Find Out What Your Life Purpose is In Under 15 Minutes by Answering These Questions…


The place we are born into, our family, friends, the movies and stories we hear as we grow up, the people we identify with, EVERYTHING shapes our purpose!

These things are the constructs, they determine what the details of our purpose will look like.

But there is something at the core of this model, present behind all these details, the essence that selects all of these things to compose itself with.

This essence is what you have to recognize in yourself in order to get a sense of what your purpose really is.

Your life purpose is not something you have yet to find and discover because your life is actually your purpose. You just need to start living fully and realize yourself.

If you feel that you are a little stuck or confused in recognizing the essence of your life purpose, answer the following questions with all your heart!

10 Questions to Find Your Purpose:Find Out Your Purpose Questions

1. What activities do you spend most of your time? Ask yourself whether these activities are how you would love to spend your time for the rest of your life.

2. How do you visualize your ideal day? To make a clear picture of how your ideal day goes, write it on paper and recognize the emotions it gives you.

3. What do you do on your leisure time? Evaluate the activities by what make you feel at your best.

4. Are you jealous of someone? If yes, what are the things this person has that made you jealous of them.

5. What are the things you find easy to do? What are the things you can do effortlessly but others struggle doing.

6. What are the usual things that people ask you for advice or help with? People find you great or skillful at this.

7. What is it that you have or do where you receive the most compliment even from strangers? These are the things that come naturally to you.

8. If you were to go back to your younger days, what are the things you want to do? These are the things you regretted not doing when you were younger then.

9. What have you accomplished for the past 10 years? Assess if there are certain skills you have built through those years.

10. What are the things you are well-versed of and can talk about or share with others without any effort? These are the things you have learned with a great mastery.

The emotion, the sense, the idea or the force that unites all your answers is the essence of your purpose. It’s what you need to spend more time realizing and projecting into your life.

As you start shining with this light, and live from this place, the fruits of your purpose will start to develop.

Sharing these fruits with the world is your masterpiece. It’s the ultimate contribution you make for all of us.

Whether small or big, for you it’s living your life purpose. It’s a piece of the puzzle that evolves humanity into better and higher species.

It’s beyond measure! So THANK YOU to all of you who give your fruit to the world!

Source: Educate Inspire Change;