The 4 Fun Types of Meditation


Let’s look at the most fun ways to meditate. In this fast pace way of living we must Find 30 Minutes Per Day to just calm down and rest our brain. This way our brain can fragment the information he is juggling with and open space for new ideas and solutions.

Despite that, meditation is good for our emotional and mental health, and can give you enough energy for the rest of the day.

If you are bored to just meditate in a simple way, try these types of meditation and have fun while getting rest.


Spiritual Meditation

spiritual meditationWe all believe in something. You don’t have to be religious person to Open Yourself to Some Higher Power. When you are doing a spiritual meditation in the same time you are praying to that higher power. The pray can be for anything you want, anything that you miss in your life. It is comforting to load off your worries to something that you believe will understand exactly how you feel. You can even wish for a better job, or a better car, or something material that you want to have. By sitting in a comfortable position for 15 to 30 minutes per day, and thinking on the staff that you want to get or achieve in your life you are creating a mindset that will use every opportunity the universe puts in your way, to make you get what you want. In the same time you are getting rest and boosting your mood.


Focused Meditation

focused meditationThis is awesome type of meditation for people that have a peaceful garden or like to meditate outside. The most important thing in this kind of meditation is to focus on something that you enjoy. It can be sounds of nature, enchanted view, a warm, gentle breeze anything that is giving you an enjoyable sensation. Sit or lay in a comfortable position and focus on your surroundings for 15 to 30 minutes. It will calm your mind and sharpen your thoughts. In the same time you can enjoy the sensations and Be Happier. You will gain more energy in those 15 minutes, than sleeping for 3 hours.


Movement Meditation

movement meditationIf there is nothing interesting for you outside, or you are simply incapable of meditating outside, you can try this meditation and focus on the movement of your body. Focus on your breathing, or your heart beat, you can even start moving your head from right to left and left to right. Move your head, or hands or anything that is making you enjoy the sensation of your movement. Move that part of your body slowly and gently for 10 to 15 minutes. This way you move your thoughts from the “ factory of worries ”. You are giving your brain a quick vacation and soon you will get rewarded with improved and fresh solutions and ideas. You will solve more problems by doing this type of meditation for 10 minutes per day, than worrying 10 hours every day. You will Be Healthier too.


Guided Meditation

guided meditationMy favorite one. The little adventure of the day. This type of meditation is like acting in your own movie. You follow the voice of the guide you are listening to and do everything he is saying you to do. In a while you will enter a state of mind where your subconscious is giving the answers you don’t even know you are searching for. A lot of guided meditations can be found on YouTube. There are also meditation guides that give free trail to their program. In the end if you want you can even try and guide yourself into an adventure your mind will construct only for you. Doing this meditation will give you fun, answers, happiness and rest. I strongly recommend that you try this kind of meditation. Check this Rituals to Get Smarter!

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<If you feel bored doing regular meditation consider trying other types of meditation like spiritual, focused, movement or guided>