Coaches for Peace | Free Support, Consultation, and Advice for Anyone Affected by The War

“Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

We stand for the people.

There are no winners in wars. At the end of the day, the politicians of the two sides will sit at the same table, shake hands and make a deal. But nobody will bring back the ones who died, nobody will undestroy the buildings, schools, the homes of those who fled, nobody will restore the parks, the trees, and the natural beauty that was ruined. At the end of the day, the people, the regular folk pay the real price. So it’s time for us, THE PEOPLE, to choose our side for once.

WE don’t stand for any side. WE don’t support any war. WE stand for the people. WE help the people. Innocent civilians should not EVER suffer for games they want no part in.

At the end of the day, the people are those who truly make up the world. We only have each other.

What is Coaches for Peace?

Life Coach Code decided to start an initiative called “Coaches for Ukraine” that later evolved “Coaches for Peace”. The mission is to bring together coaches from all around the world that are willing to help, support, and consult with anyone affected by war, anywhere, for free.

In previous global wars like WW1 and WW2, they didn’t have the internet, smartphones, websites, and coaches to remedy the psychological wasteland that war makes on anyone affected. People then, needed to cope with their traumas by themselves. And many got lost! But today we can help.

The world is more connected than ever, we understand the psyche a lot better so we can reach to these people easier and give them a piece of advice. Something I believe small, but can have a significant impact on someone’s life and the world, as each person’s trauma affects all of us in one way or another.

And I know there have been other wars, there are many other wars going on at the moment, and this advice here is for all those who suffered. This war is close to home, so it’s normal for our awareness to be much higher. However, it does not undermine or underestimate the people affected by any other war. But we have to start from somewhere. This is our way to contribute and help.

How does it work?

I asked each coach 3 questions:

1. What is your message to all people affected by the war in Ukraine? (refuges, mothers with children, people who are staying in Ukraine, people who are fighting, all sides)

2. What would you suggest to all affected people, what should they do so they can cope better with the situation and get out of it as less psychologically harmed as possible?

3. Would you offer a free consultation to someone affected by the war? If yes, please let us know how they can contact you!

It’s truly humbling to see how many coaches, from all around the world, are willing not just to offer their hearts and minds answering these questions, but also their time and services for FREE. Without question. They are willing to share time from their day to listen, consult, and guide people through their suffering.

Each coach included in this article offers a message, a piece of actionable advice to anyone who is affected by the war, and a contact where you can reach them and speak with them for free.

There’s truly still lots of good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for!

(This is an ongoing article, meaning that as new coaches come on board we will update the article and include them, their answers, and their services inside)

What I Have to Say?

As for me, this is my message: No matter what happens, you, all Ukrainians, you showed the world something we used to only read in books, hear in stories, or see in movies… true courage!

The strength of the human spirit to stand for what it loves, believes in, and values. You love your land, and you stand united to defend it against probably the greatest force in the world at the moment. It’s like those superhero scenes where the hero is outnumbered, all odds are probably against them, they are alone facing an army… yet, they pick their shield, strap it on, and look the enemy directly in the eyes, unafraid… not willing to back off, give up or quit, despite the odds… it’s inspiring! Gives me goosebumps just thinking about your strength, honor and courage. It motivates all of us to find that same spirit within and stand for what we love and believe in.

Thank you and may the gods be with you! And let me tell you a secret, those who defend what they love always win against those who want to destroy what they hate. No matter the odds. LOVE is always stronger than HATE!

My advice: Use, actually implement all the advice you will read in this article by professionals and coaches who know what they are talking about.

And you can always write to us at [email protected], we’d be happy to help any way we can in the situation you are in right now.

Roxana Radulescu, Leadership Coach

Message: You are incredible! You’re an inspiration and a force of nature. As someone who grew up in communism and under the ‘boot’ of former USSR, I feel you! Your fury, pain, anxiety. But I realize I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through! To have to go through this war in this day and age, is unthinkable. That is why, to me, you are super-heroes! And I believe that you are super-heroes to all those who are honest to themselves, even thought they might not articulate that out loud! And we all know super-heroes find a way to prevail, while the rest of the world, this time round, offer a hand. Hope we all make you feel our help and support. And I hope and pray that you are safe and that we all celebrate your victory, as a victory of wholehearted humans and heroes.

