6 Foods That Your Brain Loves


Our brain is the most mysterious organ that is known to man. The scientists work every day on understanding certain aspects of it but with every answer they find, 2 more questions appear.

The science about our brain is almost infinite. Scientists have found what our brain needs to be healthy. There are some foods that are proven to make our brains healthier.

Here are the 6 best foods that your brain loves:



fishIts super power are the Omega-3 acids which help our brain in several ways. They help coat our neurons with good fats, which helps them to move easily through our brain. Omega-3 acids also help our brain to get more oxygen but the most important thing they do is enable our brain to learn new information keeping the old ones safe.



walnutsDespite the Omega-3 acids they also have Omega-6, Folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6 which are helping our brain to think clearly. They are a nice snack and an option to avoid other shitty food when you feel a little hungry between meals.



broccoliThe food that tastes like, well broccoli. It doesn’t really matters what it tastes when you learn how much is useful for you, believe me you will eat a shit if it helped you as half as broccoli. I will talk about the good deeds of broccoli in some other post, now I will focus only on the brain. This food has Vitamin K which prevents calcification in the brain. That is a hardening of the arteries, one of the Alzheimer symptoms. Add broccoli to this Delicious Meal!



eggsThey contain a substance called Choline, which plays a role in developing our brain and improving our memory. This substance is also important for pregnant women and the developing of their child. The vitamin B12 that can be found in eggs fights against brain shrinkage which is a case for people with Alzheimer.


Dark Chocolate

chocolateDespite the fact that you will enjoy eating chocolate, it will also help you improve cognitive function. Chocolate increases the blood flow to your brain and also has a chemical called Phenyl Ethylamine, which is the chemical our brain produces when we fall in love. So eating this sweet snack can help you Improve Your Mood and also Treat Depression.



berriesThis sweet treat for the brain will help you with your memory. They have a chemical called Ellagitannin that can be found in the hippocampus of our brain which plays an enormous role in our short-term and long-term memory. A tea from berries is not a bad choice also. Find out What to Drink This Winter!

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<To make sure your brain is healthy consider eating more fish, walnuts, broccoli, eggs, dark chocolate or/and berries>