This Coffee Shop Has No Employs and Runs on The Honor System!


What is honor? We should ask ourselves this question more often. The meaning of Honor happens to be forgotten and that’s why we create so many laws, punishments and superficial systems to secure “fairness”.

However many weak spiritually, mentally, and/or emotionally people tend to twist these superficial systems to benefit them more than others.

Fairness is a lost concept along with honor because the both come and go together.

As more and more people awaken from the long sleep of unconscious serving to our fears, we tend to get back fragments from the true meaning of honor.

Honor is acting by a certain code without being forced to. “The deserve” a person attains by doing something is strongly embedded in others spirit and hold the meaning behind the deed pure. This is what makes them act a certain way. This is true honor; to value something greater than what you see or is presented.

To prove that people still have a fragment of honor for humanity and fairness, Kimberly and David Brekke found a way to run their coffee shop in a different way.

The coffe shop runs with relatively no work or wages paid, while also proving that people are inherently good. How?

“People are inherently good; you just need to give them a chance to prove it” is what the owner beliefs.

“The Vault”, a North Dakota coffee shop is proving that people can be fair without any laws or rules forced to control their behavior. This coffee shop is running strictly on the honor system.

According to David, people are adding 15 percent to the market value prices, proving they respect the trust this coffee shop has bestowed on them.

Watch the video below and see how “The Vault” works.

Heart Points

<We are inherently good and we inherently honor humanity, we just need a chance to prove it>