12 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning


Asking questions is something only we, humans are able to do. Questioning is probably the main reason for our every invention.

However, asking certain questions may be the catalyst for opening the doors of your soul and unlocking your true potential.

As a Life Coach, I have chosen the most effective 12 questions to ask yourself every morning. Why every morning?

After we wake up our brain is not fully awake for 30 minutes. There is no better time to bypass our limiting beliefs than while we are in this state.

The Beginning of Your Day is the best time to unlock your true potential because you’ll go through the rest of your day full with personal energy, steering yourself towards your purpose.

I’ve started doing this a couple of months ago and I cannot picture my day without asking these 12 questions every morning, right after I wake up.

I wake up, stretch, take few deep breaths and ask these questions immediately, by the exact order I will show you.

Wandering MindThe first couple of months it was hard to concentrate right after I woke up so I rearranged my schedule.

I would get up, wash my face and teeth, Do a Little Morning Workout, drink coffee and while I was drinking my coffee I would start asking myself this 12 questions.

What I’ve discovered is that despite the fact I was more focused asking these questions 30 minutes after I woke up, it was far more effective when I did right after I woke up.

I realized that it is not about the answers you’ll give to yourself, it is about the emotions those answers promote.

I would ask myself a question and my mind would drift from one end of imagination to another but with time I learned to control my mind.

With time you’ll learn to tame your “horse” but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects of these questions.

Questions to Ask YourselfEven if you don’t give yourself a conscious answer, the question itself promotes the emotions you need. That’s how your soul speaks to you through your limiting beliefs. That’s why it is crucial to ask yourself these 12 questions every morning, while your mind is not still fully awake.

By doing this you are bringing your True Self before your Ego and Fears; before your beliefs and memories; before your filters and Paradigm of Thinking; Your every decision through the day will be based upon your true purpose, what you truly want.

In a way you are installing a new code into your thinking system by hacking it. This code comes straight from your soul which means it is the most fitting and harmonious code for your system than any other.

Practicing this every day is one of the most effective ways to start listening to your soul and steer your “boat” towards where you truly want it to be, towards your dream land.

The most effective 12 questions to ask yourself every morning, are:


1. What I am Grateful for?

2. What I am Proud of?

3. What I am Excited About Right Now?

4. What I am Committed to Right Now?

5. What Makes Me Happy?

6. What Gives Me Pleasure?

7. What is My Vision/Purpose?

8. What is My Dream?

9. Who Do I Love?

10. Who Loves Me?

11. What Are My 3 Most Amazing Internal Characteristics?

12. What Are My 3 Most Amazing External Characteristics?


I’ve experimented and discovered that this order is the most effective one, however, feel free to experiment with yourself as it may be different for everyone.

It is a 5 to 10 minute process through which you acquire more personal energy, Clear Your Mind, Heart and Discover Something New about Yourself and your life.

It is An Amazing Process of Self Realization, self discovery and self motivation to follow your purpose, make your dreams reality and Steer Towards The Future You Want to Build for Yourself.

Mind PointsTHE CODE

<Every morning, right after you wake up ask yourself what I am grateful for, proud of, excited about, committed to, what makes me happy, what gives me pleasure, what is my vision/purpose, dream, who do I love, who loves me, what are my 3 most amazing internal and 3 most amazing external characteristics>