15 Minute Morning Workout to Be Healthy


One of the healthiest changes you can make in your life is to start doing a morning workout. Some of us are overweight, some are gaining weight, some build muscles, and some try to stay fit, but no matter what your goal is, morning workout is beneficial for everyone. Because I want you to understand and not just follow steps I am going to explain why the morning workout is so beneficial.

The hardest thing to do in the morning is to break your bed’s heart and separate with it.

I know, it’s warm, safe, and I think even the gravity is stronger around it. But, as heartbreaking that moment is it’s just a trick your mind plays with you and as soon as you realize that as More Efficient Your Lifestyle Will BecomeThe time you spend prolonging the inevitable you can use to improve your life and all you need to do is invest 15 minutes in a morning workout.

Exercise in MorningWhy is the morning workout so beneficial? When our body wakes up from sleeping it needs a couple of minutes to become fully awake, just like turning on a computer. Morning workout jump starts your body and your metabolism. It also improves your metabolism which means you’ll burn more calories through the day. When you jump start your body you train it to become more alert and strengthen its senses making you more prepared for any task in your schedule.

Starting your day with a workout takes away a burden of your back. You don’t need to feel incomplete even if you don’t have time to do a regular workout later in the day. Also, setting aside a time only for yourself gives you pleasure, fills your heart and soul with gratitude and improves your confidence and love of yourself. It also regulates your blood pressure, heart rate and improves the blood flow to your muscles.

Morning ProductivityThe best thing about morning workouts is the feeling you get afterwards. You feel energized, your creativity is one level up, you are happier and you think more clear thoughts. Some negative emotions that were accumulated while you were dreaming are now gone and your Emotional Being is filtered. Some doctors say that working out in the morning is one of The Best Cures for Depression. Your vibrations are high and your body is awake before you even had your first coffee. And what you spend for all of that? No more than 15 minutes which you waste calculating how much longer you can stay in your bed before you are late.

By now you probably understand how important and beneficial a morning workout is. But, you have no idea what to do? I’ll tell you my personal morning workout which is approximately 15 minutes long.

Morning WorkoutFirst thing I do is pushups. I do as many as I can in one set. After this I stand with the hands next to my body and take deep breaths. After 1 minute I do regular sit ups as much as I can in one set. After this I take quick belly breaths for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Next I do pull-ups also as much as I can in one set. After this I stretch and take deep breaths calming my mind and relaxing my body. When this is over I drink a glass or 2 of water and that’s all.

It’s easy isn’t it? All you need to do is spend 10 to 15 minutes each morning and in about 7 days you will forget how it was possible for you not to workout in the morning. You will fall in love with your morning workout and every day it will be the reason Why You Get Up From Bed.

Create Morning Rituals That Improve Your Lifestyle and get rid of the ones that don’t serve you. If you have, Set Time for Meditation, you will be astonished by its unimaginable benefits.

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<First do 1 set of pushups,  as many as you can, after that take deep breaths for 1 minute, then do 1 set of regular sit ups, as much as you can, after that do quick belly breaths for 30 seconds, continue with 1 set of pull-ups, as much as you can and finish with stretching while breathing deeply to relax your body and mind>