faces, you can see most people are anxious, afraid, overthinking, buys, in a hurry.

You can aim to stop all wars, and that’s a noble cause, but what you can do in that exact moment when you look at other people’s frowned faces is give them a smile.

Yeah, it’s not as big as stopping all wars, but maybe wars are not what we should aim to heal, but bring faith in humanity to people’s hearts. Maybe that’s what we need to aim for.

The bigger problems will most likely be gone if we all make our corner of the world a little brighter, just like a symptom is gone when you heal the ailment.

3 Simple Acts Per Day To Create Better World:


1. One Act Of Kindness.

What is an act of kindness? It might sound like you need to donate to a charity, but a real act of kindness is not that.

An act of kindness is every single thing you can do from ‘how to make this person have a better day’ approach and intention.

Some examples vary from smiling to a stranger and helping an old lady cross the street, to donating money to a charity you believe in.

In fact, there are countless acts of kindness you can do, as long as you approach it with a mindset of making other people have a better day.

And that’s the most important thing, really wanting to make someone else have a happier day. That’s the key that makes the world a better place.

2. One Act Of Honesty.

Most people are familiar with acts of kindness. But what is an act of honesty? If you are like most people you haven’t heard of it.

An act of honesty is doing something where you will be completely honest with you or others. Simple right? It’s similar as an act of spilling a bucket full of water.

Throughout our day our bucket fills up. We cannot be honest all the time. An act of honesty is doing something that spills these emotional truths outside of us.

You can start writing in a journal where you will be brutally honest, speak to someone you trust, do something that you really feel like doing.

Just stop editing your life for a moment and do or say what you really feel. It’s who you really are, and the world needs more of the real you, even if you think you should hide it.

3. One Act Of Wisdom.

Ok, so you understand what an act of kindness is, you know what an act of honesty is, but what about an act of wisdom? What is it?

An act of wisdom is doing something that might not help you immediately but it will certainly help you live a better life in the future. It’s like an investment.

Most of us do the same things every day, and most of these things usually give us immediate results or feedback.

An act of wisdom is doing something you know it’s good for you without getting immediate results. You can work an extra hour, plan your next day, exercise or eat healthier.

You can even do something you are afraid of. These things don’t give immediate results, they might even seem too much effort at first, but they truly make your life much better.

When you make someone else’s day a little happier, when you are being real even if it’s just for couple of minutes every day, and when you wisely invest to make your life quality better daily, you are slowly but surely making a better world.

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