Advice: A million thoughts go through my mind and I cannot fathom any piece of advice. What I can think of is this: ask for help, you are not alone, you will not be alone and we are here to help you. You are helping us all, so ask for help and count on us.

Free Consultation: I am happy to offer my listening services. I am not a counsellor or psychologist, but I am a coach and most of all a human being who can listen well. I listen to understand and simply be there for you, and help as much as I can. Plus, even if I live in Canada now, I am Romanian born and raised, so anyone seeking refuge in Romania who needs information, I’m happy to help.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected] or if Internet is not an option then please text me at +1 6475681596.

Coaches for Ukraine | Andrea Splendori

Andrea Splendori, Personal Coach

Message: Now more than ever we need to remember that we are human, and what makes us human is the capacity to be empathic, to respect each other, to help each other and to see behind the headlines and the atrocities. Now, more than ever, we need understand each other and understanding goes beyond speaking the same language, understanding and respecting each other’s creed, beliefs and ideas.

Advice: It is not easy for me to give an advise from a privileged and safe situation that I am finding myself in. But if we can learn anything from the works of Victor Frankl and Edith Eger: there is hope and there is survival.

Free Consultation: Absolutely!

Best way to reach me is here

Coaches for Ukraine | Alec Jiggins

Alec Jiggins, Leadership Coach

Message: The whole free world stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and those opposing this war. I send my thoughts and prayers to you all. In this time of tragedy, actions speak more than words. So, if through my coaching, I can help you, then please know that I am here for you. I will provide free coaching to any Ukranian affected by the war.

Advice: I cannot begin to understand what you are experiencing. Talk to someone about your experiences, as through telling your story you will reduce your anxiety. Sharing your story will help the world understand what is happening to you, to the people of Ukraine.

Free Consultation: I am here for you.

To any Ukranian, book a free coaching session with me here.

Coaches for Ukraine | Zoryna O'Donnell

Zoryna O’Donnell, Mindset Coach

Message: My message to all people of Ukraine, regardless of their nationality, is: “Be strong, do whatever you can to help yourself and others to survive. Ukraine will prevail and, when this war is over, our country will need all of us to renew and flourish, to become an even better place than it was before.”

And to all good people of the world I would say: “Do the right thing – stand with Ukraine. Do whatever you can to stop Russian aggression and to end this war. Do whatever you can to help the people of Ukraine – those who stayed in the country and those who are seeking refuge abroad. Do whatever you can to neutralize disinformation and to spread the words of truth about the horrors inflicted by the Russian Army on the innocent people of Ukraine. Be on the right side of history. We are stronger together.”

Advice: In addition to being a coach, I am also a practitioner of several talking therapies and a mental health first aider. Right from the start of the war, I have been working with my partners – the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Act for Health” to set up a provision of emergency psychological support for people who are currently in Ukraine and those who are seeking refuge abroad.

We are setting up a series of online sessions (group ones to start with as well as individual ones in the future). I delivered the first two group sessions in Ukrainian on 3rd March and another one on Sunday, 6th of March. These sessions were recorded and a collection of bite-size videos with helpful techniques in Ukrainian is now available online on

We are also recording videos with a variety of tips and simple practical techniques which people can use to help themselves deal with stress and trauma. These could be in English with my colleagues in Ukraine adding subtitles in Ukrainian.

Finally, we are gathering a collection of tips, self-help guidance and other useful information on dealing with stress and trauma which could be translated and disseminated online. Last week, I placed a call on social media to my colleagues-therapists to contact me if they are able and willing to help provide psychological support to Ukrainian people and to the foreign students who are currently in Ukraine.

I was overwhelmed with the response – people from many countries and continents have got in touch with me and offered their services on a pro bono basis. We are currently working on the best way to use this incredible resource to provide psychological help to those who are affected by the war In Ukraine.

Free Consultation: I am already offering my services to Ukrainian people free of charge.

Find it via the “Act for Health” Project.

Coaches for Ukraine | Bethany Perry

Bethany Perry, Transformational Coach,
President & Founder of Whole Life Healing Centers

Message: Please do not give up hope for a world of Peace, Independence and Freedom. While the whole world is affected by this, no one but you, with ‘boots’ on the ground, are experiencing this war in ways we cannot fully understand. To the best of your ability, offer any fear up to the One that is greater than any of us! While this may seem to be an insurmountable thought, let alone task, it will help in the healing of hearts. Yours, those around you and those of the powers that be in control. You are deeply loved, may our hearts unite!

