At The End of The Day It’s All Just Cornflakes


It’s funny how life changes. Just remember how you looked at it when you were 5 years old. Young, innocent kid with joy filling his/her heart, full of wonder and playfulness.

Life was magical to you wasn’t it. It was for all of us. At the end of the day we went to bed tired and fulfilled, surrounded by love and knowing that tomorrow a whole new adventure awaited us. Then we grew a little.

We started learning how things work. We started implementing habits and culture from our family. We were being told what is right and what is wrong and how to be accepted by Society. We were faced with the fact that things and people we love sooner or later will be taken away from us. We were faced with the fact that nothing lasts forever.

Forcing OpinionWe’ve learned a couple of helpful lessons and a ton of bulls**t, stories of false history and information we’ll never use. We were forced to Focus on The Details Instead of The Message to get good grades. We were taught that the world is a very mean and nasty place and that people will do anything to run over you chasing their desires. We were forced to believe that the right way to look at life was with the eyes of people we called “grown ups”.

Through all of this we were developing our character, the code of our behavior, of what we accept, what we want, what we fear, what we love. We were slowly programmed in a certain way by Society, by our DNA and by leftovers of our Soul.

The MediaWe were molded by our family, by Society, by fear, differences and religion. We were manipulated by the Media and Marketing propaganda on what to like and follow. We were distracted by irrelevant topics and entertainment. We were pleasured or hurt by shallow, unimportant things making us neglect what was noble and beyond.

We were becoming a copy of everyone else. We were taught how to hate and stand for what others were programmed by other programmed people to teach us. To show us some ideals which even they didn’t understood.

Robots FollowingTill we reached 20, in those 15 years, we stopped believing in magic and focused on getting to know how things work because we didn’t wanted to be manipulated by people who knew. Our wonder and crave for adventure was replaced by gossip and crave for fast food. Our passion and purpose were buried under pointless and labor work to satisfy other man’s greed. We stopped doing what we love to make money, so we can buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like and get that sacred “tap on the shoulder”.

We became robots following a program created by other robots. A program that make us focus and honor the “what” instead of “why that what exists in the first place”.

Psychiatrist DrugsOur minds and imagination are limited imprisoning our true potential between those walls. We are fighting for pleasure instead walking with happiness and when we go to bed at the end of the day, instead of being fulfilled, We Desperately Swallow Our Tears along with the pills our psychiatrist prescribed us.

We are not living life, we are dying life. We make choices based on fear not love. We aim to separate instead to unify. And after all this we have the b**ls to complain and say life isn’t fair. We are what’s not fair, not life. Life is what gave you the ability to exist in the first place and it is up to you to learn how. But it is not your fault, how could you possibly learn from people who don’t even know for themselves. Well you can but not from them, instead you can learn from your Soul.

Mind PrisonAll of the pointless things we do, things you think will make you happy are just cornflakes, nothing more than cornflakes. You know this after you acquire them, that tiny moment after the pleasure fades but you keep lying to yourself suppressing The Truth. You desperately fight for more pleasures to fill that void you create suppressing The Truth, but it is never enough is it?

What your mind is programmed to believe is just an illusion encoded by greed and fear. After you realize this, understand it in your own way, you’ll start noticing the prison you live in and after you see the prison you live in, you’ll find a way to escape it.

Equal WorldAt the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what car you drive or how many relationships you’ve had, or how better you are than others because no matter what you do you will always be as equal as the person next to you, it is a waste of time, it’s all just cornflakes.

What really matters at the end of the day is “Are you happy?”, “Are you with the ones you love?”, “Are you chasing your own adventure and Doing What You Love?”, that is what makes you sleep without worries.

Child HappinessBelieving in magic should be your virtue not your weakness. Happiness should be the way you live not the thing you search. What you feel is True should be your religion and wonder should be your passion.

If we all change individually and just stop teaching our kids what they should discover by themselves, the whole world won’t be the mean and nasty place our parents taught us it is. Stop fighting fear and just let it fade away. Be aware of danger but let love lead the way.

The truth is we will all die someday and the things we think matter now will become, as Morty from Click says, “just cornflakes”. What really matters is sharing happiness with the world making it a better place to live in.

Everything matters as much as you give meaning, so make sure you create a better world by valuing things that are harmonious with The Truth.

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<Love, explore, wonder, believe in magic, be the kid you were made to be because at the end of the day it's all just cornflakes>