A couple of months ago I’ve started a Quest of seeking out Superhumans. The whole idea is finding individuals who have fought their own inner battles and in midst of those battles they’ve discovered their “Super”.

These everyday heroes walk around us and are usually not very noticeable because they are like us. We are like them. WE ARE THEM. The only difference is that they’ve found their “Super” and they are using it to change the world on better.

I have created this quest with the purpose to tell THE STORY of those individuals to the world and inspire more humans to find their “Super”. I try to present them as Superheroes because they are. We all are SUPERHEROES, that’s what I’ll try to make the world see.

A couple of days ago I’ve stumbled upon an individual on Facebook who wrote a post about how he overcame Bipolarity and proved the whole world that it is not something you fix with pills, medications or any other drugs. He proved the world that bipolarity is just a byproduct of awakening and realizing what is wrong with the world.

Superhuman Pan The DNA MANMeet Daniel Blake Feldshon who was born in July 21st, 1990, White Plains, NY. He graduated from The University of Connecticut in 2012 with a BS in Agricultural & Resource Economics, Concentration: Marketing & Management, Minor: Business.

Superhuman Pan The DNA MAN 3Daniel, diagnosed with Bipolarity a couple of years ago refused to accept the normal treatment of drugs and medications, and instead choose to deal with his inner demons himself.

He said “No!” to the old system and went to a Quest to prove the world that there is a better, more TRUTHFUL way.

He started practicing meditation, optimism, positive music (Party themed), sound healing, presence, conscious communication and freeing himself to be who he is. “Belly breathing has helped keep things under control too.” he says.

Instead of suppressing his core problem he started exploring it and becoming aware of who he really is. As a Life Coach I say that the best treatment you can do for yourself is discovering who you truly are, being BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself. It restores your balance and health.

“Confidence in myself, being comfortable with myself,  understanding purpose, whether I was on right path & why certain things happened to me, relationships and outlook. Lots of uncertainty.” Was what he continued with.

It takes a lot of courage to go in a direction where no one is going. There is no road, you have no map, no clear view ahead, you are alone, terrified, but you still go there just because there is some tiny spark deep inside of you that you have faith in. That is HEROIC in any book.

That’s what Daniel did and that’s why he found his “Super”. Let’s call him Pan The DNA MAN from now on. That’s his Superhero Nickname.

He found a desire to become Certified Health & Wellness Practitioner. He likes to be a Nutritionist who teaches people what to eat and how to implement a lifestyle of balance and harmony which, he says, is more than 70% of the living healthy plan.

The DNA MAN now lives in the moment; he is going with the flow and vibrating through the reality.

When I asked him,

“What is your greatest passion?”

“Anything relating to music preferably singing. I am also very passionate about society & being humorous.” He said.

“What is your unique talent and what gives you Life energy?”

“Unique talent is my personality.”, he said, “Exercising and motion give me more energy as well as social interaction.”

“What do YOU LOVE?”

“I love making music. I love coming up with new ideals. They just flow through me.” he answered.

“What is LOVE from your point of view?”

Superhuman Pan The DNA MAN 4“What is love? Baby don’t hurt, don’t hurt me, no more.”, he joked instantly continuing with:

“LOVE is when you realize that all is one & you’re interacting with different versions of you. When you see you in others & appreciate their beauty for who they are as an individual, that’s love, to me at least. I feel that there’s a lot of “artificial” love because people think they’re not whole without someone else, but I believe differently.”

The answer truly resonated with me. I asked him what makes him happy in what he answered that people make him happy.

“That’s what it’s about. United as one, one step at a time.” He added.

“What is your favorite Movie, TV Show and Superhero?”

“Favorite Movie: Hook. Robin Williams & I share the same Birthday. The movie has changed my life. So many great archetypes for living life.

TV Show: South Park

Superheroes: My Parents. No Marvel/DC Hero could have put up with me all of these years.”

“If money or any other obstacles haven’t existed, how would you help the world?”

“I don’t believe in money as currency, but rather the universe as our organic currency (give & you shall receive). I will continue & have been helping uplift others to realize their true capabilities as humans. We live in very “holding back” times. Everyone isn’t going all out in terms of expression!!! haha I’m working on global unity every moment.” said Pan The DNA MAN

“Do you have your own FRUIT, a product created by your talents, passions and vision?”

“I imagined a product line of healthy juices/superfoods mixed with alcohol. Similar to kombuchas, but a wider variety. Blueberry wine, cacao wine, etc. alcohol gets nutrients into the bloodstream directly, which is why I advocate wine in moderation.”

Superhuman Pan The DNA MAN 5“What matter the most for YOU?”

“My state of individual Well-Being matters the most because when someone has worked a lot on themselves, it ripples externally. The internal external mirror effect.”

“Lastly, what is your SUPERPOWER?”

“Unite Planets as One”, Pan The DNA MAN finished.

At the end of this interview I asked him,

“Tell one short sentence YOU wish to tell to the world!”

in which he replied “Follow your authenticity & treat others like you’d want to be treated.”

It was an honor interviewing this Superhuman and I hope we will meet in person. He is a bright, energetic spirit, an unique human being who found his “Super” and enters the category of INSPIRATION GIVER.


Superhuman: Pan The DNA MAN.
Superpower: Unite Planets as One.
Talent: Personality.
Energy: Exercising and motion.
Quote: Follow your authenticity & treat others like you'd want to be treated.