Advice: Negative or positive feelings and energy, is real and proven scientifically to impact those around us. Reach out to your children, to your friends and family. Touch them when they are feeling afraid and when you feel afraid, reach out for support as you are able to find it. The more we speak of fear and the horror, the more it continues to survive. While there needs to be expression of this horrific experience, do not give it power over you.

It is difficult to write this as words can be so well intentioned, yet meaningless when not living the experience. There are SO many of us supporting you behind the scenes. Whether you pray or meditate or however you connect to One greater than you, allow that Source to fill you. We are all connected. We are sending our love and healing to you there. It is waiting for you to receive until we too can be boots on the ground supporting you physically.

If and when possible, gather a group (whether in person or not). Set an intention for one individual in that group. The whole group can spend 5 to 10 min a day or more as possible sending prayers, love and healing specific to the intention for that individual. Continue this for as many days as it makes sense and then move to another in the group. The intentions set can be the same, but be as specific as possible. This will change everyone, those receiving and those sending.

I will join you – and so many others are as well. There is also a beautiful healing modality called Brainspotting that can help to release the trauma from the body. When experiencing such things as you are now, our prefrontal cortex turns off, like a light switch. We naturally move to our subcortical brain which involves our nervous system. There is no language there, we can speak about the experience, but it does not resolve it in the body. This is a modality I will offer you to bring healing and peace to the body.

I can also teach you to do this on your own and it has proven to be so very beneficial in turning PTSD into PTSG (post traumatic stress growth).

You – every human being – matter, and while I would rather it be me sacrificing my life, may our prayers help you to maintain integrity in your heart with your belief system.

If you do not know the One, I invite you to ask and seek. You will not be disappointed. The requests being made of you now and in the time to come are higher than I can imagine. My arms and hands are outstretched to hold and lift up. May the Peace that passes all understanding enter you this very moment.

Free Consultation: I absolutely would support you – Ukranian or Russian. This is our world and I have no doubt, that this is not The People’s War.

You can best reach me through my calendar page: checkout/bookings/new?package_id=18712

I know we have different time zones. I will contact you once you schedule a time and I will offer the opportunity to open another time that is more convenient for you. You can also email me at [email protected] I receive many emails, so if I do not respond within 24 hours, kindly either email again or schedule – even if it is a time that is not convenient.

Coaches for Ukraine | Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon, Certified Life Coach

Message: Stay strong and fight for what you know in your heart to be right. Fight for what is most important and hold your family close. Please know that the world is with you and sending all of the love and support to Ukraine.

Advice: Although hard for anyone who hasn’t walked in another’s shoes, the only thing I would suggest is to stay at peace internally and try to speak positive affirmations such as “we will get through this and thrive”, “we can persevere and triumph”… even when circumstances seem dire, believe it into existence and prioritize family and love.

Free Consultation: Absolutely.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected].

Coaches for Ukraine | Melissa Acob

Melissa Acob, Energy and Mindset Coach

Message: First, my heart goes out to everyone who is affected by the war in Ukraine and those who are risking their lives or have lost their lives to fight for your country’s freedom. I cannot imagine the impact this war has on your lives physically, mentally, and spiritually during this difficult time. I send each and every one of you the energy of love, light, and protection.

Advice: As an Energy Mindset Coach, it is important to use your energy to your advantage. It’s important to remember that the energy you give out is the energy you attract whether positive or negative. As difficult as it may be, I want you to think of 5 things you can be grateful for every day and claim them. Gratitude changes your world and the vibration of the world around you, including the outcome of this war. It can be as simple as saying, “I’m grateful to be alive today”, “I’m grateful to have food and shelter”, “I’m grateful to help someone in need today”, “I’m grateful my family is safe”, “I’m grateful for the protection over our soldiers”. A powerful gratitude affirmation is “I’m grateful the war is over for the highest good of all”. Gratitude is a powerful manifestation energy, energy used to protect your mindset, relieve stress or anxiety, and help with your overall wellbeing. Use it to your advantage today. And know that other countries have you in their thoughts and prayers.

Free Consultation: Feel free to get in contact with me via Instagram.

Find quick ways how to shift your energy to be positive on My Instagram Account.

Coaches for Ukraine | Berta Samuel

Berta Samuel, Health and Life Coach

Message: We see and hear what is going on. We’re here to provide support in any way we can. Stay strong!

