Introduction To SEMP


M – Mentalmental-health

If our Spiritual being creates the code that we’ll live by and gives meaning to things that really matter to us, our Emotional being uses the meanings to create emotions and feelings which give us inner energy that moves us and “eyes” to see the world, what does our Mental being give us?

Well, it is something like a filter and a linker of The Material World with The Immaterial World. It gives us the ability to explore information and create thoughts and ideas.

Let’s imagine a flower. Any flower…… just imagine any flower. Our mind linked the flower with some meaning, let’s say love expression, so a flower would represent expression of love for us.

That creates an emotion of love and if someone gave us a flower (usually a boy gives the flower to a girl, but today anything is expected) than our Emotional being is filled with the emotion of being loved.

Suddenly the world is a great place to be again, and everything is fine. That is how Emotional being gives you perception of things.

Where does our Mental being comes in play here. Well, me explaining this process is the Mental being’s perception, you know how things work without feeling the magic of the interaction.

Here is an excellent example: A red rose was cut and killed. It was red because it absorbs all of the colors of light except red. It is non-toxic to humans, cats, dogs, and horses. One male person transported the dead rose to another female person with his upper extremities. This information is linked with some memory or belief of yours which promoted a feeling of love and now this interaction means being loved for you.

Do you understand now what is Mental being. It is the part which shows how things work depending on knowledge and information about previous experience, logic, and observation of things around us. It is a combination of 2 parts, conscious and subconscious part.

The subconscious part of our mind has a bigger usage than the conscious part but we are not aware of this. They usually multitask and share information but sometimes factors like fear and ego interfere with the process. Our mind is also made up from 2 parts, the thinking mind, it collects information and shapes thoughts and ideas, and the emotional mind which links those thoughts and ideas with emotions.

Scientists usually perceive things only through their Thinking Mind because it is a neutral point of view without an emotional blockage. This is why they cannot explain things like soul and point of existence, but they can explain how a nuclear bomb works.

When we see the bigger picture, our Mental being depends on our Emotional Mind more than we know, sometimes Why gives us a better answer than How.