Time Plus 4 Smart Tricks Equals Efficiency


The riddle says: “What is the reason, what is the trick, is there a magic in being so quick? While some do little, some accomplish much, are there more hours on their watch?”

The answer is: “It isn’t a magic, there aren’t more hours, get your ass up and don’t be lazy.”

Without the structure of an idiotic song, the question, that I think you should know the answer to, is: How to be more efficient than others while we all share the same time in a day? My simple answer to the question would be: Time efficiency tricks! Here are the best 4 tricks that I want you to learn:


The Snooze Effecttime

One beautiful morning, while the sun rays gently touch your face through the window, the alarm of your ( clock, phone, some device from the future ) rings. Your bed is warm and comfortable, the only thing you want is just 5 more minutes to enjoy this magic of the morning. Therefore, you snooze your alarm.

After 5 minutes Your Alarm Rings again and your mind tells you that you must get up or you will be looking for a new job tomorrow. You get up thinking how nice would be if you had more time to enjoy your bed. You go to the bathroom to wash yourself.

Coming out you realize that you don’t have enough time so you put your clothes on and in a rush, you’re storming out of your home. You enter your car and you start driving to your work.

Some joker is driving slowly ahead of you and that’s driving you mad. You slowly start to build anger in yourself because you don’t want to be late at work, not when you sacrificed your precious time with your bed, not because of this joker. You speed up and you pass him but, the traffic light is red.

You wait, you wait, Your Anger Builds, you wait some more and just as you are about to turn green and smash the traffic light, it turns green. You arrive to work and you manage not to be late. Than it is time for the boss, your boss.

He arrives late. You haven’t drunk even your morning coffee when he starts giving you tasks that seem impossible even for Tom Cruise. He leaves and you are starting to love that comfortable, safe feeling in your bed even more.

Your built up anger turns into sadness. Your sadness kills your motivation. You have million tasks and your heart is million miles away. Probably the quality of your job would be as miserable as you feel.

After your work is over you go back home and you realize that you have been robbed because the door was left unlocked. Not the best day for you buddy, is it? It happened, shit happens, what can we do now right?

Let’s go back in time! Well not driving De Lorean while you generate 1.21 gigawatts with some nuclear reaction. Let’s hypothetically go back in time.

One beautiful morning while you lie comfortably in your warm bed, the alarm rings for you to get up. You turn off the alarm and you get up. You wash yourself and you put your clothes on. Calmly thinking on your possible outcomes, you lock the door and you start the car.

On the way to work you think the possible tasks you may have today and how to do them. You think of some ideas, not thinking on the slow idiot in front of you. As you arrive to the intersection, the traffic light turns green, the idiotic “turtle” turns left and you head on straight. You arrive at work on time, ready and calm.

You drink coffee and the boss arrives giving you some tasks you were expecting. Having some ideas on how to do the tasks you calmly drink your coffee and smile at your boss. Your boss leaves and you start doing some work.

The work you have accomplished is awesome, you have putted a lot of effort and heart. The boss sees this and awards you. The work time is over and you go back home happy and singing. The best thing is, that now the bed is all yours, except if you are sharing your bed with someone, in that case the bed is only half yours, don’t forget that.

What is the meaning of the story? What is wrong with the first case? What planet is Nicky Minaj from? For the last question I am not quite sure, maybe planet Bigass.

The meaning of the story is that something as little as not snoozing your alarm can give you happiness and efficiency. Why? Because snoozing your alarm opens a door to a world where you are fine just lying in your bed, doing nothing.

This, of course, is wrong, because when you eventually wake up you’ll realize that the world you are actually living in requires focus and effort to get the staff you really need. The feeling that you need nothing, just your bed, was only an illusion created because your mind was still asleep.

What is wrong with the first case is not that you were 5 minutes behind the second case, the wrong is the illusion that lingered in your mind keeping your heart and brain in that other, imaginary world where you only needed to lie in your bed to be happy.

With the illusion keeping your subconscious in the other world, and the fear of losing your job, rushing you and blocking your conscious here, you create a set of events that have bad outcome for you. This is what we call a bad day, it is nothing else but our way of thinking and acting that creates the bad day.