Advice: Meditate, visualize the end of this conflict and what you plan to do once there is peace, reach out to those who are ready to support you.

Free Consultation: Yes, they can contact me via email.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected].

Coaches for Ukraine | Sheri Atcheson

Sheri Atcheson, Transformation Coach

Message: My message to all the people affected by the war in Ukraine is “You are Not Alone!!!” We are united in how you feel! We are here to help you with your struggles and install hope and clarity for your situation.

Advice: I suggest that keeping yourself grounded and centered will help you cope with this unknown situation. Fear is running through your emotions, and you must choose Courage to get through this traumatic situation. You must meditate, picture yourself right now as having courage and your brilliant brain will give you the answer to get out. Come up with a couple of backup plans, start planning right now. Seek organizations that are offering help, just so that you can get clarity on what your next moves will be. Get yourself mentally prepared to live your life differently and know that safety for you and your family is what is most important at this time.

Free Consultation: You must have someone to talk to. I will help you to create a plan for a better life and I will work with you, give you support and ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to stay positive, hopeful and find a new direction for your life.

I would be willing to set up group Zoom calls to talk to as many people as possible – giving them a sense of community. They need to feel that they belong.

My Facebook group is called “Courage Over Fear” this may be a great place for people to connect so that I can monitor their concerns and help them this way.

Coaches for Ukraine | Roland Armbruster

Roland Armbruster, Spiritual Coach

Message: Trust your soul.

Advice: Two Affirmations for two times a day, speak out loud and feel:

1. My way is my way. It feels like there is an opportunity for love and a new beginning. I like to live my life and trust.

2. It is necessary that I think about a positive future. Therefor I sit in nature and dream 5 Minutes a day for a good future. I love myself, meaning I trust myself because I know it’s my way and it’s good. I dream about my positive future.

Free Consultation: Yes, two hours, in german would be an advantage. A Plus would be a testimonial.

Best way to reach me is through my LinkedIn Profile. Shoot me a message.

Coaches for Ukraine | Amy Mastrud

Amy Mastrud, Certified Life Coach

Message: You are not alone, there are people all over the world that are thinking about you and want to help anyway we can.

Advice: This is a very difficult time and I can only imagine that finding gratitude in your day would be really hard, but being truthful, finding just one moment of peace, one thing to be thankful for is a start. For instance, you may have a clean drink of water for the day. The shift in the mindset of the horrific things you have gone through will be found in the small gratitudes.

Free Consultation: Yes, I would offer my services. I want to be clear I’m not a licensed counselor, therapist or psychologist but I am willing to help with finding hope and encouragement within the difficult times.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected]. I prefer to deal with women. My passion is working with women whom lost their identity and themselves.

Coaches for Ukraine | Lynn Bagdasian

Lynn Bagdasian, Empowerment Coach

Message: My message would be that they are not alone. They have people across the globe who stand behind them. Their world is in complete chaos and it’s important for them to have hope. The people of Ukraine are standing up for what they believe in. They are fighting for future generations. That is commendable. Things seem out of their control, they have lost so much, but they have their dignity and NO ONE can take that from them.

Advice: Give yourself permission to feel whatever they are feeling without judgment because it’s important for your emotional well-being. This is a temporary situation. You have what it takes to get through this. I’d encourage you to use the coping mechanisms that have helped you deal with challenges in the past. Again, you are not alone. You have a world of people willing to help walk along side you and support you during this most difficult time.

Free Consultation: I would absolutely be willing to coach “pro bono.” I am also a Grief Educator and former hospice volunteer, so I have experience supporting others who are walking the journey of grief.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected].

Coaches for Ukraine | Marije Miller

Marije Miller, Resilience Coach

Message: You are not alone. Behind the scenes there is so much energy being sent to support you. This energy is here to help balance emotions, bring you strength, and to bring about peace. Have hope and know that you are supported, both on the physical plane as well as spiritually.

Advice: The situation you are in, is stressful, there is no doubt about that. Maintain your inner balance by bringing your attention inward, connecting to your heart. Then breathe in and out on the count of 5 to 6 seconds: a bit deeper and slower than you normally would. Breathe in a feeling of calm as you are breathing in and out of your heart. Here is a brief technique that I recorded a couple of years ago.

Free Consultation: Yes.

Best way to reach me is by scheduling our meeting here.

