It’s Your Fault !


I have to confess something to you! Everything that happens to you, every good or bad thing that happened to you, all of it is your fault!

Be mad or not, THIS IS THE TRUTH, but this does not mean to feel bad about yourself, or punish yourself, no, this means Learning From Your Mistakes!

This means redemption! This means Letting Go!


Learning From Your Mistakes

No matter how perfect you think you are, you always make mistakes! That’s just part of life, part of learning how to live. Mistakes are nothing to be afraid of, they are just ways of how something doesn’t work. If you know how something doesn’t work, you are closer to figuring out how something works.

So in a way, making mistakes brings you closer to The Thing You Want To Achieve. But, this is the trick, many of us don’t even know what they want to achieve! They don’t have a goal to aim, they just have wishes and wish is just a goal that you are not ready to give everything you got to achieve.



Maybe because you don’t believe enough that you can achieve something, or you don’t need that something that badly, maybe you are afraid to succeed I don’t know, but there is something that keeps you from reaching your goal.

Know that everything we do, we do it for ourselves, to feel better. Not achieving your goal may be because you don’t believe enough that achieving it will make you feel better!

Knowing that everything happens because sub-consciously we think it may make us feel better and not pointing fingers saying that something happened because of someone else is the first step of redeeming yourself. The next step is forgiving yourself and learning what you truly want.


Letting Go of Your Fault

The last thing that you need to do is let go. This is the hardest thing to do because it’s actually the easiest and shortest process in all of this. Because we felt a certain kind of intense emotions for the things we need to let go, we think that by logic, the action of letting go should be as intense as them, but the truth is opposite.

Here is the truth! When you let go, you never actually let go, you just realize what is really yours and what never was. You realize that whatever happens, nothing can take that thing that is truly yours. Letting go is just a shift of perception, seeing through the illusion of scarcity.

Letting go is never about the things that you “let go” of. Letting go is always about you! That means it is you who is let go, it is you who is unchained from the illusive chains linking you with things that were never yours.

You take the power of the mistake by learning from it, taking the blame and forgiving yourself. You realize that you never lost anything that was truly yours.

IT IS YOU WHO IS FREE to move on with following your vision, Achieving Your Goals, and making all of your dreams reality!

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<We are the judge, the prison, the guard, the key-holder, and the prisoner, it's up to us if we are going to be free or not>