How Winning Is Done ?


We all know the famous speech of Sylvester Stallone in the last movie from The Rocky Saga. He speaks to his son about the reality on getting what you want in life and being successful. He speaks about how winning is done. I want to get deeper into the meaning of the speech and that’s why I’ll try to explain the next 3 sentences and their deeper message.


Somewhere along the line you’ve changed, you stopped being you

When we were kids, we saw the world in the simplest way possible. We knew what we wanted from life, no matter how absurd or impossible that sounded to the grown ups. But, as we grew old we started developing different points of view on life, we’ve made it complicated, and we’ve forgotten what we really wanted as kids. We’ve forgotten who we are!

So what if you always wanted to be a musician! It’s what YOU want and your desire needs respect. That is who you are! Fight for your dreams, don’t let people who can’t do something for themselves change YOU with their opinions. YOU have a right to experience life for yourself! You have a right to fight for your dreams!

Just because a stable cubicle job seems a safer choice, doesn’t mean you will Live a Happy Life. Greatest success comes by doing what YOU want. The greatest success is remaining YOU!


The world aint all sunshine and rainbows, it’s a very mean and nasty place

There are beautiful moments in life, more beautiful than we could have imagined. But, if we don’t take care of ourselves and our dreams, the world can make our life hell. The world, as much as we try to hide this fact, is a place of survival. If you let others shape your destiny you’ll probably end up as their servant. You’ll work to make their dreams reality.

You need to start doing what YOU want and start walking towards your goal. The path won’t be easy, you’ll get pushed around, beaten, and sometimes on your knees. But you need to stand up again, wipe your bloody face and smile looking towards your goal. It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and Keep Moving Forward!


If you know what you’re worth go out and get what you’re worth

Now, you know what YOU want, you know the way, but you need to be willing to take the hits. You know that you deserve to be happy, to live your dream, but that won’t make your dream reality. You need to go and make it yourself. YOU need to get what YOU want!

That’s when you’ll see if you’re worthy to have what you want.  If we are worthy for something we will find a way to get that and nothing can possibly stop us. If we don’t get the things we wanted, than our worth wasn’t enough for them. We haven’t invested enough for them and that’s why they don’t belong to us. We don’t deserve them.

But if we want something so strongly that we can take the hits and keep moving forward and nothing can keep us on our knees. That whenever we fell down we rise stronger and more Pissed Off to Get What We Want, then we are worthy to have what we want.

That’s how Winning is done