The 3 Biggest Lessons 2020 is Teaching You in Disguise


This year has been harsh for all of us. It was like a constant obstacle track, a bad dude kicking you down every time you try to get up.

From the pandemic and isolation to protests, riots and conflict, it brought the very worst of humanity out.

But if we follow the wisdom of older people they usually say that the hardest things give the biggest lessons.

They open your eyes to the real world out of the fake one you hide in. You have no alternative but to learn, adapt and overcome in real time and without any preparation. Following this wisdom it means we can learn something.

That’s why in this article we will share the 3 greatest lessons that, in our opinion 2020 has been trying to teach all of us in disguise. Here they are.

3 Biggest Lessons 2020 is Teaching You:


1. Start with yourself.

As the pandemic started we all needed to Self isolate. We reduced contact with other people, physical touch, relationships. We were left alone. Literally. All alone but one person, someone we were trying to escape all our life, ourselves.

We were left with all the storms inside, all the anxiety, loneliness, fear, sadness, depression, all that pain. Isolated from others, afraid of the outside world, not knowing where the world is headed, and like that’s not bad enough, we were alone with all those things that we were desperately trying to escape all our life.

But this was the global Shadow work we all needed. We all needed to be alone so we can realize how lonely we actually are even when we are with others. This pain within needed to be addressed because it reflected upon the world in harmful ways.

The isolation, even though it had nothing to do with that, indirectly put us alone with our own monsters. We had no other alternative but to stay with them. To embrace them. To be burned by our own hell until we are resurrected from our own ashes. And the version of us that emerged was purer and better than anything we could have ever constructed ourselves.

The first biggest lesson was that every long term transformation starts with you first. It all starts with you giving your attention to all the wounds that need healing within you. The loneliness that you felt all your life could have been healed only by being alone. So counterintuitive, but it makes so much sense. If you want to change something wrong in the world, change it in yourself first. You literally heal the world by healing yourself.

This change of perspective is crucial for all of us to understand. If you want to understand more about how perception and psychology play a role in your life you can read about Convergence Psychology. Your perception shapes the world you live in and if you change the world behind the perception, your perception changes ad the world you see around changes. Change your self and you change the world.

2. Be ruthless about facing your Irrational Fear.

There is real fear, the one you don’t think about a lot, the one that comes naturally when a bear attacks you for example, and it goes away when the danger is gone.

The fear I am talking about here is not that fear. It’s a different emotion, a fake fear so to say. It shows up when you need to go outside of your comfort zone, in the uncomfortable, the unknown, the uncontrollable world, the one where you actually grow.

Public speaking, talking to a stranger, giving a presentation, sharing your opposing opinion, starting your business, traveling, making a video of yourself

These are some situations where fake fear appears. In none of these situations your life is in real danger. But this fake fear makes you think so.

And if you start listening to what it tells you your life will become worse than death. It will shrink and shrink until there is no more life in your life. If you keep listening to this fear you will be mediocre biological suit following a mindless routine until your life ends.

That’s why you need to be ruthless when this fear shows up. You need to wait for it and tackle it first moment it shows up. The more you face your biggest irrational fears the less they control your life. The more free you are. The more life in your life. You grow, you become a greater version of yourself, and fake fear shrinks.

Yeah, the situation with the pandemic is scary. The world is uncertain. There is real danger and real fear can appear.

When real fear appears it’s usually when the danger is present and you need to save your life.

But if you wake up with fear, live with fear, eat with fear, go to sleep with fear, that’s fake fear. And you need to deal with it immediately because it doesn’t just color the world you live in but it also affects your immune system in general.

If you suffer from this fake fear, please contact me at [email protected] I will do my best, my very best to help you.

That’s what I coach people with and most of them have results even after the first session. Fight back fake fear. It’s your duty to protect the life in your life. The second lesson of 2020 was that as much of a duty you have to protect yourself and the ones you love from diseases, you have the same amount of duty to not let fake fear take the life out of your life.

3. Love is the way.

Every problem that 2020 brought us could be solved by one thing, love. And I know it’s the cheesiest thing you can say, but it’s the freaking truth that you cannot deny.

Feeling love improves the function of your immune system, it enables compassion and opening your mind to understand other people’s points of view, the performance of our cognitive abilities increases and it’s easier for us to find better opportunities, it improves the mood, it brings all of us closer together.

If you can find the overlap between all the problems and look for one solution that can work on all of them at once, you conclude it is love.

It has been said many times that the answer is Love usually. And it had been said so much that we took it out of context. We made fun of it. But if there is literally one solution to everything it’s directly or indirectly being in a state of Love and living from there as often as possible.

So if we are all going to upgrade to play The Greater Game of life coming from a place of Love is not just the way, but it’s necessary.

That’s the third ad maybe most important lesson that 2020 taught us in disguise. There is this love within you, it has always been there. Find your way to it and spread it. That’s your gift. That’s your level up. That’s how you become the best version of yourself. Love without permission. Love because you choose to. Love because that’s your natural state.

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