Spiritual Awareness And Why It’s Cool


Let’s fly and create whatever we want. How? Well with your Spiritual being. No, it’s not bulls**t. Everybody can do this but only a few believe. No, I am not talking about believing in some religion. To have spiritual awareness and do awesome things all you need to believe in is you.

Only a small amount of us, the awesome beings that we are, believe in ourselves. That is our problem. We see to believe but we forget that to see you have to believe first. What we see is something others have believed in and created.

So, the next time you judge someone in a higher position than you, first think about this, that person, despite his characteristics, had something you never had or you’ve lost in the process.

No, not money. He, believe it or not, had faith in himself. Faith that created the place he is at. Even if that person is egoistic, selfish, shit-raper, he is still better than you because you didn’t believe in yourself.

That is why the world is so wrong these days, because the selfish people believe in themselves more than the ones who want to create a better world. The first step you need to do to raise the faith in you, and learn the cool things you can do, is to become aware of your Spiritual Being. You need to have spiritual awareness.


The first website I want you to visit is Suite101. Read its article about spiritual awareness. It is your first step in seeing the bigger picture and understanding what does it mean to be spiritually aware. Awesome things await you in this quest of self-discovery. The world is so much more than you think it is, your options and opportunities are almost infinite. I am not going to spoil it for you, you need to find out by your own. That way the awesomeness is greater. I will only tell you that anything is possible. “Think of it as merely experimenting with new ideas that aren’t focused on any one religion but on learning new ways to expand your own spiritual horizons toward happiness and fulfillment in the future.”



 The second thing I want you to be aware of is your Ego. You must learn the difference between an Ego and a Spirit and A Soul. There is an article just about this kind of problem on Evancarmichael.com and it is called Spirit vs. Ego. I suggest you read it and get an idea what I am talking about. Your Ego is not your enemy unlike many articles on the internet say, but sometimes it can work in your disadvantage if you are not fully aware of it. I will bring this subject very soon on my website but I want you to have some insight and idea what I am talking about. “Often it doesn’t make sense in the moment, but then becomes clear later.”



The best comes last. The most awesome thing you can do if you are spiritually aware is Astral Projection. Yes, I know it sounds a little unbelievable.. Ok, a lot unbelievable, but why would I lie to you. It’s not like I am getting something in return from it. I am just trying to share the awesome possibilities that we are all able to do. This next article tells you the basics of astral projection. I suggest you visit The Spirit Science’s Website and learn all you can. Start with this article first because it is the first thing you need to know about AP. What is AP or Astral Projection you may ask? “Astral Projection is when a person consciously leaves their body and begins to perceive things on a different plane of existence.”


Your spiritual awareness has a lot of perks and all of them can help you so much more than most of the things you can touch. The first pillar, your Spiritual being needs your awareness. Not just your first pillar, with time you’ll understand that all of the other 3 pillars depend on your spiritual awareness. I may joke while I write these texts but their message is very serious, maybe more serious than the news you are watching and the gossip you are reading. With this I’m trying to teach you all how to shape the future of the world and create a better, smarter world, more suitable to our worth and one where love won’t be measured on a scoreboard.


<Becoming spiritually aware is the first step you need to take for improving your being, you will open a door to a wonder world filled with possibilities>