Coaches for Ukraine | Rachel White

Rachel White, Motivational Coach

Message: My message is for the mothers, etc is “Keep the Faith, Hope, and Love and do not give up because this will pass.”

Find someone who you trust to express your feelings and concerns. Keep a journal. You are a testimonial in progression. We believe in you! We are praying fervently for you and with you.

Advice: I suggest finding a Life Coach or Therapist for support help. Keep a journal, talk about feelings and thoughts, keep the Faith, Hope and love, pray fervently and meditate day and night on God.

Free Consultation: Yes! Absolutely! I would love to offer free consultation to someone affected by the war.

Best way to reach me is through the website www.rachelleewhite and write to me you are contacting via “Coaches for Ukraine”.

Coaches for Ukraine | Vanda North

Vanda North, Resilience Coach

Message: My message is to know that the wonderful example of strength, values, determination, fairness and love of humanity that you are showing the world is amazing. So please image the same feeling as a crowd at a sports event all cheering for you, to help you feel the love, and strength that may provide to help you keep going. Our hearts are deeply touched by you.

Advice: My Ukrainian friend has already translated some of my quick suggestions for you to do in your difficult suggestions. I am happy to share anything that I have. My quick suggestions here are:

1. Your brain can only concentrate on one image at a time, so if you find you are fretting and imagining dire circumstances, change the ‘video’. Concentrate on a favorite place you have or had: be there, reach out and touch something that tells you, you are there.. what are the aromas? ‘Look’ around what do you see? What might you hear? When you are ‘there’ in your mind, you are strengthening yourself, and you are stopping the negative pull of reality.

2. The power of a controlled breath, I have already shared the ‘square belly breath’ now I suggest a slow breath in.. ‘filling’ yourself with calm, energy, focus, peace and even a little joy. Then as you breath out, even more slowly than the inhale, remove any tension, worry, anxiousness, and negative emotions.

3. The final one for here: Crazy as it seems, find a way to sing, laugh, share happy stories, enjoy children and their antics, listen to the old folk’s tales – dance madly.

4. Sorry, one more: it is quite understandable and justified to feel anger, hurt, fear and deep sorrow – be with that for a while. Yell! Punch a pillow! Sing in ‘opera’!! Get busy filling sandbags or any job that may need to be done, acknowledge, respect, allow those energies and LET THEM OUT! Phew! Then pluck back up your courage and carry on.

Free Consultation: I would feel it a privilege to assist in any way I can. YES! Of course, a free consultation, or tell me what else is needed.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected] or text me at +44 7733107335. I send love and joy bubbles to wrap around yourselves.

Coaches for Ukraine | Barbara Lane

Barbara Lane, Resilience Coach

Message: Dear Mothers and Fathers who are worried about protecting their children, Courageous Brothers and Sisters who are forced to take up arms to defend the country and home they love, To The People who have been forced to flee their country leaving all they know behind to go to another for safety, To the Children who are afraid to sleep at night and To The Russian people who have stood in solidarity with Ukraine risking their life to stand up for what is right.. I send to you a message of love and hope for healing.

Advice: I am not going to pretend to know the depth of your struggles. Despite my attempts at mentally putting myself in your shoes, my imagination falls short of comprehension. I want you to know my intention is to offer you some tools that I know about and that are backed by science that help people heal from war trauma. I also want to convey to you all the love that is in my heart for you and your country. Do know much of the entire world stands together in support of Ukraine and its beautiful people. You are in my daily prayers and the continued prayers of many others. I pray for your safety and your needs to be met. I pray for your families to be healed, reunited and the return of peace. Please accept what I have to say to you as a message of love and know that love heals all things.

1. You are likely experiencing the effects of war trauma and maybe even wondering if it is normal. It is common for those with war trauma to experience repeated reliving of the trauma, trouble sleeping or feeling hyper alert and you may want to avoid things that remind you of the trauma. All of this is normal to experience with war trauma. Sometimes just knowing that what you are experiencing is normal is somewhat of a comfort. I hope it is for you.

