Get Pissed Off !


I’m not saying that you need to start punching walls. The kind of anger you get when someone hits your car or makes fun at you or when it’s not your day. I am saying to get pissed off. That is far more powerful than anger. You feel that in your bones, in your soul. That is not a 5 minute black out anger. Being pissed off is a state of mind that stays for a long, long time.

The thing is, we get pissed off and we turn that into everyday anger because we don’t know how to manage it. We hide that anger and we end up unhappy, and blacked out from our true purpose.

When you get pissed off you need to get pissed off for greatness. Get pissed off at the place you are right now, accept that you don’t want to be in that place, you want something else, your true happiness is somewhere else and nobody can stop you from getting your happiness.

It’s your right to fight for what you want to fight but you need to focus on the right things and not just throw punches everywhere you turn. That is anger. Being pissed off is when you see only your goal and step on everything that is in your way. Be focused.

Use every obstacle in your advantage, befriend every hell that is thrown at you and bring hell to them. Marsh your way across the finish line and accept your reward. Accept your true happiness.

We confuse anger with being pissed off and try to hide what we feel so others can accept us. So others don’t judge us or sometimes to make the ones we love safe. The truth is, hiding what you feel, sooner or later will come to the surface so if you want to keep the ones you love safe you need to be open and tell What You Really Want. Even if you are just angry, express that somehow.

If you are not satisfied with the position you are in right now, it is better to be pissed off and put the problem on the table rather than hide the problem and create 5 more. When you accept that you don’t want to be here in this position, only then you can start walking toward the position you want to be, the position that will make you truly happy.

Being pissed off is taking anger as a weapon and aiming in the right targets so you end up in a happy place. It is blasting yourself out of the place you don’t want to be and landing on the place you want to be. It is a source of Energy That Will Move You in a place you are driving to.

Don’t be scared to show what you feel, be scared to hide it forever!