Fight for Your Happily Ever After !


Life is not all rainbows and fireworks, sunshine and green fields filled with flowers. There are no happy endings for most people. Most people will never have that perfect kiss, that true happiness or that perfect moment to tell the loved ones what they feel. In all probability, their loved ones will be gone before they even realize how much they meant to them.

Life is a weird story for most people. People meant for each other end up torn apart pretending like everything is fine. People that have the greatest minds, minds that can help humanity, end up living their lives like robots.

Old Man CryingKids with noble hearts end up with their souls destroyed. Men, with the courage of a lion, end up bleeding in the battlefield with no body to tell them “I love you”. People who live their whole lives alone end up dying alone with no one to hold their hand.

People waking up every day feeling regret not being able to change anything. There are kids left alone on the streets, dying for a piece of bread. There are people, who sacrificed their lives for happiness of other people, thrown on the streets like a piece of garbage.

Real WarLife is not like the movies or the TV shows we see. Things won’t turn out fine at the end just by themselves. In all probability they’ll turn out worse. There is no predetermined script and scenario. The people you love will turn against you, the people most dear to you will die and the bad guys will win if you don’t do anything about it.

Life is not the movies we see, life is not a comedy, or a drama, or a thriller, or a tragedy, or some sci-fi adventure. Life is all of them and that is the best thing about life. It gives you the chance to choose. It gives you the chance to decide what kind of movie you want your life to be.

Be Your Own HeroYou are the actor of your own movie. You are the hero of your own story. Don’t let others decide what kind of movie you’ll watch when your life flashes before your eyes.

Don’t let stupid people with hurt egos rule the world. Don’t let jerks or whores take the person you love because you were too shy or too proud to show how you really felt. Don’t let laws or rules dictate your actions. Don’t let limited people stop you from reaching your dream. Don’t let skeptics keep you from believing in magic.

Be The HeroBE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY. Punch someone in the face if it’s necessary to keep what’s yours. Fight for your happily ever after! Choose your life to be a happy comedy and not some emotional tragedy. Make that your main goal, to fight against tragedy, let that be your villain. Defeat anyone who tries to push you away from your happily ever after, break his/her nose if necessary.

If something bad happens it shouldn’t be a tragedy. In every comedy there are bad things happening to the hero. What happens doesn’t determine if your life is going to be a comedy or a tragedy, your actions and attitude towards that bull**it does.

Paint RealityJust decide that your life is a comedy with a happy end. Make yourself sure of that. Understand that it is not what happens but how you happen. Man up and squeeze the funny out.

Fight for your story, fight for a better life. Fight for everyone who should have a happy end. Fight for every decent, good person who is living a tragedy. Fight for every person filled with regret. Fight for the lonely kids and the fallen heroes that nobody has heard of. Fight for the ones you love, fight for that spark in every human distinguished by fear.

Fight for humanity, and most of all, FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN STORY. Make sure the good guys win.


<You are the writer and the hero of your own story, make sure the good guys win>