The One Solution to All The Problems We are Facing Right Now as Humans


There is one simple solution to everything that’s happening right now in the world. One solution to all the problems we are facing.

It’s not blaming others, it’s not pointing fingers, it’s not isolation, it’s not waiting for things to go back to normal, it’s not hating, it’s not coping. It’s simpler, and it starts with all of us. The answer to all the problems we are facing, all the problems in the world, is love.


It’s opening our hearts. It’s love. Whatever that means for you. Whatever that inspires you to do.

I know that it’s not some detailed plan, or even a clear answer. But it’s the one lesson this whole year is teaching us, isn’t it?

Pandemics, isolation, protests, we are facing so many things on various different layers.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Business, all these pillars are shaken by waves of uncertainty.

However, one thing that’s in the midst of all these pillars, the one thing that these layers sprout from is our center, and our center is love.

We are nothing without love in our hearts. As humans, we are agents of love. And we have forgotten this.

Love strengthens our immune system. Love is beyond quarantines and can dissolve any isolation. Love heals the pain that comes from hate.

Love is the ultimate solution. Love is the place where all of our solutions should come from. Love is who we really are.

This year is teaching us that there is no other way. The only way forward for all of us is love. There is no other way and there is no more prolonging.

We either learn this now, quickly, and recalibrate our ways of living. We either rise together, or we eventually destroy our humanity.

You see, it’s not about the steps, the plan. It’s about where the action is coming from. And we need action inspired out of love right now.

We need it more than ever. We need people who are inspired out of love. No matter what we do, what we stand for, we need it to come out of love.

And I don’t know how, I want to tell you how exactly it will help us all how it will solve all our problems, but I don’t know.

What I do know, without a doubt, is that love is our way forward. Love is our solution. Doing things out of love will solve this puzzle.

You see, we all have a piece of the puzzle. And to discover this piece we need to open our hearts.

Your action, no matter how small, it matters. In the grand picture your action matters, in the grand scheme of things your action is important.

And action inspired out of love will somehow bring more love into the world. Love heals, love strengthens immune systems, love dissolves hate.

In any way, whatever problem we are facing, love is the way to the solution, love is the way forward.

Open your heart. Love. That’s how we all win. That’s how we find the way. That’s how we resurrect.

That should be the new normal, world where default is love. World where we realize that the greatest superpower was always within our hearts.

And this superpower is greater than anything you have seen on TV, because it’s not bound of any limits. It’s superpower that creates superpowers.

Love is who we are. Our mission is to open our hearts and get rid of everything within that tells us otherwise.

Open your heart. Love. Even when you should hate, love. Actively love. Put some effort to love.

Create a movement out of love, create, write, speak, sing out of love. Even telling the people you love that you love them can be enough.

Get rid of every lesser thing within you that tries to fool you that you are not enough to love naturally.

Do random acts of kindness. Remind yourself of who you love, what you love, moments you experienced love.

Do anything you can to bring yourself back to feeling love, daily. Every day. That’s how we fight this battle. That’s how we win. That’s how we evolve.

It’s game time. It’s now. The battle of love is on, and you are fighting in it like it or not.

So open your heart and love. Spread love. Inspire love by beaming love. That’s how we win, that’s how we move forward, with love, together.

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