The world will change, that’s a fact. How will it change and what will it become depends on us, all of us. It is time to wake up and understand once for all that we are all connected as one greater being. We are a part of The Universe and as it shapes us we shape it too, therefor we shape ourselves and the world we live in. If we become spiritually awake we will see who we Spiritually Awake really are, we will understand the difference between our Ego and our Spirit, we will learn the universal code. To love without questioning what you get, to give without wanting something in return. You will have faith in you and whatever you want to achieve, dreams, goals, your soul’s mission. You will use your fear in your advantage instead of being afraid of it. Your Ego will work together with your Spirit, you will become you, the real you. Your SEMP will be balanced and your First Pillar will get the attention it needs. You will be able to change the world on better, greater, more humane way.

Life’s Code Of Happiness 😀