5 Free Things You Can Always Give Others And Make Their Day Much Happier


You have the power to make someone’s day happier.

If you ask someone what would make their day better, they will usually say something extreme, like winning a big reward.

But we will tell you the 5 things that can really help them. The 5 things that will actually make their day much better.

And the best thing is that these things are all free, you have them at your disposal. However, nobody is aware that they even need these things.

There is a saying that if you want to make the world a better place you should start with yourself and then the people close to you.

Know that you have these things in your artillery and they are there for you to use them whenever you want to make someone’s day much happier.

5 Free Things You Can Always Give Others:


1. Support.

Everyone of us struggles with something. How would you feel if someone came to you and said ‘I am here for you, if you need something I’ll try to help you.’? You will most likely not even ask for help because just the thought of being supported helps you.

2. A loving smile.

Observe the facial expressions of people walking on the street. They are worried, stressed, frowned. They are not even present with their mind. You can be a real hero if you bright up someone’s day with your loving smile, it will show them that the world is not that dark.

3. Kindness.

Probably the biggest thing that the world needs at the moment is kindness. And not just to other people but kindness to ourselves. Speaking to ourselves with a kinder voice. You can always be a kinder person to others and teach them to be kinder themselves.

4. Positive energy.

You are in control of your energy and what you emit to the world. Negative energy shrinks your mindset, your world and your perspective while positive energy expands it. Give value, give love, give positive emotions and you raise everyone’s perspective.

5. Attention.

While most people will tell you countless different things that they think they need, most of them really need attention. They need someone to listen to them, to really listen unconditionally and accept them. You can give these thing by being a good listener.

What of these is your favorite thing to give to others? Do you have something to add? Do you even agree with this article? Please share your thoughts. We would love to read what you have to say.

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