Introduction To SEMP


What you’ll read next is something new, well it is the truth and it exists since we all exist but nobody ever talked about it. It is called SEMP. What is this, what does SEMP mean?

Ok, so, SEMP means being perfectly balanced. The word comes from the first letters of Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical which are the 4 parts of every human being. If these 4 elements are at balance than your whole being would be perfectly healthy and you’ll become SEMP. In this article I will show you how important each of these elements is.


S – Spiritualspiritual

All of us, whoever you are and whatever you believe in, we all have souls. It is the energy that we almost start to understand but it still troubles many scientific minds. That is the brilliance of the soul, you cannot see it but it exists no matter if you believe it or not. It is the foundation of our beings and it dictates the Universal truth.

How is our soul the foundation of our being? Let me explain, our souls give us the code and mission of our existence. They dictate what do you stand for, what is your vision for life and what is your purpose. Let’s say that all of the most difficult questions that we think cannot be answered, hide their answers in our souls.

I don’t know where our souls come from, if I did you would have probably heard of me already, maybe on the news that I’ve been shot with a sniper raffle. But I know how powerful a soul is and that the answers we are looking for can be found in it.

Maybe they come from some higher plane that our logic denies, maybe the energy of the universe is what we call soul and it carries the information. Who knows for sure?

As it expands the imagination of many writers, artists, filmmakers.. the soul shows what is important to us, it gives meaning to things. Each soul is different because each of us grows it differently.

That is the second most interesting thing about the soul. Each soul is different and that’s why each person is different. The higher self improves through our soul and Our Soul Improves Through Our Higher Self, but sometimes our soul can be neglected to a level where it fades into nothingness.

Our souls hold the real meaning of the universe, it shows what is right and what is wrong, what really matters, which is usually something non-material.

As we clean ourselves from The Paradigm that society bombards itself with, from laws and political systems that are created to bring order, from fear and greed which create the “junk” that blocks our Soul’s Code, as we clean ourselves from all of this, it starts to tell us more answers and truth. Our foundations become stronger.

I’m not going to write about that cliché topic that the world is fucked up and how the people are focused only on the material things because even a 6-year-old knows this. What I like to tell you is that if you focus a lot on the material, physical, than you are neglecting your soul and it becomes dirty.

Dirty soul won’t show you a lot of answers, so you get what I am trying to say right. No, you shouldn’t only focus on your Spiritual being also because you are neglecting the physical being then, you also live in the physical world, so what you’ll need to do is balance them.