3 Underestimated Ways How Blockchain is Changing The World On Better


Unless you sleep under a rock, you’ve probably heard about blockchain. It’s a technology that is changing the world and possibly saving our planet.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is basically a public decentralized ledger that exists across a network and it’s mostly used for cryptocurrencies.

It publicly records all transactions happening by using that technology and it keeps track of the digital assets people own.

Why it is a good thing to have everything public? Isn’t that what we try to avoid?

Well, if everything is public then nobody can hide anything. And if nobody can hide anything then we do’t need 3rd party entities like banks to keep track for us. So in a way, by making everything public we become more independent.

But that’s not all, here is how blockchain is changing the world on better.

3 Ways How Blockchain is Changing The World:


1. Digitalization of important paper.

With blockchain technology there has been a rise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies all around the world. The latest trend is environment friendly companies that use the blockchain technology to make a positive difference in the world.

Each company usually has their own cryptocurrency. But the beauty is in how they use their coin or token to make a positive impact.

How everything works? Let’s make it less complicated!

People want to make money and gathering coins and tokens is a way to do that. There are companies that offer one of their tokens for electricity generated by your solar panel promoting the usage of solar powered homes. There are others that let you generate a certain amount of their coin when you ride your bike.

The tokens and coins you acquire have a certain value on the crypto markets and you can easily exchange them for real cash in many countries around the world.

One company that grabbed our attention is WarrantyBox. They aim to create a paperless future where all your important documents will be stored on the blockchain and accessible through your phone, from anywhere and at any time.

They are still at their early stages of development and you still have a chance to become part of this project while it’s still an infant, earn money and decrease the usage of paper in the world by joining their cause. Go and join their telegram group while it’s still free to get more info about their roadmap, maybe even speak with the CEOs and share your ideas with them.

2. Decentralized currency.

Another great thing about blockchain technology is decentralized currency like Bitcoin.

There is no better form of currency than the Bitcoin according to many economists. It is scarce, transferrable, but most importantly, you can fully own it without using a third party entity to keep it for you.

You can keep it online in some crypto market like Binance or you can put it on your personal ledger. And those credits don’t need to go through any 3rd party. They are yours to use. How much you have it’s written and documented publicly so nobody can deny what’s yours.

All of this creates an interesting online economy where we would most likely not need any banks nor need to have any type of inflation.

3. A decent chance for the average person.

Up until now, you, the average person didn’t have a chance to invest really early into the upcoming projects that have huge potential to go BIG. Only a licensed investor can do that. And to become a licensed investor you need at least 1M$ in your bank account.

The game was rigged against you, so to say. If you have money then you are allowed to make even more money by investing in early startups that might become the new Amazon.

However, blockchain and cryptocurrencies changed everything. Now the average person has the chance to invest early into crypto coins or blockchain startups and 100X their money in few months if those projects have a decent launch.

Just look at the TOP 100 coins from last year and the TOP 100 coins now. They are almost the same. Yet, their value is at least 10X from the last year. What this says is that the blockchain terrain for new projects is fertile.

There are good upcoming projects that are at their early stages, like WarrantyBox, and if you invest early you are most likely going to make some really good returns.

You don’t need a license, 1M$ in your bank account, or anything more than an internet connection and a crypto wallet that you can easily create on MetaMask.

Now this is not a financial advice and I am not telling you where to put your money or what to do with your money. You can do whatever you want. I am no financial advisor. I am just sharing with you information that is in my opinion obvious. You can do whatever you want with it.

What You Should Remember?

The new blockchain technology is changing the world, and some of the changes are actually really positive.

There are many projects on the blockchain network like WarrantyBox that are just starting and aim to create a better world by helping the planet environmentally.

The opportunity that humanity has with this new technology is incomparable. From paperless future to online economy without banks and an equal chance for everyone… We truly live in the most exciting time in human history, ever.

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