3 Insane Things I Have Learned About The World in This Pandemic-Onium (by Dr. Dolores Fazzino)


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Energy Whisperer.

Have we all given into the illusion that comes January 1 of each year, something magical happens, and poof all is well? Well, that does not seem realistic at all.

Maybe we focus on the external way too much to grant us our magic ticket to happiness, when looking within is where the gold is. That is before pandemic-onium has occurred.

I know for me, when I am in my own little bubble of my world, everything is working well, and in alignment with myself. Then I need to leave the bubble of my world and go to work and entangle with the denser energies of the 3rd dimensional world. I am sure I am not alone in this.

The 3rd dimensional world is highly dense, with a lot of focus on fear driven ideas, creating chaos, and pandemonium… maybe even pandemic-onium. For those of us who have to maneuver through this, it can be daunting and challenging at best.

What is pandemic-onium?


It is where everything is being reacted to because of fear, without any logic, creating unnecessary chaos and drama, and the lack of common sense and the use of our innate wisdom.

Usually, I am able to allow things to roll off my back, but not this.

After a much restful holiday, it was time to head back to the hospital to return to my contract work.

As we all are aware, the latest coronavirus strain, is spreading rapidly. The good thing is that it is a milder strain and the possibility of herd immunity may now be possible. Everyone is getting it, even those who are double vaxxed and boostered.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of false positive results. Meaning that when a person is tested, with or without symptoms, the reading is not accurate, and is registered as positive for the virus.

It so happened on my day back, to 3D reality, I obtained my antigen self test for the virus as I usually do, and this time it was positive! I thought, how can that be? I do not have any symptoms. I demanded another repeat test, and as I suspected, the results were negative.

What happened next completely floored me. The institution where I was contracted did not allow me to continue my work that day, since the first test was positive, even though the second was negative, and I was without symptoms.

As a healthcare practitioner, it was so obvious to me, when the patient is not displaying or having any symptoms and a test comes back contrary to that in this case, covid positive, you run a second test to validate.

This is common sense that seems to have been bypassed with the pandemic. But no, the institution, said that the first test is what we go by. I found this counter to everything a good practitioner of medicine would do.

It gets even more interesting.

I was told by the employee health department at the institution that doing consecutive tests lowers the viral load and can give a negative reading. I knew this was not true, and had to refrain from responding to this. Sometimes no response is the correct response.

One can use the analogy that either you are pregnant or not. A consecutive test would validate the truth. In this case of covid testing, the second test was negative. Additionally, a 3rd test later in the afternoon also was negative. So, one positive and 2 negative, no symptoms, not able to go back to work.

I was instructed to report to Employee Health the next day for the PCR test for Covid. I returned the next day to employee health. Despite having 2 consecutive negative tests, and no symptoms, I was treated as if I was highly contagious.

I decided to observe this madness, and not say a word, yet my eyes were rolling as if I could not believe the craziness. I did the PCR test, tested negative, and returned to work.

Now, this craziness disrupted the department, causing drama and chaos, both of which are not conducive to a healing environment for the patients served and the employees who work there.

I believe that the pandemic has affected the ability for people to make sound decisions, and react to put out fires, even though there have been no fires to be put out, only the ones they have created and manifested, adding to Pandemic-onium.  

Here are The 3 Things I Learned in This Pandemic-Onium:

1. The world is reacting from fear.

The world has gone mad… creating Pandemic-onium… reacting from fear, attempting to control situations that are uncontrollable.

2. Rarely who follows real science.

Don’t believe everything that is presented to you, trust your inner wisdom and common sense.

3. Your point of view matters.

Share your point of view with others, you are not alone and have more in common with others. You just might inspire others to speak up as well.

The gold for me is to continue to honor my wisdom, share my wisdom, and inspire others to do so as well. Here’s to an amazing 2022!

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