7 INCREDIBLE Benefits of Yoga for Beginners!


We all have heard of Yoga. But what is Yoga actually? What’s the point in stretching your body? What are the benefits of Yoga? Is it really an exercise? These are the most common questions beginners, the ones who consider trying Yoga ask.

The ones who have already tried it know the answers and if you ask them they’ll say something like “Yoga is great, you should try it”. But why do they avoid explaining how great Yoga actually is? The truth is they are not avoiding anything, it’s just hard explaining the beauty of a feeling.

The benefits of Yoga are better understood if you feel them by yourself, and you can feel them even from the first class. To please your curiosity I will undress the 7 benefits of yoga beginners will first notice, however, have in mind that knowing them is nothing like feeling them.


Sleep Better

Better SleepDoing Yoga a couple of times per week will significantly improve your sleeping problems. This is because of the not-so-intense, constant exercise. Usually we don’t consider Yoga as an exercise because it looks nothing like, let’s say Cross Fit. This is because Yoga has smaller intensity.

But be that as it may Yoga is still an exercise and its unique tempo activates the core muscles of your body dynamically relaxing your mind.

After doing Yoga you will feel calmer, more relaxed and stress free resulting in better sleep.


Improve Your Libido

It is proven that Yoga increases Libido. It makes your body more relaxed, aware of itself and speeds up the release of hormones that increase libido.

You will love the difference.


Build a Better Posture

benefits-of-yoga-better-postureThis is the most obvious benefit as Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens the core muscles of your body, the ones that support your spine.

We usually neglect these groups of muscles because they are not so visible, many of us don’t even know they exist.

But, your core muscles give support and strength to your other muscles so improving them is more than important.

Your body is a temple. Stronger foundations mean more stable structure.

Get a Happiness Boost

Happy laughing womanYoga high is better than the one you get after a workout. In fact, a study from Boston University School of Medicine and McLean Hospital reports that yogis have higher levels of the brain chemical GABA – low levels are linked with depression – by 27 percent.

Your brain produces a chemical known as Dopamine which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

After doing Yoga you will have a gentle smile on your face.


Harmonious Tuning

In HarmonyWhen you are “on Yoga” your brain, your neurological system is brought back into its balanced, natural state.

This makes you act more harmonious with your feelings, feel comfortable with who you are and choose healthier choices.

Our bodies are constantly rewired to help us do what we practice easier. If we practice healthier, more harmonious things we will be healthier and more harmonious human beings.


Increase Mental Sharpness

Mental SharpnessYoga is the exercise of connecting your 4 pillars – Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical – as one.

Through various poses and breathing techniques Yoga connects your body, heart and soul through your mind making their information exchange quicker and smoother.

Being fully connected with your whole being unlocks your true potential. This makes you more creative, focused and intuitive in solving your problems and achieving your goals.


Have More Energy

More EnergyAs you probably know, after doing some exercises we feel tired, fulfilled but tired. Doing Yoga, believe it or not, gives you more energy. This is the result of being harmoniously connected with your pillars.

After finishing with Yoga you will have more energy and motivation to go on with your daily tasks. This is why Yoga is best if it’s done at the beginning of the day.

Your whole day will be a lot more fulfilled, happier, energetic, balanced and harmonious. Did we mention happier?


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<The primary benefits of Yoga are better sleep, improved libido, better posture, happiness boost, harmony, increased mental sharpness and higher levels of energy>