Introduction To SEMP


Being SEMPleonardo-da-vinci

To know what is your purpose, to follow your code, to be happy and to love, to use the best from things, to know what to do and when, to have what you desire and to enjoy the pleasures of your body and soul. This is SEMP.

What does it mean to be perfectly balanced? It means to use 25% of every element, to not neglect or overuse any part of your whole being. The secret in being balanced is to know when it’s enough.

How to know when it’s enough? There are many techniques and tricks to balance your being, but I’ll talk for that in some other article, this is just the introduction.

Let’s imagine a car, your Spiritual being is what drives the car, it knows “Why?”. Your Emotional being is the fuel that moves you and it knows “Where?”. Your Mental being is the knowledge of how the car works, where do you need to step, the rules of driving, it knows “How?”. Your Physical being is the car itself, it answers the “What?”. How can you arrive to your destination if any of these parts are missing?

Now you know what you need to do, while you were reading this article you felt the truth. You know that the answers are in your soul, the code is in you, the knowledge, you know you are capable of following the code. Stop being afraid of being wrong, stop trying to manipulate what you do not understand and trust yourself for once.

Even if you are afraid, even if you cannot be fearless, at least be brave enough to be true to yourself.

The real hero is not fearless, it’s the guy who despite of all his fears keeps on going towards the right decision, towards the greater good. Be a Hero, try to become SEMP. You don’t need to be perfectly balanced, just try, try to be real.


<You are not your Body, you are not your Mind, you are not your Heart, you are not your Soul, you are all of them, you are a Human which means improving all of them, balancing all of them and uniting all of them as one by becoming SEMP>