You Are A Hero !


Why to be a hero? Why YOU?.


Because the world needs YOU.

Because everyone deserves a little help.

Because we want to live by each others happiness not by each others misery.
Because there is that spark in you, That Feeling Of Rage and Unlimited Power ready to be unleashed.

Because once in a while people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

We are the HEROES, the lonely ones, the product of light and dark.

We are the truth, the ones that fight for fairness and righteousness. The ones who don’t choose sides. The ones who reward people’s faith in good.

We fight for the real good, our good. The good that is not the opposite of bad but the whole of both. The truth that is a whole from light and dark. We are the HEROES OF TRUTH.

The simplest things will change the world, our everyday habits will give hope.

There is a task in front of you, A MISSION.

Be a hero! That doesn’t mean to kill or destroy, no. Let love, not fear control your actions.

Being a hero can be something so small as telling the person you LOVE how much they mean to YOU.

Your mission can be something as simple as helping an old lady cross the street.

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<Your mission is sharing the truth, your weapon is love, your battle ground is your home, your enemy is fear, your soul is your guide>