Time Plus 4 Smart Tricks Equals Efficiency



One Step Ahead

How easy would be if we could see into the future. Only even one day ahead. Well buddy, you can see one day ahead. In fact, every single one of us can plan his next day without problem.

Maybe you won’t be able to foretell what is the brand of the car that will probably drive behind you, but what are you going to do, what you must finish, who do you need to see, what will you eat, when, how, where, what will be the weather, what are your tasks, all of that can be realized only if you sit and think of it for no more than 30 minutes.

The biggest advantage you can have is know your next step and that can be done if you make schedules and plan smartly what are you going to do next.

Every night, spend 20 minutes on planning your next day. Make a schedule with everything that you know will happen, and everything that you think will happen. For the things that you are not absolutely sure, create alternate plans. It’s better to be wrong than not prepared.

Every day should be balanced with these elements: Rest, Work, Exercise, Study, Consume, and Fun. Each of them should fit in the timeframe of 24 hours.

If you are able to plan the whole week ahead and every night just update your schedule. It will cost you no more than 5 minutes per night to make the update. Here is a template that may help you plan your week.


15 Minutes > 1 Hour


When it comes to human mind and interactions, math is useless. Strange things happen like 2+2 being 5 and 15 minutes of rest getting your job done faster than 1 hour of constant work.

This is because we as humans like break. We create a mindset that we need some rest and our mind acts like it needs rest. If we don’t fulfill its/our wish, it/we will get stuck in a place where we cannot focus on anything we do. This is more of a psychological problem which we create by thinking that we need rest.

What should we do? We should rest. Give yourself that 15 minutes break, stop thinking on work and just clear your mind. Watch something funny, drink coffee, talk to your co-workers. After 15 minutes you will be refreshed. You will be able to work for 1-2 straight hours, but with more energy, clearer mind and better quality.

The essential part in taking a break is to Get Your Mind Away From Work. Even if you have a pile of documents and tasks to take care of, that 15 minutes will Give You a Little Vacation where you won’t think on nothing else but on what makes you feel good.

Also a good mind refresher is listening to some songs that you enjoy. Put some tunes that make you stand up and dance like you’re the only person in the world. Music is known to be a very good remedy for stress.


1 For The Money, 2 For The Show, 3 Stop!

You are born with 2 hands, that means you can maximum multitask with 2 things, everything more than that will damage the quality of your work for all of the tasks. The best is if you focus your work on 1 thing at a time.

This way, you will give all of your attention to the thing that you’ll do. This means you will finish faster and do better job. Many of us think that if we do as many tasks as we can at the same time, we will finish faster.

This is wrong. We will only get stuck in the process, get tired, and the job we’ll accomplish will be lame. We don’t want that do we? We want to Be The Best at what we do. We can be the best if we do one thing at a time with all of the attention focused on that thing.


Tick Tack Tick Tacktime-management

One thing is for sure, the time will pass no matter if you do something or how you do something. The thing that matters is how you will behave while the time passes and will you do something that the future-You will be proud of.

To sum up, all you need to do to be more time efficient is not snooze your alarm clock, plan your days, take short breaks, and do one task at a time. When you add up all of these changes to your lifestyle you’ll feel how much your productivity improves.

Remember that time is not waiting for you, stop expecting that life will just give you what you want. Get up, plan, and do!

The future is something that everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

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<To use the most of your 24 hours in a day stop snoozing your alarm, plan and organize your work, take 15 min breaks every hour and don't multitask with more than 2 things>