Depression Treatment in 7 Simple Steps


Only if you are ready to help yourself and give your best, you can treat depression. These 7 simple depression treatment steps will help you without using drugs and pills. Why do I want to help you without medicine?

Because medicine will fix your body but your mind and character will stay the same, so when other obstacles come in your life, you won’t be healed to face them. You will end up in the same place and just spend more money on drugs.

When you fix your character, only then you can treat depression, forever.

Engaged activity

engaged activity

My recommendation is to hit the gym. When you Do Activities with other people your brain stops generating bad thoughts and after some time your brain will be reprogrammed not to think on staff that makes you depressed. In the same time you may meet someone who may be the person that is missing in your life.

The key is to be open and ask for help while you do the activity



My recommendation is running. When you exercise a key growth hormone known as BDNF is produced in your brain. In depression cases this hormone is decreased and the brain starts shrinking, but when this hormone is produced the process is reversed. Exercising also improves the production of Dopamine and Serotonin which are the chemicals that Increase Happiness and also can be found in drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro.

The key is to run outside in nature

Eat Omega-3 acids

eat Omega-3 fatty acids

My recommendation is fish. The brain needs a steady supply of these chemicals so it can function properly. These fatty acids can Help The Brain to transfer information easier and the quality of it is better which means more happy thoughts and less pessimistic.

The key is to eat fish at least once a week

Go out


My recommendation is to walk in the park. When you go out your mind set will change. We as people have created safe places in this world we call home. That are the places where we think on what we want to think and act like we want to act. The problem is with all of the bad news in the world and the loneliness of our thoughts there is only one way our brain will go to think and that is the road of pessimism. When we go out and we see other people we realize that we are not alone in this world, that there are also other people with problems too but they keep on moving. They keep on going out and trying to have a better life. Walking also is counted as a small exercise so you will Feel Better and Smarter after the walk. If there is sun outside you have a jackpot. The sunlight is syncing our biological clock. When we don’t get enough sunlight exposure our biological clock is getting out of sync and we get insomnia, depression, low appetite and other mood breaking symptoms for clinical depression.

The key is to walk in the sunlight

Social connection


My recommendation is going out with friends. We all have someone in our life. All of us. We may not know who that person is but if we step out of the negative cloud and see, we can see that there are people who truly cared about us and still do. You must want to see who is there for you and stop saying there is nobody. Set your mind on what you are trying to find and after some time I guarantee you, you will find the thing you are looking for. Even if the only ones that care about you are your family you still have someone to talk with. Many of us are ashamed of our families and don’t like to hang with them. That is bullshit. They made you! They feed you! They would die for you! It is wrong if you are ashamed of them because if you don’t stand for your family, you won’t stand for anything. There is a way even if there is no family in your life. There are a lot of institutions that offer specialists, therapists and other professionals that you can open yourself to. If you want to talk, I am also here for you.

The key is to be sincere

Calm your mind

calm your mind

My recommendation is Meditation. When we get depressed we feel that we don’t have energy in us. Therefore we have a feeling that we are calm but sad. That is wrong, our brain is more active when we are depressed but it is active with the negative perception. If we stop for 15 minutes a day and just try to calm our brain, with breathing or with listening to music we really enjoy and is not making us feel sad, the bad thoughts will stop. Everything that depression is it’s bad thinking. Every situation can be seen from different perspective. You can be beaten by the situation or you can use it as your weapon for success. When you calm your brain you will start seeing the whole picture. The solutions will come to your mind and you will feel happier and more energetic.

The key is to do this daily



My recommendation is sleeping only at the end of the day. Your body needs to rest. Only by resting it can normalize and get ready for the next day. Sleeping will make us think clearly and feel stronger. It is crucial for our development and survival. Everything that needs repairing is repairing while we sleep. If you cannot sleep at night try doing all of the steps without resting and you will be really tired at the end of the day so it won’t be much of a problem then. Still unable to sleep? Try drinking one of these Heart Warming Drinks!

The key is to let go

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<To overcome depression once and for all throw your pills and participate in some engaged activity, do exercises, eat more Omega-3 Acids, go out, make social connections, calm your mind with meditation, rest your body and make sure you follow all The Keys>