What Is Life Coach Code ?


As the name says, a life coach is a professional who can train you how to live a happy, satisfied life. We believe that every single one of us knows the answers deep inside, but they are cloaked, hidden somewhere between our mind and soul. A life coach can help you discover the answers.

Sometimes a life coach can even help you find the goals that will make you truly happy. When we get to the core of the profession, life coach is someone who can listen to you and help you with your problem.

He is not like a psychiatrist, nor like a doctor, he is your friend who gives you the advice you need. He is your guide through the dark times. His goal is to help you achieve your goals.

We all have 1 thing in common. We all want Happiness. But, what we don’t realize is that true happiness does not depend on anything around you, it comes from the inside, from our mind. “If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.” To do this we need to Reprogram the way we think and perceive things – Our Paradigm –


Our Main Goal

Paradigm Shift

This website’s main goal is to reprogram The Paradigm of people creating happier and better versions of them. Every article is a new piece of eye opening information that will create a better way for you to think, a New Paradigm of thinking that will create a better reality.

We can make you believe in someone that has been always by your side, someone who cried when you did, someone who felt the pain that you felt, someone who walked through hell when you did. YOU. The only one that can help you act the way you should. WE can teach you how to think, in order to live as happy as life can be lived.


The Structure of Our Website

Life Coach CodeThis website is focused on 4 MAIN categories – The Spirit, The Heart, The Mind and The Body – that put together create a complete Human Being. In fact, those 4 aspects are just a different projections of your Soul working together to help you develop, flourish and ascend.

Improving all of them together is the key to real improvement and happiness as you don’t neglect neither of the pillars that make a Human Being.

We write elegant articles filled with complex information expressed in the most simplest way. The articles are written with tiny bits of humor entangled with wisdom and decorated with images. Every single article will improve a bit of your Paradigm while you are entertained reading it. This will make the journey of self improvement fun.

At the end of every article there is a bit that we actually call “The Code”. This is usually a quote, a question, a perception shifting information, the lesson learned, or a short review of the most important things in the article which need to be absorbed by your mind. “The Code” is what installs the new information in your Paradigm creating a better way of thinking.


The Brilliant Formula of Success

Secret Formula For Success

Reading only “The Code” will give you complex information without understanding its meaning. Reading only “The Story” you’ll learn something more, it will make you entertained but you won’t feel the intensity of the important information, and sooner or later  you’ll probably forget the important information.

How many times have you reed a text, understood the power of the message but continued with your everyday life not changing anything?

Combining The Story with The Code will prevent that from happening. You’ll learn something more, you’ll be entertained and the important information – The Code – will embed in your mind creating a better way of thinking, acting and living your life.

With time we will create a better you ( an android that will follow our orders and help us rule the world muhuhahahahaha ). Jokes aside, shifting your perception with our “codes” on a regular basis will create a happier version of you. Nothing great that lasts comes over night.

Spirit PointsBody Points
So look at the brilliance, We are coaching how to live to be happy through this website, which like any other website is created by a Code ( you don’t have to be a programmer to know this, I am not a programmer ). The articles are pieces of a Code that will reprogram your Paradigm. At the end of every article there is a Code for you to live by. That’s why our name is Mind PointsHeart PointsLife Coach Code. Smart huh? 


The Way “The Code” Works

The Way The Code Works

The essence of the CODE is SEMP. We Will Explain What SEMP is and we will help you gain SEMP ( Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical ) health through some easy steps.

We believe that anyone is strong enough to fulfill his/her dreams but that strength is somewhere deep inside us. We are here to help you find your strength and teach you how to use it. You can get whatever you want, you can create whatever you want, you can live however you want!

Don’t get caught in the illusion of limits, there are no limits, there is only your will and what are you ready to sacrifice for your dream. Nobody can stand between you and your dream if There is Strong Enough Will in You.

There is a code, a simple code that if you live by, you will live happy. You will learn that the secret of life is in the balance. We will show you the code, We must show you the code because it is not ours to keep, it shouldn’t be a secret kept from the world.

We will not be selfish, why should we? We are happy with what we have achieved and we will be happier if we help someone else, even 3 more people, to achieve what they want. We must show you how to live the life you want to live.

The thing is, this code is not something you’ll read once and BOOM, your life will change. No! It requires time. It requires constant update and tuning and you can do that through our articles.

The only thing that matters is your will and determination to change your life and if you cannot spare 10 minutes every second day to do that, than I am sorry to say this over the internet, but how do you expect your life to change? It won’t!


The Sand Our Thoughts Walk On

The Sand Your Thoughts Walk On

Think of it like this, if your mind is a sand and your thoughts walk on your sand they leave a trail. Your way of thinking started a long time ago and the path where your thoughts walked is deep because of their constant movement.

So, even if you make them walk on a different path for a while, the path they walked will still be visible and sooner or later, without your guidance they will return to walk the old one, and no one can control their thoughts all the time.

But, if you keep sending them on the new path, after a while, that new path will also be deep and no matter what happens your thoughts will return to walk here.

This website will send your thoughts on a new path and doing that on a regular basis will make that new path deep.

Our Thoughts create Emotions – Energy In Motion – which is released through Action and actions shape our reality. Better Way of Thinking – Better Thoughts – Better Emotions – Better Actions – Better Reality.

The truth is that every single one of us will die, sooner or later, but very few of us will START LIVING at all.


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