2. As a parent myself, your concern for your children likely consumes your thoughts. There is help through the Children and War Foundation. Their mission is to improve the help available to children after wars and disasters by providing tools to help that are backed by scientific evidence to be beneficial. They can offer you some ideas about how you can talk to your child and ways to help them through this horror. They have downloadable apps for iPhones and Androids in 9 different languages on how to help your children recover. You can find this at

3. So much of what is happening is out of your control. It may be helpful for you to focus on things you can do something about. Your lives are in upheaval and attempting to establish some healthy and simple routines may be of help and provide some feeling of normalcy. Everyone does better with structure and routine. Hopefully in the chaos, you can find the smallest of things to make a routine.

4. You may also be feeling a sense of surrealness, that this is unreal as your own psyche attempts to protect you from the psychological effects. It is important for each of you to talk openly about what has happened and what has been lost. No one should be left alone with their thoughts. Let each person say what they need to say. Ask about what others are thinking. Be mindful that children take in much more than we realize. It is important to discuss the very worst of what has occurred even though it may be painful. Talking about it can help. Self expression doesn’t have to be done just through words, it can be drawn or through writing.

5. Taking breaks from the news and the media can be beneficial to your minds as well. Constant media causes increased anxiety. Adults should check the news once a day without the children present. Try to shelter children from seeing further violence and destruction.

Again, my own experiences cannot begin to inform me of the magnitude of your sorrows and struggles. I sincerely send my prayers, my hope, and my love for the people of Ukraine. May peace and love prevail and may it be restored for you.

Free Consultation: Yes.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected].

Coaches for Ukraine | Laine Kaleja

Laine Kaleja, Mindset Coach

Message: Ukrainians, we love you and we believe in you! We believe for your victory! We see your good hearts and we stand for you all the way! Good must win over evil!

Trust God! Trust that God will take care of each of you and protect you and give victory to your country! We want your country to be part of the European Union and NATO – you are one of us!

May you experience God’s love in your life through this time especially, may He protect you and give you peace in your heart.

Please, continue believing in victory and that one day soon you will return to your country and rebuild it much nicer than it was!

Love you all, dear Ukrainians!

Russians, I see how many of you are going out to protests against this brutal pointless war, and how you are being put in jails because of that!

Thank you for doing that, thank you for standing for the truth!

Continue speaking to your friends, relatives, everyone! So everyone in Russia finally sees and understands what’s happening. How because of one man’s selfish ambition, so many civilians, children are dying, so many Russian soldiers, and the country becoming poorer and poorer.

I trust that one day soon you, all Russians, will stand against this evil because only you have that power to make the difference in your country.

Advice: I can only imagine how tough this all is.. emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, in every possible way.

What has happened is a work of true evil, but I encourage you to trust that even in the darkest situation, God can turn everything for good. Trust that each one of you.. you have a purpose and meaning for your life. You are deeply loved by your Creator.

If you have become a refugee through this time, trust that there is a reason why you are in the country you are. God will use your time there for good, until you may return again to your home country safely.

There is something you can learn being in the other country where you are, ways to become the best version of yourself, and, because of that, being even a greater blessing and example to others.

If you are in Ukraine through this time, God bless your heart and efforts, all that you do to help others through this time. May you have a wall of protection over you wherever you go.

You cannot control what happens, but you can control how you react to it! No matter how hard it is – keep on believing, hoping, loving, and fighting!

Free Consultation: Yes, absolutely!

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected] or find me on Instagram.

Coaches for Ukraine | Nicky Carew

Nicky Carew, Resilience Coach

Message: We have watched with admiration how you, the extraordinary citizens of a wonderful cultured and beautiful country, have dealt with your situation with dignity and strength. Remember that you have the hearts of the people of all of Europe on your side. Be strong and resourceful, the human spirit is immense. Let doubts trouble the oppressors.

Advice: You are stronger than you think you are – and strength also comes from reaching out. Confronting your fears is not a weakness but strength. So reach out to one of us if you can. We know how important it is to share and we can help.

Your most valuable asset now is your resilience and with a few techniques we can help you bolster your resilience anywhere and anytime. These techniques are powerful for all, especially your children.

In times of great stress we forget to breathe well so we start with helping you learn the technique of deep belly breathing that can calm your thoughts and allow you to focus on other resilience techniques. But most importantly of all, what resilience coaches can do for you is give you time and space to talk, in confidence, about what matters to you, your fears, things you are protecting your loved ones from, your hopes. Please reach out if you can.

Free Consultation: Of course, please do contact me!

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected] and we can set up a way of talking that will be best for you.

