Why Running Will Solve Your Problems ?


A couple of years ago I Started Doing This Life Changing Activity and it got me thinking. Why is running so highly rated and considered as the best activity you can do in your life? Why they say that running will solve your problems?

When I was starting with running I didn’t knew its true value. I just wanted to get the anger out of me.

As my running carrier proceeded I was starting to see something different, something new. Like a new point of view in life. Like when you climb on a high place and see your city how small and peaceful it is.

The CodeWhat I was learning in those 30 minutes every day is priceless. No school can teach you that. It is a combination of shifting your perception and learning lessons from your subconscious while you move through those miles. I called it “The Code Of Life” and I wrote everything that I was learning.

In this post I will try and explain one of The Most Important Benefits From Running and how it can change your view of your problems and help you fix them. Remember:

“Every problem can be fixed by you, and the ones that you cannot fix are not your problems.”

Look YourselfThe one thing that every Life Coach can help you with is that he can see your problems from aside. It is much easier when you help someone else with his problem, maybe some of you have helped someone else and you know how easy is to give tips and solutions to other’s problems. You are like a god of solutions and every problem has a solution.

But, when it comes to solving our problems than everything goes dark and we become stuck in that perception that life is hard and our problems are complicated and we don’t have what we need. We live inside our problems and we cannot see the whole picture from there. We must go to a high place and see our problems from there. See how simple and small they in fact are.


Running Will Get You That High

Get HighYour point of view will be elevated and you will see all you have from above. Your problems, your successes, your goals, your abilities, the people that matter, you will realize what is really important in your life and navigate your actions according to that. Some of your problems may even not be real and just an imagination of what may happen. You will notice that when you get out of your problems and See The Whole Picture.


Running Will Clear Your Mind

Clear MindOur minds get dirty too. Like every part of our body, our mind needs to be cleaned also. Cleaned from the bad feelings, bad memories, staff that you imagine and is more likely that will never happen. All of these are blockers of happiness and reasonable thinking. Running is like a bath for our mind. After the run you will Think More Clearly on Finding Solutions.<!– nextpage– >


Running Will Boost Your Creativity

Creativity BoostSome doors that you have never been aware of will be open, new points of view, other directions to go. The Limits of Your Imagination Will Be Expanded. How could simply running do all of this? There is a combination of factors that are working together to make you achieve that, like some chemicals that are produced in your brain, improved circulation, the thinking process you are going through while your run.


Running Will Give You Motivation

Success MotivationThe Fuel That Drives You Towards Success. As much energy you think running will take from you, the truth is it will give you back a lot more than that. You will feel how strong you really are. Your will to solve your problems will rise. A realization that never giving up is the key to reaching your goals and that failures are just stairs to success. You may know these things now but while you run you will feel them, you will learn them.


Running Will Make You Happier

Brain ActivityLiterally happier. Your brain will produce a substance known as Serotonin which is the key to the door of happiness. After the run when you take a shower you will realize what I am talking about. Imagine the feeling after the shower when you can just relax without the blame of not doing anything. Despite the fact that happiness is the most important thing in life, It is Much Easier to Find Solutions When You are Not Depressed.

“Running is more than putting one foot after another, it’s more than exercise, more than a sport. It’s a way of walking through your own hell, fighting your own demons and creating your own hero. Running is a way to heaven. Running is a way of becoming your own hero.”

Body PointsTHE CODE

<Running improves your creativity and your focus, it rises your vibrations and fills you with motivation which results in you generating better solutions to your problems>