Why Did We Love Robin Williams so Much ?


No matter if you are on the other side of the world, or even on another planet, if you knew Robin Williams hearing about his death touched you on a deeper level.

You probably thought it is ridiculous to feel such a loss for 1 man you didn’t even personally knew, however, your heart knew what Robin Williams represented.

We were all touched by his suicide admitting it or not because he had something not many people have these days. He had a spark we still don’t know how to describe it, the closest name of it would be Humanity.

We see drug addicts and other depressed celebrities but not many of them are depressed for the reason Robin was.

Robin Williams movie poster 9pk set 1If you read this text that means you knew Robin Williams and you most likely watched at least 2 of his movies. You’ll understand when I say that he had his own unique style of comedy, a style that was honest and very human.

Robin Williams made us laugh with our hearts and in the same time he spoke of very HUMAN subjects of Love, Friendship and Family that made us cry.

He was best acting characters who presented our weaknesses as Humans but also showing us that those are our greatest strengths, and he didn’t say that nor the script did. His experience of those subjects was presented through the real human emotions he expressed in and out of his movies.

It is this Spark of Humanity that is fading away from The World and that’s why we were so touched by his death. And not just because of his death, the spark is fading since long time ago and I think that’s even the reason of his suicide.

Like the highly conscious spirit of Russell Brand says: “There must be something wrong with the world if the world can’t accommodate Robin Williams”.

He was depressed and he committed suicide and you’ll probably say “That’s it. Why make something more of it.”

Well it isn’t. Dying in an accident and committing suicide are very different things. He consciously chose, he decided to leave this world because it didn’t fit his spirit, it didn’t fit that spark.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not approving what he did, I am just saying to look behind the curtains of what’s happening all around us.

feel-aloneWhat I am saying is to try and save that spark in The World no matter how little of it still exists because it is never too late. Because that spark is the essence of having a place to call home.

I am saying to try and find humanity individually, deep inside of us, wherever it hides, and shine it through to the world because it needs it.

We will all miss Robin Williams and the spark of humanity he shared with his honesty. What we can take from all this is how much the world needs us. What we can do to honor him is share our spark of humanity.

I’ll finish this article with one of his best scenes in the classic “Good Will Hunting”


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