Get These 4 Running Gear Essentials


Do you run? Do you know how healthy running is? If your answer is no than all you need to do is just start running. You will learn how beneficial running is once you start running. It will Improve Your Health, Productivity and Mood.

It is the healthiest activity you can do in your life and in combination with Healthy Eating it can really Change Your Life.

But, if you want to squeeze the best from running you will need these 4 essentials:


running-shoesRunning Shoes

Every runner knows how important shoes are. Not just in running, in any sport that includes your legs. They are the base of your body and a lot of your performance depends on them. A good running shoes will not only give you a better performance, they will also make your running more pleasurable. They will keep your posture safe so you won’t injure any joints. Your Endurance Will Be Improved and you will move with ease. There are a lot of different types of shoes depending on what type of runner you are. I recommend that you decide what shoes fits your profile the best and invest in them, so in the future you will be rewarded with health, performance and endurance. If you need to invest in yourself invest in running, you won’t be sorry, and if you invest in running get yourself a nice running shoes. I recommend:



armband-and-earbudsHead Phones

Some call it music a legal drug. It is true, music can touch so deep in our mind and alter change of mood, adrenaline rush and feelings that will boost your energy more than any supplement ever will. When you run and a song that gives that Will Power and adrenaline pops in your playlist it is an energy boost for the rest of the miles that you need to run. Despite that, running with music is more enjoyable and time passes quicker. Make a nice playlist, songs that give you energy, wake up feelings in you that give you Goosebumps, have lyrics that speak to you and you will see how powerful music is. I think you already know, I am sure all of you experienced that moment when a song plays and you Feel Like a Superhero. Imagine that feeling while you run, yeah you will catch the road runner! All you need is a music player like I-phone or I-pod, nice playlist, headset and a wristband for your device. I recommend:



water-bottle-waist-beltWater Bottle Waist Belt

Hydration is crucial when you workout. Running will sweat a lot of water from your body and you must quickly replenish that loss. The best solution is to bring water which can be tricky if you don’t have a backpack with you. A better solution is a Waist belt for water bottles, specially made for this kind of problems. Unlike the backpack which will make your running not that smooth, a water bottle waist belt is a lot more practical and less heavy. You won’t even feel that there are water bottles with you while you run but, when you finish, there they’ll be waiting to hydrate your body and make you feel good. The waist pack is good for other staff too. You can put a lot of different things in there that you’ll need after or during the run. Get this helpful gear and make your running smooth and easy. I recommend:

running-gearHeart Rate Monitor

Imagine if there is a device that can measure your running distance, your calories, pulse rate, heart rate, pace, and shows you what time it is and it’s so small like a wrist watch. Don’t imagine, you can have that and you can get it almost anywhere. For better results, health, and knowledge of your body get this gear and it can be useful for a lot more activities than running. Almost for every sport and activity that is counted as an exercise. It will tell you when is the perfect heart rate so you’ll keep that tempo and lose more calories, or do you even exercising healthy. It will calculate everything you need to know so you can get better. I recommend:



I hope you will start running and realize how helpful it is. Believe me when I say that if running becomes your habit you won’t be able to imagine your life without it. It is an addiction that brings health and prosperity. Always try to experience the best from everything and I guarantee that with this essentials your running will be a walk in the park.


<Getting quality running shoes, headphones, waist belt for water and heart rate monitor is essential to make your running a walk in the park>