These 6 Activities Will Boost Your Mood And Make You Fit


Putting your body in a certain positions is proven too boost your serotonin which means your happiness will boost too. There are 6 activities that are best for serotonin boost and also to help you Get in Shape and Be Healthy.

Remember, if you are satisfied with the way you feel, you can always have something to be happy about and happiness is the ultimate goal in our lives.

So here are the great 6 activities that you should try and do more often:




Despite the fact that swimmers have great bodies, it is proven that swimming also increases the levels of serotonin in your body and makes you relaxed. It also have many benefits like improve your flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength, make your heart healthier, lower stress, higher spirits and Better Your Brain. Take a good swim once in a while and give your body a combination of exercise and relaxation.




Something in walking along nature feels just wright. We are meant to love nature and when you walk among the trees far away from the fast, dirty life in the cities, you realize that there is still a world better than our own when there is only love and peace. Hiking is a serotonin booster and also a great exercise for the ones that are not so into sports. You walk along peace, breathe clean air, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the beautiful sights. It can also boost your creativity which may lead to better business ideas. Give yourself a little adventure like hiking just to clear your head.