Coaches for Ukraine | Mahalakshmi Samson

Mahalakshmi Samson, Transformational Coach,
Motivational Speaker

Message: You are living in a most difficult time where people like you belonging to countries like Japan, Germany and India lived a few decades ago. You may be a Ukrainian or a Russian affected by this war but still you will be able to believe in building yourself, building your nations more strongly as your predecessors have done. Stay in that belief and Capacity. Best Wishes.

Advice: Be your best of what you can be and do your best of what you can do at any point of time.

Free Consultation: Yes, I will offer free consultation.

Best way to reach me is via my LinkedIn. You can message me via LinkedIn at any time and we will talk.

Coaches for Ukraine | Eve Voyevoda

Eve Voyevoda, Branding and Visibility Coach

Eve is a Ukrainian coach. She fled from Kyiv after living 4 days in a bomb-shelter. Right now she is in Poland and she helps people with the evacuation process by sharing lessons, tips and advice from personal experience. We managed to have a little talk with her. Listen to her experience and lessons she learned along the way.

Best way to reach me is by following my Facebook account where I share all the updates about the situation.

Coaches for Ukraine | Mario G. Vingerhoets Pflucker

Mario G. Vingerhoets Pflucker, Life and Holistic Coach,
Public Speaker

Message: War is never an option, violence is never a solution. Even if I live far away, maybe we can connect, I could listen and accompany you during this period. Being able to share with someone helps to feel less distressed.

Advice: We must face realities and conditions that are out of our control. But we can manage the way we are affected by them. Working in our inner wellbeing can really help us cope with the surrounding circumstances.

Free Consultation: I offer free 1 hour consultations, if interested please contact me.

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Coaches for Ukraine | Dr. Dolores Fazzino

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Energy Coach,
Nurse Practitioner and Medical Intuitive

Message: We are in interesting times. Please accept my condolences for what you are living through and experiencing at this precious time in our history. I feel extremely powerless and disappointed when I hear about war, tragedy, and barbaric behaviors. I thought and felt humanity was better than that and had learned from the past, obviously this is not so, which saddens me. It has been an eye opener for me, and I am sure for you as well. Each of us is a sovereign being and have a right to be here on earth, and I know for many, this very aspect of who we are is being challenged. It is time that we claim this for ourselves.

How does one move on from such a current reality, the shock, stress, terror, grief, loss on all levels, betrayal, abandonment, and lack of trust? Most importantly our survival needs get triggered. Are we safe? Do I have the basics, food, water, shelter? Are there resources available? I am sure many are experiencing those very situations.

This also, creates more uncertainty in a very uncertain world. As a reminder, we create our own certainty. This is what comes from within us. It can also be called being the calm in the chaos’.

Advice: Most importantly is to learn how to Breathe and Deep Breathe. So many of us shallow breathe when we are stressed and anxious. Did you know that when that happens it takes you out of your physical body and puts us into react? When you allow yourself the gift of taking a deep breath, you bring yourself into your body, where you can be in the present moment. I offer a free guided meditation to be in the present moment.

1. First and foremost is your Safety and Wellbeing. Remove yourself from situations that are not that. You maybe leaving your home, your family, or even leaving your country as a result for your safety. Trust your instincts to make the correct decision for you.

2. Stay Centered and Grounded in your personal power. This is important, for it allows you to listen to your inner wisdom and guidance. Remember, you are a sovereign being and walk this earth to experience all of its creations. Stand in your power and know that you are supported by the universe, even though things may appear to be counter to that in this very moment.

3. Use Critical Thinking. Just because others are doing something, does not mean it is the right action for you. Critical thinking allows you to gather the facts around you and with your inner wisdom, take a deeper dive into possibilities.

Free Consultation: I offer a free consultation for those who are affected by the conflict.

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Coaches for Ukraine | Mahalakshmi Samson

Mahalakshmi Samson,
Transformational Life Coach

Message: You are living in a most difficult time where people like you belonging to countries like Japan, Germany and India lived a few decades ago. You may be a Ukrainian or a Russian affected by war but still you will be able to believe in building yourself, building your nations more strongly as your predecessors have done. Stay in that belief and Capacity. Best Wishes.

Advice: Be your best of what can be and Do Your Best of what you can do at any point of time.

Free Consultation: Yes, I will offer free consultation. They can message me in LinkedIn.

Best way to reach me is by LinkedIn.

