Marathon Running Benefits That Nobody Speaks Of


Why should you run a marathon? Why should anyone go through that kind of stress and torture? What are the marathon running benefits are they really that important? I mean look at long distance runners, they don’t even look good. Why run when we can build muscles?

Let me tell you something, RUNNING A MARATHON IS MORE FOR YOUR SOUL THAN FOR YOUR BODY! Running a marathon will open your mind, fix your heart, strengthen your body, and grow your soul!

Marathon is beyond building muscles, it builds the core of YOU. It builds something that will help you make all of your dreams reality! It awakes The HERO in You.

First you are scared, than you start running. The fear slowly fades but the running gets harder and harder. Then you feel like dying, after that you feel death, after that you know you are dead, but after that comes something sacred, something only you can see and feel, when there is no energy left in your body and your mind tells you to give up, then the real power hidden deep inside you shows, you see how strong you really are and you feel that nothing is impossible.

After you finish a marathon you will see everything from a different perspective. You will now know, with no doubt, that you have greatness. Here are the other benefits that no one have told you about:


Starting Any Project


Before the marathon week, maybe even before the marathon month, you’ll realize as you train that your journey have already started. You’ll see that the first step you took months ago improved your being in a lot of different ways. The greatest benefit is realizing this.

After you go through that finish line everything you would like to start in your life, every goal that you would want to chase would be easier to start and chase it. You will know that even if you start something big you need to take one step at a time.


Facing Your Fears


Running a marathon is more about the preparation for the run than the run itself. But, as you prepare for your marathon, as the final weeks start closing on you, all of your fears and doubts will start whispering on your ears. Don’t worry, they are more scared than you.

As a matter of fact they scream for you to bail the run because they know once you start the run you’ll face them somewhere in those 26 miles. You will face them, but when you do you’ll see how much you have ascended, that you are beyond them. You will realize that they matter only if you let them matter and when you understand that, they will fade away, all of them!


Befriending Yourself

Once you start running, you are all you have in those 26 miles until you reach the finish line. You are your only friend while you run. Through the 26 miles you’ll get to know yourself better, you’ll get to love yourself more and you’ll understand how great you are. That will go straight to the core of your beliefs, to the code of your Paradigm.