Top 5 Tips for Your Health Whilst Traveling


When traveling, it’s common to find yourself in certain situations where you’ve got an upset stomach, a sun burnt nose or a bad hangover.

However, there are certain things you can do to ensure you put your health first and prevent issues like this occurring when on holiday.

Read on to fins the top 5 tips for your health whilst traveling.

Top 5 Health Tips When Traveling:


1. Get Travel Insurance.

Even though you can’t always guarantee your health and safety, travel insurance guarantees that if anything was to happen to you whilst abroad, you won’t have to suffer financially.

If you require medical assistance whilst abroad, you will be faced with a hefty bill. And if you can’t pay, you face being arrested by local authorities.

By obtaining travel insurance such as a global health card, you can be sure you’ve got cover for accidents, medical emergencies, medical treatment and medical evaluation. Search around for the best travel insurance for you.

2. Always Carry Sun Protection.

Wherever you travel, it’s important to take protection from the suns UV rays.

This could be in the form of SPF, special clothing, sunglasses or hats.

There’s no doubt you will be spending a lot of time outside, and no matter where you are the sun will find you, even in colder countries.

A common mistake with first time skiers is not to take sunscreen due to the cold weather, however as the sun reflects off the bright white snow, it’s easy to get sunburnt.

Make sure to take your SPF everywhere you go and re apply every 2 hours if the suns UV index is high.

3. Wash Your Hands.

Having good hand hygiene is the best travel health advice you could take.

Washing your hands and applying hand sanitizer can go a long way in reducing the risk of contracting diarrhea or other illnesses.

Wash your hands every time you use the bathroom, before you eat and after handling money to prevent germs and bacteria from transferring to your mouth.

4. Only Drink Bottled Water.

Many countries in the world don’t have trustworthy water.

The purity may not be what you’re used to this could lead to a very upset stomach.

Water can be treated using chemical water products like chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

It’s recommended to only drink from bottled water as this has been filtered to a higher standard.

However, if bottled water isn’t available, try boiling the water for 1 minute to kill harmful organisms that cause illness.

Hot drinks like tea and coffee should be safe to drink.

5. Stay Hydrated.

It’s important to keep hydrated when traveling, especially when in hot countries.

Always make sure you have a bottle of water in your bag to rehydrate regularly.

On holidays where a lot of sweating or walking is involved the water will help your body to function properly.

If you’ve been drinking alcohol, it’s even more important to stay hydrated.

If possible, drink water in between your alcoholic drinks and drink plenty the day after drinking to flush out the hangover.

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