Coaches for Ukraine | Arancha Roca

Arancha Roca,
Certified Life Coach

Message: I would like to make you feel a little better, but I can’t unless I can hear you and understand you.

Advice: I would suggest therapy and try to focus on the most important aspects of lives.

Free Consultation: Yes, I would.

Best way to reach me is via LinkedIn.

Coaches for Ukraine | Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans,
Transformation Coach

Message: Firstly. I am so truly sorry that you and your loved ones are going through this terrible time. With all my heart I wish you safety, peace and love. Know every day, myself and millions of people around the world are sending you love, compassion and support in any way they can.  

Know this time will pass, at some point in the near future things will get better, things will become easier, and you will find some kind of normality again. 

I understand your situation is dire, with feelings of loss, devastation, grief, fear helplessness, and uncertainty.  No matter what we experience, we have the power to release trauma, even if it’s just a little.   

I hope these few suggestions bring you some relief and even help uplift you and your children.


1. Deep breathing.

Deep breathing will physically slow down your stress response and produce more endorphins, our main feel good hormone, it will help relax, uplift and ease stress and discomfort.

Put your hand on your belly. As you breathe in through the nose, gently expand your belly filling it will air, like a balloon. Breathe out though the mouth and relax the belly.

Deepen each breathe as you go, breathe in for about 4 to 8 seconds and blow out for 4 to 8 seconds. Do this 5 to 10 times. In the morning and before you go to sleep, and through out the day.

As you breathe release your jaw, release the tension in your face, your neck and shoulders, back all down your body.

You can teach your children to do the same, but lessen the deepness of the breath. And you can do it anywhere.

2. Find a little gratitude.

Even in the most awful situations you can still find something you are grateful for. Each day think about 1 to 3 things you are grateful for:

That you are alive, your beautiful children, the air you breathe, the sky, the sun, the birds, the tress. The love and support of others.

This will help shift your mind to feeling more positive, which will have a positive impact on those around you, especially children, you can make a game of it with yours and other children, and see if you can help them find something which makes them feel good.

3. Music and play.

Sing and dance with yours and other children, if you have access to music even better, if not sing and dance together. You can sing anywhere. Maybe you could start singing and others will join in which will lift every ones spirits.

I remember when I was 6 years old, we were out sailing and we hit a storm, the waves were crashing around us and we thought we were going to drown, we were terrified.

My mum pulled me and my little brother into her arms and starting singing, it was the best thing she could have done. It helped ease away the fear and stress.

Encourage your children to play together, with a ball, or a skipping rope or hopscotch, or any other fun physical activity. Think about what word games you can play together, gratitude game, I spy, guessing games. Make up stories in a group with each person adding to the story.

4. Pretend and imagination.

Bring yourself and children an escape by imagining a place which is fun, or quiet and peaceful, maybe take them to the beach, or somewhere you have been before like a picnic in the park.

Talk them through what it would be like, from the surroundings, the lovely green of the trees, the birds singing, the rustle of wind through the leaves, or the sea sparkling in the sunshine, the feel of sand beneath your feet. Or the soft blanket you are sitting on, tell the story in as much detail as possible so you can all visualise and feel it.

The brain will release the responses as if it is happening for real, it will help uplift your emotions and bring a little joy to you and your children.

5. Feel the Love.

When you are still, close or slightly close your eyes and imagine sun beams on the top of your head. Feel the warmth moving though your head and down into your face.

Imagine the beautiful light is filled with unconditional love, and its moving through your head and down your neck into your shoulders and along your arms to your fingers.

Every time you take a deep breath in, that warmth, light and feeling of love grows. Imagine the light moving through your whole body, down your chest, into your heart, your back, your stomach and into your pelvis. Filling your whole body with unconditional love and light.

Taking a deep breathe in as that love and light flows into your legs and down into your feet.

Your whole body is filled with this beautiful light and your whole body is filled with unconditional love, filling every part, organ and cell of your body.

Breathe it in and allow the love to grow.

Then expand that love out to those around you, to your loved ones, and any where else you want to send it. You can sit with it as long as you wish.

You can teach your children to do the same…

This exercise can help you feel more relaxed and uplifted, if you practice it, it can bring you a sense of peace, no matter what your external situation is.

I truly hope these suggestions will help you and others feel less stress and bring you hope and some inner peace.

Free Consultation: With so much love, you are in my thoughts every day. Jenny.

Best way to reach me is by email [email protected].