9 Ways To Drastically Increase Your Energy


Your energy is your currency.

We often think that our energy comes from the food we eat. But that’s just partially true. Our energy comes from many different places aside from the food we consume.

It comes from the people around us, from our environment, from the way we play with the energy we already have, the way we move it, from the information we consume.

It comes from the way we take care of ourselves, from the way we invest the energy we get, it comes from the emotions we feel, from our soul and spiritual values we have.

It comes from the way we are balancing our being, our hormones, our health, from the freedom of flow we enable our energy to move through. It comes from the Cosmos.

These things, they all give us energy, they maintain or might even enhance the one we already have. Here are some really effective ways you can drastically increase your energy.

9 Ways To Have More Energy:


1. Start your mornings right.

This means that you have quality sleep for 8 hours, you breathe fresh air after you wake up, you immediately move your body, drink water, wash yourself and meditate. This formula has been proven to be super effective in boosting positive momentum.

2. Eat food that is easy for your organism to process.

Feeling lethargic and without energy is mostly a consequence of bad eating habits. You either eat too late in the evening, or you eat bad foods, or any other foods that take a lot of energy for your body to process. Eat organic, feed your body with less energy usage.

3. Hang with people who bring out your best.

The people we usually hang out with can be our greatest source of positivity, or our biggest limits for growth. Hang out with those people you are excited to be with, with people who make you happy and bring out the best version of yourself, those who appreciate you.

4. Take your power back.

We often give our personal power to many things outside of us. We give our power to the approval of other people, to trying to control things around us, to fake idols and illusions. Your personal power belongs to you. Stop serving false gods and take your power back.

5. Follow your purpose.

One of the things that can drastically increase your energy is taking steps toward your purpose. Even taking one small step in its direction will fill you with joy and a sense of fulfillment. Find your purpose, follow your passions, you’ll unlock your full energy potential.

6. Express honestly.

Probably the biggest thing that suppresses our energy is not saying the things we feel, not expressing our opinions, not being authentic. This bad habit is dimming your full potential. Free yourself to express yourself, be honest, be unapologetic, beam your uniqueness.

7. Read books that uplift your mindset.

It’s not just with what you feed your body, but also, with what kind of information you feed your mind. Most people feed it with mindless distractions and negative TV shows. Feed your mind with books that inspire you and uplift your mindset daily.

8. Detach from everything that sucks your energy.

It’s not just to add more things to have more energy. Probably the biggest result will come from saving the energy that you already have, the energy that you let other things suck. Audit your lifestyle. Rid of negative people, foods, information, environment, music, habits.

9. Do things that you love.

Do something you love. You will notice that even though it might take even more hours than you work, you actually have more energy than when you started. It fills you with energy. Make a list of things you love doing and do at least five of them per week.

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