Introduction To SEMP


 E – Emotionalemotional-health

The second pillar is our heart, our emotional being. It is something maybe more complex than our soul. It is the energy that moves us, the glasses that we see the world through, the dictators of our good time and bad time. We shouldn’t mix Emotional being with Emotions and Feelings. Emotions and Feelings are part of Emotional being.

The emotions are vibrations that we respond to or create. This vibrations tell our body how to act and what feeling to “cook”. They usually come from what our soul gives meaning to and from our physical interactions and senses.

Emotions are vibrations which create feelings. Feelings are chemicals which our body creates and acts on. Emotional being is this whole picture of vibrations and chemicals that are created in our body.

The thing we do wrong most of the time is that we search something to relate with the vibrations we’re going to create. In other words, we need something good to experience in order to create good vibrations, we need something to make us happy.

We should be happy despite what happens and approach what happens with “the glasses of happiness” because that way we’ll find a better solution how to solve the thing that is wrong. Emotions shouldn’t be the result of our reality, emotions should be the reason for our reality.

Feelings are experienced as chemicals promoted by emotions interacting with our Mental, Spiritual, and Physical being. Their reaction makes our body act in various ways.

Your interactions with your reality and what your soul values, decides what frequency of vibrations you’re going to emit. The information sent to your brain makes it “cook” the type of feeling that is most compatible to what you experience according to your Paradigm.

Emotions is what you send, Feelings is how you act. Emotions are external, Feelings are internal.

We should send positive vibrations because The Universe shapes our reality depending on the vibrations we send. The thing is we don’t need anything to send positive vibrations just so we can create positive feelings, we shouldn’t depend on anything or anyone but ourselves.

How we feel is not the result, how we feel is the way we approach. Feelings are the tools for shaping our reality. The Emotional being is how we see and approach to the world around us, the essence of our reality and how we perceive it.

The Emotional being has 2 sides, negative and positive. Your vibrations can be positive or negative. They set your perception on things, how you look at things. Something like a glasses that you see through. You know the example of the glass half full, and half empty.

Optimists see the glass half full, they are looking with the positive Emotional being. Pessimists see the glass half empty because they see from the negative side of the Emotional being. Chuck Norris sees the glass as a weapon because, well.. he is Chuck Norris.

Jokes aside, what dictates the vibrations we create? It is the emotions, if we have clean Spiritual being and if we follow its code, we’ll be happy and we’ll see the glass half full.

The other solution is to send positive vibrations so we’ll follow our Spiritual being’s code. We can work for positive vibes or we can work with positive vibes. When you’ll learn how to send positive vibes and work with them instead for them, the glass will be half full more often for you.

But, looking at the glass half full always is not right ether. There is a secret option that we should use once in a while and that is to see the glass as 50% water and 50% air. This option comes from our Mental being and the trick is to balance your Emotional with your Mental being, heart with brain.