Get Smarter By Doing This 3 Morning Rituals


One of the most important tools for your success is your brain. The mornings are very important for doing brain exercises. They are the period when your brain is rested and slowly starts to wake up.

By doing some simple rituals you can exercise the brain and get smarter, wiser and fresher for the tasks your day will bring.

These are the 3 best ways to save time and exercise your brain in the beginning of every day so you’ll get better results:


Get Your Blood Pumping

morning exerciseWhen you get out of bad start doing some exercises. You have been sleeping for 8 hours so it will get your body some time to normalize, why don’t you speed up that process by doing some push-ups or pull ups or even a simple stretching. After that little exercise your blood will be running in your body and in your brain making you more awake and ready. With an active brain you are ready to go to the next step. Check this if you want to Discover Some of The Healthiest Activities!


Read an Article

read an articleIt doesn’t matter if the article has nothing to do with your profession or your interests, what matters is that you read. You are activating your brain and in the same time you are learning something new, maybe a conversation starter with your co-workers or friends. A good idea is to read a new word and learn what it means. Read for 5 to 10 minutes and in a couple of days you will start seeing the difference. You wake up, exercise, wash your face, groom, make a breakfast, and while eating your breakfast, you read, then go to the next step. Check this if you want to know what are the Best Foods to Eat Every Day!


Listen to Good Music

Listen to MusicListening to music that you love will open your mind and let your brain think on the right frequency. Doing this daily will boost your thought process and improve your mood. You will start your day smarter and with more energy. You can listen to music while you are getting dressed or while you drink your coffee, it doesn’t really make a difference as long as you listen to music that you really enjoy. Try doing this steps and I guarantee you will get smarter in a week. You will fight for your dreams with stronger weapon. A stronger mind. Check this if you want to know how to Feed Your Brain.

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