The Wind Of Your Motionless Ship


Like any ship that sails on wind, every man must have a fire deep inside of him that will keep him going.

I am not talking about energy from eating, I am talking about something much more powerful.

You can know your goals, your destination but unless you have that wind to move you there you won’t get anywhere. You will be left on the mercy of the sea of life, to move you wherever the sea wants.

It all comes down to this factor -The wind. You can reach every destination you want if you have strong enough wind. You must find that wind, or call it however you want but you must start searching for it. You must find your will to reach your destination. You must find your wind so you can Ignite Your Spark Into a Bright Fire.

For some is easy, for some is harder than they can imagine, but there is a will in every one of us. A will to reach our goals, a will to make our dreams reality, a will to Go Through Hell Just to Get to Heaven.

Start thinking on how much you want something, start feeling how much you want something. Then I want you to Get Pissed Off that you don’t have that thing, I want you to bite your teeth, stand up and scream if you need to. You must realize that if you don’t start doing something about the fact that you don’t have the thing you want, you will probably never have that. Never! Imagine if you live your whole life without getting what you want. Imagine how crappy it would feel, never being able to experience that kind of happiness. Shift your perception, change feeling like a victim and start attacking. If there is no wind blowing in your direction, start creating your own. Start moving towards your destination and don’t whine like a bitch. Feel the will that moves you. Feel the energy that is created by your will and realize how strong you are, what you can create by only thinking on how much you want something.

Now start doing something, start getting closer to your goals, to your destination. Convert your will into actions that will move you closer to your dreams. It is all about how much you want something and the will to get that thing. The formula on getting whatever you want and being happy.

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<There is a spark in every single one of us that can light the brightest fire>