Break The Walls !


The truth is some of us, only the luckiest of us will get a chance to make their dreams reality. Only one chance and that’s it. Everything we’ve ever wanted and dreamed of could be ours if we take that chance. But, if we miss our only chance it’s game over. We will never have that loving family, or that perfect home, or that noble love worth dying for.

Through all that chaos of life we need to keep our eyes open for a chance we only get once or our dreams will stay our dreams. As simple as that, we miss a chance that nobody ever even notified us about and we lose worth to fulfill our dreams. We are lucky we even get a chance.

It’s like if a prisoner asks for cell with a view and gets one. Or as we play a onetime lottery and win. It doesn’t seem fair my friend does it.

Write Your Own Life StoryIt’s not, but only because we perceive the whole thing wrong. We act as if someone is responsible to make us happy or successful. We let others write our story and shape our destiny and then whine about what is fair and what isn’t. It’s not life that isn’t fair, it’s us. We wait for a chance, a sequence of certain things acting out at specific time to happen by itself and when it doesn’t we blame the one thing that made the chance we call “Us” happen in a first place. That’s what is not fair.

We should take the pen in our own hands and write our own story, the story we’ve always wanted to be in. We shouldn’t wait for that one chance all our life hoping that we are that lucky one who gets to be picked. We should pick ourselves. We should make our own chance and if we blew it we should make another one, and another one, and never stop until we get what we want. That’s how we prove our worth of having what we want.

Build A DoorIf life doesn’t open a door for you, open it by yourself. If life doesn’t even give you a door to open, build one yourself. Don’t depend on anything but your will to succeed and be responsible for your choices. As hard as this seam it is easier to do it by yourself than wait your whole life hoping someone else will make it happen for you. Take the steering wheel of your ship into your own hands and sail where you want to sail.

Make your own rules, give yourself a worth, break the walls of your prison and get the view you deserve. If you are somewhere you don’t want to be, do something about it, Get Pissed Off, escape. Don’t stop until you are where you want to be. Find The Winds of Your Ship and sail where your heart points.

Stop WhiningNobody is responsible for your happiness except you and it is nobody’s job to make you happy. Everything that happened in your life It’s Your Fault. It’s because you let things happen or you depended on people who let things happen. Be a Hero of your own story and walk the path you always wanted to walk because that’s the path you were meant to walk.

Find Your Fire, listen to your heart. Your soul speaks through your feelings and they tell what your purpose is. If there are walls on your way, break them. Don’t let fear and other obstacles stop you from reaching your dreams. Look fear in the eyes and let it know that if it doesn’t move you’ll run over it. That’s How Winning is Done my friend.

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<Limits are walls your mind builds afraid of where your heart points>