Introduction To SEMP


P – Physicalphysical-exercises

As you may realize till now, the interaction of these 4 elements is what really matters. The Spiritual being gives the code and the value, The Emotional being sets the mood, The Mental being links The Immaterial World with The Material World and The Physical being is the vehicle which we move with and experience the physical world. It is also a product of the other 3 elements.

The other 3 beings are important but without the physical part they are not whole. We need our body to interact with the world, to change what we think doesn’t meet the code of our soul. You wouldn’t read this if you didn’t had your eyes.

We wouldn’t feel or know anything without our brain, so it may be the last of the elements but it is as important as every element and that is why it shouldn’t be neglected. No element should be neglected nor overused.

The reason why there is so much obesity, or divorces, or violence is because the Physical being is overused. We eat too much and don’t exercise because we focus more on the instant pleasure than on true happiness.

We don’t tolerate anyone because we do to feel not feel to do. We fight each other because our ego makes our soul dirty and what we get is more important for us than how we get. We need others to tell us who we are and how good we are.

This is a result of neglecting the Spiritual Pillar and overusing the Physical Pillar. We give more meaning to our Ego than our Soul. We enjoy the pleasures of the Physical being and neglect the pleasures of our Spiritual being.

It is more important to have pleasure than to keep love alive. It is more important to have than to give because we don’t believe that giving will make us happy but we know that a Ferrari will give us many pleasures. We desperately search for good vibrations outside instead of looking where they are made and create them.

This is the real truth, we must admit. The hell, I admit that I would like to have a Ferrari more than To Give That Money to Someone Who Doesn’t Have Anything to Eat, but I am trying my best not to neglect my Soul’s code. What really happens is we end up sad, lonely people. We are never truly happy because we mix pleasure for happiness.

Some say focus on today because it’s the only thing that is real, but one day, some day in the future will be today. The saying doesn’t say to neglect the other pillars and focus only on the Physical being so you’ll feel good today by doing whatever gives you instant pleasure.

If that’s the case go grab a machete and start killing people you hate and robbing for money to buy expensive things, but noooo, you don’t want to go to prison. Why do you care, weren’t you only living in the moment, wasn’t today what’s only real?

We only lie ourselves with that because it’s easier not to think on the far, unknown future, but we forget that today is the foundation of someday in the future.