15 Running Benefits You’ll Fall in Love With



Running Benefits The Heart

It Will Open Your Heart

Running brings us closer to our pure emotions. It filters our heart’s “fog” accumulated from our ego, greed and fears, and unveils our true feelings. Through this process owe realize how we truly feel about something. We get in touch with the emotions behind our emotions. This will make you Use The Power of Your Emotions into your advantage.


Running Will Boost Your Happiness Levels

It is proven that running rise our Serotonin levels. It is a compound that constricts our blood vessels and acts as a neurotransmitter. This is the profile of a human being feeling happiness. When you finish running the rest of your day will be happy because your serotonin will rise. You will Perceive Things Through a Prism of Relaxation and happiness and you won’t get mad for simple unimportant staff.


It Will Relieve You from Stress and Negative Emotions

The exercise itself will make you more satisfied with yourself. You will feel relieved from the burden of not accomplishing anything through the day. While we run, all of our accumulated negative emotions are released through sweat and carbon dioxide. In a way we convert our potential energy – our accumulated emotions – into kinetic energy we use to run. If there is a best time to do running It is Early in The Morning as you’ll go through the whole day open-hearted and stress free.


Running Benefits The Soul

Running Will Connect You with Your Inner World

There is something about the process of running that brings us closer to ourselves. Maybe it is because while we run there is no one to interact with except ourselves. We get to know us better. We start looking inside our Soul and discover who we really are. We are connected to our Inner world, The World where all of our true desires, fears and suppressed emotions hide. Don’t be afraid to explore your Inner World and Discover Your True Potential.


It Will Make You Face Your Fears

Wandering through your Inner World, like it or not you will face your fears. As scary as this sounds it is not a bad thing. This is What True Heroes Do, that’s what makes someone a hero, being able to face his/her own fears. Running will surface your fears making you come face to face with them. If you keep looking at them you will start seeing past the illusion and see that fears are nothing more than what you make them to be. Without you being afraid of them they have no power over you. They are just like the Wizard of Oz, an old guy hiding behind a curtain acting like a big shot.


Running Will Tune You in Harmony with The Universal Mind

Have you ever felt like you are the smartest person alive like you are in a know-everything frenzy? Like if you are asked about any problem you can give a solution? This is what the saying “being in tune with The Universal Mind” means. There is a Universal Truth around us that vibrates with a certain frequency. Our thoughts usually vibrate with a frequency limited by the illusion of separateness. Running makes you realize that the Material World is not the only world. It makes you see through the illusion of separateness which tunes Your Thinking Mind in harmony with The Truth of The Universe – The Universal Mind –


Become SEMP

It Will Make You Discover Your Purpose

We all exist for a reason. Your Higher Self Knows The Reason of your existence and that reason is why your Soul transmits that particular frequency that shapes matter in that particular way creating what you call yourself. The combination of being in tune with The Universal Mind and exploring your Inner World forces you to get a glimpse of that reason. Running combines those 2 factors and brings you closer to your true passions which are the main gate of your purpose in life.


Running Benefits Your SEMP Pillars as a Whole

Running benefits all of your pillars. Starting with your Physical pillar and all the way to your Spiritual Pillar running improves all of them as a whole. To be SEMP – Spiritual Emotional Mental Physical – means to be balanced between all of your 4 pillars. Other activities like meditation, practicing gratitude, solving puzzles or exercising focus mainly on 1 of your pillars which if over done may result in imbalance of your being. Running improves all of your pillars simultaneously. This balance is the main reason why running is one of the greatest activities a human can do.


<People who run statistically live longer, running strengthens your heart, burns your fat, removes toxins, improves creativity, focus, awakens your mind, opens your heart, boosts happiness, relieves from stress and negative emotions, connects you with your inner world, promotes courage, tunes your being in harmony and benefits all of your SEMP pillars>