Ground Yourself – The Simplest and Most Effective Exercise !


Grounding, in physics, is a reference point to a direct physical connection to the Earth. This term is used in psychology to describe the act of becoming Focused on The “Here and Now relieving yourself from the stress of the Past and the Future.

What we mean by “Grounding” is to anchor yourself in the Present and just be, right there where you are. The act of doing, what we call Ground Yourself, promotes pleasant feelings in your body which construct a Much Healthier Psycho-physical Profile.

But, as you can see, Life Coach Code is sorting this article in “The Soul” category instead of “The Mind” or “The Body”. Why is this?

Ground Yourself1 part of us is a Material Being and another part is an Immaterial Being. The thing with everything Immaterial is that it exists outside of the 3rd dimension. It is not bounded by time, nor it perceives time as a river but instead as a lake.

Being connected with The Earth anchors our Immaterial Part to The Present – the only place our Material Part exists. Our 2 parts becoming connected as a whole through us unlocks our true potential.


Grounding ExercisesWe become the center of space and time, we are the center of The Universe, we are the nexus where Our Own Universe and The Outer Universe meat.

Focusing on the “Here and Now” or Grounding is actually focusing on ourselves without exploring our Inner World and understanding who we are. We just are who we are in that present, there are no worries, plans or regrets, we just exist.

In Meditation we achieve grounding by focusing on our breathing which exists here and now. However, meditation is much more than just a grounding technique.

Be that as it may, we cannot always be comfortable to meditate. Still there is a way to achieve that feeling of stress-free awareness of the present and we can accomplish this wherever we are by following this simple and most effective exercise.

  1. We always carry something with us; find an object you always carry with you which makes you feel pleasant.
  2. Take a deep breath; no matter what you do just take 3 deep breaths while you hold the object in your hand/s.
  3. Try to visualize the object by gently touching its texture.
  4. After you finish with the 3rd breath say the next sentence with your thoughts “I am ______ – your name – I am safe, and I am awake”
  5. Repeat the whole process 3 times.
  6. After you finish with the 3rd repetition you’ll be more aware of the “Here and Now”

If you want to boost the sensation try becoming aware of your whole body after you finish with the exercise.

This exercise is the most effective one but from the “Simple” category. “Simple” means you can do it everywhere no matter what you do and it’s easy accomplished.

However, the most effective exercise for grounding, by far, is taking a barefoot walk on the ground and receiving its pure, rejuvenating energy.

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<To ground yourself no matter what you do take an object you find pleasant, take 3 deep breaths while you hold the object with your hand/s visualizing its texture by touching it, after your 3rd breath say the sentence “I am ______ - your name - I am safe, and I am awake” and repeat the whole process 3 times>