15 Running Benefits You’ll Fall in Love With


The greatest “superpower” we humans have is to sweat. It is not as lame as it sounds. Our bodies are constructed in such a unique way unlike any other species on our planet. We can dissipate body heat faster than any other large mammal.

This means that if we Start Running a Marathon, or let’s say a super-marathon, competing with horses, cheetahs, lions or any other animal that exists, after some time they’ll get tired and stop but we will continue to run. We will outrun them in the end, no matter how fast their speed was at the beginning. This is because their bodies cannot cool down as efficient and effective as our bodies can.

We are really “cool” when it comes to running and this ability helps us to endure long distances better than any other being that we know of. If there is a competition for activities that benefit humans most than running will win. Why? Well…..


Running Will Make You Live Longer

Running benefits our health, It Improves Our Immune System and keep us in shape. A review of 22 studies has shown that running 30 minutes per day 3 times a week will decrease your chances of premature death by 50%.


Running Benefits The Body

It Will Strengthen Your Heart

Running is a cardiovascular exercise which means it is beneficial for your cardiovascular system. It will make your arteries more elastic and keep your blood pressure low. This cardiovascular profile is Very Healthy for Your Heart. A study has shown that the heart of an average inactive person beats 75 times per minute or 108,000 times in 24 hours. Runner hearts beat 36,000 times less than that of an inactive person. This means that running preserves the heart.


Running is The Most Effective Fat Burner Exercise

The most effective and healthy weight loss programs are the ones that combine exercises and healthy diet. Many Other Exercises burn fat but not as good as running. On average, running 1 mile will burn you 100 calories. However it is not the calories it is the easy accessibility and the balanced intensity that make running better from any other exercise.


It Removes Toxins from Your Body

Running activates our whole bodies and makes us excess the accumulated toxins through sweat. If we practice Running in Nature the detoxification will be more effective as of the clean air. While we run our lungs’ capacity will maximize in the same time keeping them strong and powerful. This benefit makes us inhale more clean air and Filter The Toxins we breathe throughout the day.


how it works

Running Will Improve Your Creativity

Some doors that you have never been aware of will be open, new points of view, other directions to go. The Limits of Your Imagination Will Be Expanded. How could simply running do all of this? There is a combination of factors that are working together to make you achieve that, like some chemicals that are produced in your brain, improved circulation, the thinking process you are going through while your run.


It Will Make You Find Solutions to Any Problem

While we run a chemical is produced in the brain called serotonin. This is the chemical form of happiness. That is what gives runners the famous “runners high”. While running we look at things from a different perspective because we are “high” above them and we see the whole picture. The combination of the “runners point of view” and the blood flow in our brain, results with our mind generating Solutions and Ideas Only The Runner Can Perceive.


Running Awakens Your Mind and Gives Your Energy Back

It is a hard exercise, no questions about that. Running demands a decent amount of your energy. However, running doesn’t waste your energy. It converts the energy you use into a filtered, pure energy and gives it back to you. While we run we can feel that maybe our body is getting tired but our mind is constantly waking up. We continuously get more and more energy from somewhere else. That Somewhere Else is Actually You.