How to Contact Your Higher Self ?


Each of you who reads this text is made of 4 pillars, SEMP – Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical – (of course if you’re not an alien, if you are an alien than you better read what are The Best Hot Beverages to Drink, we humans have discovered some tasty treats my brother from another…… planet).

Between these pillars are the walls of our character, The King, The Lover, The Warrior, and The Magician in all of us.

The King is between our Mental and Spiritual pillar. Its main job is to lead our being in a particular direction, to set goals and to give you what you need. The King needs to work with your Soul in order to set the right goals, if this is the case than your King is Divine.

The SidesBut, there are 2 opposing factors that may put a shadow on your Soul, Your EGO and Your Fear. If your EGO is stronger than your fear, your King will be a Tyrant, if your Fear is stronger than your EGO, your King will be a Weakling. In either case your King won’t listen to your Soul and chase for approval by destroying everything that steps in their way or following other people’s missions.

To contact your Higher Self you need to look through EGO and Fear, you need to see beyond them and understand that they are in fact 2 sides of the same coin. Approve your EGO by facing your Fear.

Don’t ask others to tell you who you are, how the hell could they know such a thing. Most of people don’t even know who they are. Understand that nobody knows who you are better than yourself and you must be honest, not modest, but honest.

FearUnderstand that your Fear is what your EGO is afraid of and your EGO exists because there is something to be afraid of. Your Soul is eternal, no beginning no end, pretty nice deal don’t you think. Your EGO however, is with expiration date, it will exist as long as you live and after that is gone.

Our primal fear is the fear of death and every other fear is just a representation of our primal fear. That is why our primal instinct is the instinct for survival. Our Souls stored that “treasure” into our personal lockers since the creation of humanity because if we are not surviving than our Soul’s mission won’t be completed. This created our primal fear which created the existence of EGO.

Ego And SoulBecause your EGO is afraid of time running out it focuses only on what is material, physical, and what is proven of existence just so it can be approved too and become a part of that world, with a goal to exist longer, maybe forever. Your EGO is the part of your Soul that got stuck between the material world and Fear, trying to get back to being eternal again.

The thing is you are not your EGO because it is just an element of your being and when you understand this it liberates you. You start seeing beyond fear, beyond EGO. You start connecting with your Soul and through it with your Higher Self.

Higher SelfAfter you realize this you can Do All Kinds of Meditations, ask yourself questions, Listen to Your Thoughts and you will see that your Soul is speaking. If you listen to your Soul than you are connected to your Higher Self and if you want to contact it all you need to do is ask your Soul. Liberate Your EGO And Merge it With Your Soul, listen to your Soul’s wisdom, that way you will contact your Higher Self.

Spirit PointsTHE CODE

<The first domino you need to push to contact your Higher Self is approving your ego and merging it with your soul, after that everything else will fall into place>